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Aug 30 Sep 2: In the bay area, we celebrated our 5th family reunion! Amazing! We’re going to keep this going in Tulsa OK for our 2015 family reunion! So be prepared Tulsa, the family is coming to town!

Thank you all who have traveled near and far! You all have played a special part in this reunion. And for those that were not able to attend, you surely were missed! We hope to see you all in 2015! Photos to be included so stay tuned. Take care and we love you all! God Bless!September 2012 Hello Family and welcome to our countdown to our next family reunion heading the Bay Area, California! We have about one year from the event, so begin to shop for your air tickets, saving for fun money, making your hotel and/or car reservations, etc.! As usual, we’re gonna have a blast! You should be receiving your welcome letters and registration forms in the mail. So please be on the look out! We’re looking forward to hearing back from you soon! Take care and see you in a year! Yahoooo!!
adidas tracksuit womens Jacobs Family Reunion
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Count Down Time!

August 2011 Jayden and Jordan are ready to meet everybody! They are so excited! Aren’t you? It’s count down time!!! We’re just about a week away until the party gets started! Looks like it’s gonna be a HOT WEEKEND! Be sure to download and print the agenda for the weekend to dress accordingly. It’s within the “Registry” tab. If you haven’t booked your hotel, info is in the “Reunion Hotel Spot” but hopefully that’s all been taken care of! And if you haven’t paid your dues, the bill collector will be on her prowl to COLLECT as soon as she see’s you! LOL! Here’s looking forward to a FUN FAMILY WEEKEND!!!! Have a safe trip!

April 2011 Congratulations to the new Mommy Daddy! Tiff Carl gave birth to Jayden Jordan on April 6, 2011 in the afternoon. Jayden weighing in at 6.7 lbs and Jordan weighing in at 4.13 lbs. Both baby boys are doing well. And Proud New Parents are as happy and joyful as can be. The miracle of life Isn’t it amazing?

Welcome into the world Babies Jayden Jordan! We can’t wait to meet you at our family reunion! Loads of hugs and kisses from all your family!

Check out the Nuckols Twins tab to see more photos! They are ADORABLE!
adidas tracksuit womens Jacobs Family Reunion

March 2011 Mesai (great nephew of Michelle) is permanently now a part of our lives and household. We’d like to introduce to you our little munchkin this September at our family reunion. Last 3/10/11, permanent guardianship was granted, so now we have custody. He’s a typical toddler/little boy. He’ll be doing T ball at the end of April and into May. Mesai is going to be three on April 25 and currently attends New Horizons, a Montessorri School. We’re all looking forward to seeing you guys soon! Yes, he is a blessing to us. After praying many years for a little one, GOD has blessed us (in a different way, but with the same joy) with Mesai to nurture and raise. He is a ray of sunshine!