adidas shorts sale Jam’s Journey

adidas hiking boots Jam’s Journey

Man how long has it been?!? Thank goodness for cookies and me saving my password because I forgot all my login information. which it terrible.

But I’m back atleast for the next 60 day because I have signed up for a online fitness challenge. goo figure, lol

I kinda signed up in a rush so I’m not 100% solid on all I have to do each day. but I’m going to post the rules of the challenge so 1) I can refer back to them often 2) if it seems like something you’d be interested in doing, please join me.

side note: I just checked another section for this online challenge (seems there are 2 different places for posting) and let me tell you these ladies are about their business! Many have already posted pictures and are off to a great start.

But where was I?!? Ahh the rules. here ya go Instructions:

Step 1:

Add your “before” picture to the 60 Day Challenge group page. At least 2 home cooked meals a week. each week you are required to have two home cooked meals. You can either take a pic and post your pic or tell a description of the meal. The more home cooked meals you post about per week the more points the more chance at winning!

2. At least 4 times a week of exercise ( again you can post pics or descriptions of your workouts) the more times a week you exercise the more points!

3. Mental Empowerment Each week you goal is to read at least one book/article on self improvement/empowerment

4. Self Worth Each week you must do one act of service for someone else (again posting a description in detail is necessary for the contest)

5. Self Reward Each week you must give yourself a gift. We will give extra points for those that get creative with their weekly self gifts.

Step 3:

At the end of the 60 days you will write how you have grown and changed over the 60 days! Those with the best success stories Mind and Body changes will get the most points. After pics must be posted along with success.

bonus points will be given for:

any additional goals listed in the beginning that are met at the end of the 60 days

daily posts only weekly posts are required but those that post daily post receive extra points.

Two winners will receive:

1. Workout with National Fitness Professional Amy Barnes

4. 1 free session with Image consultantYeah that’s a lot for a scatter brain to remember. but I finally got a picture posted. I won’t comment on what I look like since I usually avoid all mirrors but I will say I need to get a new camera. while the web cam can in handy and got the job done. It certainly leave a lot to be desired. but for now it’s all I got.

So after reading the rules, I realize I need to blog so here I am. but 1st let me explain what prompted me to start the challenge THEN I will try and rack up some points. momma can’t be left in the dirt

Why I started the challenge. Well bottom line is I need to lose weight and it takes me FOREVER to actually get started. Maybe I’m afraid of success, afraid of failure, worried I won’t meet me goals. OVERWHELMED by the goal at hand. bottom line is I’ll plan till I’m blue in the face but I lack major action. So I’m hoping during these last blessed days of Ramadan I can finally start adding exercise and fitness to my life. I need to sooo badly. I saw this posting on Amy Barnes FB page and she truly inspires me since she’s lost well over 300 pounds. much more than I need to and she did it. no powders or magic little pills. just hard work and dedication. So here I am. jumping head 1st into something I know I need but not having the most faith in myself because of ALL the MANY MANY times I talked the talk and never walked the walk. SO I’m rooting for me that I finally do what I know I truly need to do. which is making exercise a part of my daily routine and fuel my body with the best foods possible. I’m debating putting my real weight on here out of fear, so we’ll see.
adidas shorts sale Jam's Journey