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The Los Angeles native is a graduate of the University of Southern California (Fight On!) who began his career reporting and anchoring weekend newscasts at KERO TV in Bakersfield, California.

After that, Felix took a gap year, living overseas in several European nations. He is an avid world traveler (22 countries, 32 states and counting) and loves exploring new places, new cultures and new cuisine. Later, he completed a rotation as a reporter at WISH TV in Indianapolis before moving to the mid Atlantic.

Personal career highlights include covering the Copa Libertadores, Latin America biggest club soccer tournament and the many reports that have been featured on CNN, ABC World News Now, The Tonight Show, and the BBC. Local highlights include scoring the first television interview with local up and coming US Soccer star Christian Pulisic and covering the papal visit for FOX43.

LEBANON, Pa. Adam DelMarcelle is trying to convince community members to start a conversation on heroin overdose. He using his artistic skills to send a powerful message to his community of Lebanon: that more needs to be done to fight the epidemic. For the last few weeks, he has been projecting provocative images on the walls of Lebanon businesses and industrial facilities. A surprise discovery at a Franklin County construction site has launched a project to find the descendants of the people who were responsible for the item almost 80 years ago. Workers at the site of the Coyle Free Library in Chambersburg found a weathered brown envelope as they deconstructed the building, which was an old post office. A local man is recalling the tense times during violent protests this weekend in Charlottesville, Va., including the moments in which he says he and another woman tried to help the woman killed in the demonstrations. Jack Basile says he went to the demonstrations in Charlottesville last week as an independent journalist hoping to document the ongoing tensions between alt right groups and counter protesters. The memories of Camp Furnace Hills in this Lancaster County community are fresh in the minds of hundreds of local Girl Scouts, even though it has been closed since February because of the damage it sustained during a winter storm. Those memories may be all that are left if the Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania council decides Thursday to close the camp and sell the land. Residents in this Cumberland County community are working together to try to make a busy road safer for pedestrians and other drivers. The 11/15 bypass, also known as Cumberland Boulevard, has more than 69,000 cars driving on it daily, according to PennDOT data cited by the Cumberland Boulevard Improvement Task Force, but group members fear many of those drivers either do not know the speed limit, or worse, do not care. Dozens of people who attended a public hearing Monday on the proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline did not stick around for long. Instead, after a brief statement from Tim Spiese, one of the opponents, the group members each put on a surgical mask and filed out of the building one by one to hold a hearing of their own outside. Ellie LaRose kept her parents waiting, but when her time came, she was born quickly. In fact, she was born so quickly her parents, Keilah Moffitt and Phillip LaRose, couldn even make it to the hospital in time, and Ellie was born at home. Sunday. Dozens of southern York County residents chimed in Thursday on where an electric company should build a high voltage electric transmission line, many of those residents saying nothing should be built at all. Transource held the open house to talk to residents about three routing options from a proposed electric substation in Lower Chanceford Township to an existing facility in Maryland. A similar project from Transource is proposed in Franklin County. A community group is going the extra mile to make its neighborhood safer. The Midtown Action Council recently secured a $15,000 grant to extend the city surveillance camera network along Second Street from Pine Street to Forster Street, where Midtown unofficially begins. already a pretty safe place to live, but it helps people feel even safer, said Jonathan Hendrickson, president of the Midtown Action Council. helps the police there some incident here.
adidas yellow trainers Felix Rodrigues Lima