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TODAY I WENT OUT WITH ELEANOR, STACY AND FREDA! 😀 yay! a bestie outing. we went back to lips cafe just like we did two years ago. (: we took some neos and we watched meet the fockers! OMG it is so so so funny! 😀 i was laughing alot. ashh hooole! hoho

anyways, we just hung around town. omg i bought the awesomest jacket from forever 21, ever! it looks like a jock jacket. like it is really really american ish superly majorly cool! 😀 oh it says los angeles. oh holy i love it so much. cost me sixty three dollars. who cares i love my jockie 😀

oh night i watched kung fu hustle with gerry. HAHAHA. it is darn funny as well. i laughed more for kung fu than fockers. not that it is funnier, but you know, it is the ridiculous very china jokes kinda funny. it is incredibly cool. but i love ben stiller.

I even fell for that stupid love songThe Spongebob Squarepants Movie is coming out in singapore 17th march 2005! that is a way long time. BUT i watched it already! woohoo weehee 😀 haha i got the dvd . it so funny it so hilarious it so HAHA .

anyways, i went out with valen, mich, shuwei, dinah grace. we ate sakae. hung around heeren. ate churros new zealand smoothies. took neos. yay! we are planning to go back to school on the first day of school, but it sounds kinda stupid. like first day already go back.

Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable

back. we cut our trip short because of MY SISTER. :/ she said, oh i have a function on monday, i have to go. blah blah. so we thought it was super important to her social life and it was some big christmas party or something. so we drove back . and it was actually just an outing with TWO friends. OH THE SELFISHNESS OF HER. ): so i had a very unfruitful trip. i did not manage to get presents. hardly any ): like the shopping was kinda, uhh. like really! we went on xmas day which was kinda stupid cos it was so crowded. the malls were packed like sardines. and there were queues everywhere. the toilets were dirty everywhere. they were just like holes, with shit in them. gross out. but oh well.

anyway, mother nature is angry! she punished us with that earthquake for all we did to her precious Earth. anyways, i did not really go to KL thank god. i went to Petaling Jaya instead. which is a little south of KL but still in Selangor. cos if we stayed in KL we would have stayed in equatorial hotel, which experienced some tremours. but PJ was pretty safe, phew.

anyway, CNN is broadcasting alot on this tsunamis thing. and it getting so much attention, why BECAUSE there are western tourists in phuket. i read up, last year december around now, there was also a BIG earthquake in Iran (i think , or somewhere in middle east) and the death toll was 48000! thats way more than this one. you might not have heard of it, just because it happened in the middle east. current death toll for this one, last i heard was 11000. i mean, it kinda unfair.

oh well i shall not act like a saint, standing up for the middle east. malaysia is still the same. i don intend to go up there for some time.

Outrageous, so contagious, make you crave it

my home is SO boring. i settled my transfer in njc. then i came home. blah blah. bummed around the house. packed my bag though there is really nothing to pack. short trip only. oh my gosh i am anticipating ALL THE SHOPPING! 😀

going to malalysia till 28th i think. driving up. eww! long car trips make me puke. well not , i hope not . :/ i am going to plug my ipod in, sleep on mogu hug spongebob, and eat skyflakes chocolate digestives, drink green tea, all the way! yay. wow by the end of the trip i will not be able to get out of the car. hoho. mmm, no internet for around 4 days. ): oh POO. i think i will die. like i will start hyperventilating or smth.

anyways, i love christmas (:

joy to the world

! 😀 haha my appeal was successful. NO AJC. hurray. (: okay and the weirdest thing is that they put me in science not arts. oh well . but i can only take three subs. WHO CARES i don care if i can only take like zero subjects. actually i wouldn mind that at all. i been praying very dutifully, thats why. and it was my, birthday wish! although i didn blow out my candles all at once. haha

okay my nose keeps bleeding! ): i think i going to die of blood loss. haha touch wood. but yah it quite disgusting to have your nose bleeding. i am drinking green tea to keep,
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