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Fire captains Wayne Cambra and Ryan Ayakawa have been promoted to the rank of battalion chief.

Cambra began his career in 1990 as a firefighter 1 at the Wailuku Fire Station before transferring to the Lanai Fire Station. In 1999, he was promoted to a firefighter 3, apparatus operator, spending three years in the training bureau and five years at the Wailuku Fire Station. He was promoted to captain in 2007, first stationed at the Kihei Fire Station, then transferred to the Wailuku Fire Station, where he has remained for the last five years.

Ayakawa joined the department in 1990 and was assigned to the Lahaina and Kihei fire stations. After eight years as a firefighter 1, he was promoted to the rescue company.

In 2000, he was promoted to firefighter 3 and assigned to Ladder 3 at the Lahaina Fire Station. He was promoted to the rank of captain and assigned first to the Napili Fire Station before transferring back to the Lahaina Fire Station. He had been a captain for the last nine years.

Ayakawa, a 24 year veteran, is assigned to the 2nd Battalion, Watch.

The promotions take effect July 1.

The signal has been in flashing mode since Wednesday to alert motorists. Drivers are urged to exercise caution in the area. Monday through Thursday for road repairs. Monday through Thursday for road repairs.

MECO issues safety tips for July holiday

As fun as Fourth of July fireworks can be, residents are reminded to celebrate safely.

Maui Electric Co. has issued the following safety tips:

Carefully set up and use fireworks in an area clear of overhead power lines.

Do not string fireworks on utility poles.

Ensure a 10 foot clearance from power lines when using ladders or other tools to string fireworks.

If an object should become tangled in an overhead power line, do not try to free it. Call MECO trouble line at 871 7777 on Maui or toll free on Lanai or Molokai at (877) 871 8461.

Vacation rentals in Maui among priciest

Maui vacation rentals were the fourth priciest in the nation,
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coming in at $1,971.97 for a week stay, according to the TripIndex Vacation Rentals report.

When those additional costs are thrown in, Maui still is the fourth most expensive vacation area at $2,277.81. The $41.14 for groceries and the $148.70 for dinner out were the highest in the survey. The bike rental came in at $116.

Martha Vineyard in Massachusetts was the priciest at $3,661.13, with rentals coming in at $3,409.94. La Jolla, Calif., was second at $2,497.44, and Miami Beach at $2,465.12, third.
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