adidas trefoil create iconic album for Tulsa fans on magical ‘Days of Future Passed’ tour

adidas golf trousers create iconic album for Tulsa fans on magical ‘Days of Future Passed’ tour

The Moody Blues have been on a long journey from “Days of Future Passed” to the top 10 hit “Your Wildest Dreams,” and fans got to experience that whole spectrum Tuesday in Tulsa.

On a tour titled for the British band’s landmark 1967 album, founding members Justin Hayward, John Lodge and Graeme Edge brought beloved tracks from the whole Moody Blues catalog in addition to playing “Days of Future Passed” in its entirety.

The Moody Blues basically were their own openers with a first set that launched with “I’m Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band).” It was a great way to showcase the skilled performance of flutist Norda Mullen, who’s been touring with the band since 2002 after Ray Thomas retired due to the illness that claimed his life earlier this month.

The late ’80s hit “Your Wildest Dreams” was a high point of the first set; Hayward’s vocal range was impressive, and that song is a challenge. After some down tempo tracks, the opening notes of “The Story in Your Eyes” were very welcome to bring some liveliness back into the set. Every note of the guitar solo was fire.

The heartbeat of the concert after an intermission became the backing orchestral track of “Days of Future Passed,” with the band adding its own layers to re create that album in a live experience I never imagined I’d get. It’s a concept album that brilliantly blended symphonic layers with progressive rock, and it’s mesmerizing performed live, even without a live string section.

By “Tuesday Afternoon,” the audience was entranced by the melding of live music and the masterful original strings that fans of the 1967 album will remember note for note. An acoustic guitar brought extra richness, and the tricky vocals were right on point. It was obvious the crowd didn’t miss the sound of an actual symphony I saw a man stand and clap at his favorite part after the band dropped out, so the backing track had plenty of power.

Harmonies sounded slightly weak, especially in “(Evening) Time to Get Away,” but Lodge in the lead had a voice that seemed magical on that track.

Speaking of magic voices, the actor Jeremy Irons lends his star power on video to recite the Edge penned poem intro to “Nights in White Satin,” but it felt strange not to hear original keyboardist Mike Pinder’s spoken word performance. The flute in this song brought Thomas’ spirit in a true to the album performance from Mullen, and Hayward belted out all of those emotionally powerful “I love you” lyrics with impressive vigor.

After a performance like that, an encore needs to really deliver, and this one did. “Question” was rocking fun for the crowd, dancing and singing along when prompted to join together for the iconic line “I’m looking for a miracle in my life.” Those looking for one last hit found one in the closing “Ride My See Saw.”

This concert last night was the absolute worst concert I have ever been to. Hayword couldn’t sing one line without falling out of tune. Half the music was pre recorded and a drum machine was used while the drummer played one drum. They shined bright white lights on the audience throughout the show instead of the performers being lit. I guess so you wouldn’t know they were not doing much playing. They played for 30 minutes, took a 20 or 25 minute break and came back and played 30 minutes and that was it. These ticket prices were outrageous and totally unfounded. They need to accept the fact they just can’t do it anymore. With what we paid, we were totally ripped off.

Seriously critical. . Fred got my attention. Im sure he’s a fan. I traveled Jan 23 from Texas to see this great band and I thought they certainly delivered. I am a musician of 30 yrs, a sound engineer and co producer. I have ears for music and I will sharply disagree with just plain incorrect observation. The band was outstanding and yes,
adidas trefoil create iconic album for Tulsa fans on magical 'Days of Future Passed' tour
a full orchestra would have been nice, but not touring. Logistics and cost. So, yes, pre recorded stuff of Days of future passed. Big deal. Go see live at Red Rocks if you want them with orchestra). The BOK center was one of the cleanest, clearest eq’d shows Ive heard in a while. Ive seen Roger Waters, Don Henley, Steve Wonder, Prince, at least the top 50 big rock and country acts that ever was. Ive heard them all. I always wonder if critics (and I am one, yes) ever think what it takes to tour and keep your musical prowess and energy going. I toured off and on for almost 20 years its no easy feat. I also suggest to remind critics of any group, at all cost of your pride,(Fred) to respect the fact that critics are ‘there’ and The Moody Blues are wayyyyyy over (there!). How they continue to tour years into senior age and play to that energetic and emotional level! So, the critics must ponder these things:Are you a vocalist, guitarist, drummer, pianist? Can you get up there 4 5 nights a week and belt your heart out at the (same) level, (every) night>? So, the review of my phone videos (with really decent audio for a phone), the band on about 6 songs, revealed Justin and Johns vocals were near pristine, compared to most artists in their early/mid 70’s. I’d say their performance was 95% authentic to the original recordings from FIFTY years ago. So, yeah, this is America. Everyone has an opinion,
adidas trefoil create iconic album for Tulsa fans on magical 'Days of Future Passed' tour
and now ya’ll have mine. Thanks for listening to Moody Blues