grey adidas superstar Ilsinho and Fabinho to new contracts

adidas originals shoes Ilsinho and Fabinho to new contracts

The team announced that it has re signed Fabian Herbers, playmaker Ilsinho and back Fabinho to new contracts. Herbers and Ilsinho had seen club options on previous contracts declined, while Fabinho previous contract had expired.

and Ilsinho provide excellent veteran quality, and Fabian is a young player with lots of potential, Union sporting director Earnie Stewart said in a statement. did not want to lose any of them following last season, and we happy to reach agreements to have them return to Philadelphia.

Herbers option had been declined because he was a Generation adidas player, which meant his $135,500 salary didn count against the cap. Had the Union picked up the option, that number plus a raise would have come onto the books. They just didn want him to stay at that price.

need to keep Fabian fit, Stewart said. he gets into the 18 yard box, he always gets the ball on target. He has an excellent cross when he reaches the endline.

This much is certain: Ilsinho will to take up one of the international slots on Union roster. Wednesday,
grey adidas superstar Ilsinho and Fabinho to new contracts
Stewart praised him.

the course of the season, he showed what his capabilities are, Stewart said. itFabinho plays an important position, left back, and is a great presence in the room. But there will be questions if 32 year old is a starter. Matthew Real, an 18 year old Union academy product, made his way up the ranks this year. Union manager Jim Curtin would like to give him a shot. For now, the depth chart in limbo.

a left back these days is not easy at all, Stewart said. have this rating system that we follow, and Fabinho is still one of the top backs in MLS. So from a soccer standpoint, that kind of like a no brainer,
grey adidas superstar Ilsinho and Fabinho to new contracts
even though he getting a little bit further in age.