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If a public safety officer sees someone smoking on campus, “someone will approach them in a positive way and remind them of the policy and ask them to observe it,” said Steve Clark, OSU’s vice president of university relations and marketing.

Public service announcements and signs regarding the policy have been in place since last football season, including advertisements on the scoreboard and various channels through athletics, he said.

“We’ve done our best to prepare folks in advance, and by using positive reinforcement and education, I think that those efforts will prevail,” Clark said.

University officials said OSU’s approach to implementing the policy, Oregon Administrative Rule 576, Division 040, is based more on education and communication than heavy handed enforcement.

The smoke free not tobacco free policy restricts the use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, including hookahs, electronic cigarettes and other devices intended to simulate smoking.

“Especially this year, OSU is taking a position of education and remediation, and the Department of Public Safety has the same focus if someone is not in compliance, then (we) educate them,” said Stacey Edwards,
new adidas trainers Implementation of smoking ban
the director of the Smoke Free OSU project.

Edwards noted the new regulation not only is a change in policy, but a cultural shift. OSU is far from alone in the change; about 530 institutions of higher education across the country also have banned smoking on campus.

Dan Schwab, chairman of the project’s compliance work group and director of the Office of Student Conduct at OSU, said policy committees also are promoting self regulation.

“(We’ll ask them), ‘Did you realize this is a no smoking campus?’ and we’re hoping they abide by it. If not, public safety is called,” Schwab said, adding that regulators will aim to find underlying reasons for repeat offenses. “We find out why it was that they didn’t want to comply. We find out if they’re addicted and offer other options.”

Schwab said that this approach is different from ones taken by some other universities, such as the University of Oregon, which fines people who violate its no smoking policy.

“They’re not getting hit in the pocketbook (at OSU), and they’ll be honest about the situation. That’s always been our approach,” he said.

Campus visitors will notice some concrete examples of the ban, so to speak: The concrete, sand filled receptacles for cigarette butts that were located outside many campus buildings no longer will be outside those places. Facility Services will place some of them around the periphery of the campus in locations that are commonly used as entrances and which receive a lot of foot traffic, Edwards said.

Schwab said that the Office of Student Conduct will be responsible for dealing with students who violate the ban. Human Resources will handle violations of the policy by faculty members, and the Department of Public Services will make contact with campus visitors who light up including visitors on game day.

“We’ve worked with athletics on this, as far as informing fans that come on the campus,” Edwards said. “DPS will enforce it as they can on those days. People of course may decide to inform others about the policy. We implore people to do so; that’s their choice.”

Because OSU long has banned smoking inside its buildings and even near entrances,
new adidas trainers Implementation of smoking ban
no large scale objection among employees and students is anticipated.