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West Terre Haute, IN The city of West Terre Haute has work to do on its wastewater treatment plant.

Last week, WTWO spoke with a homeowner who reported sewer overflow problems to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. At that time, foul smelling sewer water could be seen flowing out of manhole covers on 7th Street.

IDEM responded with an inspection on Thursday, March 1. Today (March 5), IDEM notified the town of several violations. Inspectors gave the plant an unsatisfactory rating for the overflow problem.

The IDEM letter noted a number of problems:

The SSO evaluation generated an unsatisfactory rating. Part II. B. 2 of the permit prohibits overflows, pursuant to 327 IAC 5 2 8(11). At the time of the inspection, the facility was experiencing hydraulic related overflows from four manholes along 7th Street. (It is noted that the portions of the Town were experiencing heavy flooding conditions at the time of the inspection.) In addition, the facility had not yet reported the overflow events to IDEM.

Facility/Site was rated as marginal for lack of an adequate alarm system for the facility. Part II. B. 1. b. of the permit requires that the facility be operated in a manner which will minimize discharges of excessive pollutants. An adequate alarm system is necessary to alert operators of equipment failure during hours when no attendant is on site.

Maintenance was rated as unsatisfactory due to the facility experiencing excessive inflow and infiltration (I/I) in the collection system which continues to hydraulically overload the wastewater treatment plant. This is a violation of Part II. B. 1 of the permit which requires all facilities to be maintained in good working order at all times and operated as efficiently as possible and in a manner which will minimize upsets and discharges of excessive pollutants. This includes the facility collection system. As part of the response to this violation letter, the facility should summarize collection system/storm water projects that have been completed to date and indicate future work that is planned for the collection system. In addition, the facility must fix the rotating weir that controls flow from the oxidation ditch to the clarifiers to help with wet weather operations.

The town has 30 days to submit a plan of action to the state. The letter from IDEM states:

Within 30 days of receipt of this letter, a written detailed response documenting correction of the concerns listed above and/or a plan for assuring future compliance must be submitted to this office.
adidas skate shoes uk IDEM Inspection Results