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It’s Sunday afternoon at Lululemon Athletica in Toronto’s Eaton Centre mall, and though there’s no big sale, customers have swarmed the store. Near the entryway, three girls sip from Starbucks cups and debate the wicking effects of the tops spread before them in multiple hues, while nearby an employee jogs on the spot to demonstrate the anti chafing properties of a T shirt to a Lulu first timer.

The shoppers are mostly women, preteen girls to ladies in their mid 60s, browsing the racks side by side. Many are already squeezed into Lululemon pants and tops, making it difficult to tell who’s an employee and who’s just a customer updating her wardrobe.

About 10 people wait in line for one of four change rooms tucked away at the back of the store. One willowy employee zips herself into a patterned hoodie from a handy pile and does a nimble spin. “I love the white. What do you think?” she asks no one in particular. Other employees and customers unanimously coo their approval. She removes the garment and passes the item to a customer who rubs her thumbs over the soft fabric and soon heads, beaming, toward the winding checkout line.

From the outside, it’s just another store. But inside, Lululemon offers customers something more irresistible than a new look: the potential to transform into the best imaginable version of themselves. Is it possible that $98 stretch pants are the path not only to a cuter bum but also a spiritual awakening? For these shoppers, it is.

Building on his experience in the skate and snowboard business, Chip Wilson founded Lululemon in 1998. Now 54 years old and worth an estimate $1.25 billion, he has quickly transformed Lululemon from a yoga inspired grassroots company in Vancouver to an international retail phenomenon, and done it by promoting an ethic of self betterment through exercise, positive thinking and clothes that tread the fine line between wholesome casual and sexy. The message and the product have spread like rippling water across demographics and regions through clever use of what can only be described as holistic guerrilla marketing. Lululemon sends employees to attend local workout classes and show off the latest collection, the stores sometimes host community events, and local yoga instructors teach free, in store classes. “They go beyond simply putting the right merchandise out in a store. Williams Group in Toronto. “People want to look healthy and body aware and like they do yoga, even if they don’t.”

It’s that broad allure that has built an almost cult like devotion among consumers who normally don’t have much in common: from urban hipsters to suburban moms, from preteens to boomers, all united in their common desire for comfortable, flattering clothes not to mention peace and happiness.

Competitors were slow to catch on to the fact that Lulu wasn’t selling workout clothes so much as they were selling membership to a club with a very appealing uniform. And a huge hit in the mall turned into an even bigger bonanza on the stock market, where Lulu’s share price has sky rocketed by 1,888% in just over two years. That has made a lot of investors very, very rich, but it has also begun to raise questions. The stock now trades for almost 45 times projected earnings for 2011. To put that in perspective, that’s about twice the average of the rest of the firms in its specialty retail group, and even greater than buzzworthy tech companies like Apple and Google that trade at about 14 and 16 times, respectively. And somehow, most analysts are still bullish, despite the challenges that eventually face any fast growing retailer: supply chain bottlenecks, the ever present threat of brand fatigue, and a new e commerce platform that will try to woo customers acclimatized to Lulu’s superior retail experience to the deep cold of online shopping.

Shareholders are sitting on a very large bet that Lulu is well on its way to becoming a global mega brand. But can good karma (and accelerating profit) survive the transition from lucrative boutique to high volume retail? Can Lululemon conquer the big time without selling its soul? We’re about to find out.

About three years ago, Carolyn Beauchesne was in the mood to celebrate. The stay at home mother of three from Orange County, Calif., had joined a gym with child care, and after lots of hard work, had met a weight loss target. She decided it was time to upgrade her gym wardrobe. “I started buying Lululemon I got fixated on it,” she says. As the months went on, Beauchesne turned shopping at Lululemon into her reward for continuing her commitment to spinning classes and the gym. “I would buy myself a new top or something,” she says. “It became my big hobby. I don’t collect golf balls or paper weights I collect Lululemon.”

When it got to the point that Beauchesne fell asleep wondering what outfit she’d wear to the gym the next day, she decided to start a blog called Lululemon Addict to keep track of the new merchandise being released in Lululemon stores. She aggregated the pictures and information from each individual store’s Facebook page, and the result was a website that even Lululemon employees admit to using as a resource. There’s something new to post almost every day. “I started the blog for myself, but now it gets about 10,000 to 12,000 people visiting per day,” she says. “I just went on vacation, and people wondered what happened to me.”

Though the company’s lingo rolls off her tongue effortlessly, the 46 year old has never worked for Lululemon. “There are lots of other ladies like me online,” she insists. “They’ll post their outfit of the day, and everyone will ooh and ahh!” Beauchesne’s devotion to Lululemon has extended the reach of its stores, and created a new spot for its customers to gather online. The fact that she has been publishing her blog since December 2008, on her own time, and isn’t paid, makes her the ultimate brand ambassador.

Uniting a like minded community of body conscious and fashion aware women is a fundamental part of Lulu’s retail strategy. Lululemon is the first mainstream clothing company to really adopt the “salon” business model. This method, which is also at the core of Apple’s retail strategy, harkens back to the days of 17th century gatherings, where like minded thinkers came together to share culture, ideas and theories. In the modern day retail environment, this strategy puts buyer and seller on the same side. Both are focused on an idea of self betterment that overshadows the commercial transaction itself. This ethos transforms the stores into a low pressure space for personal development. In the case of Lululemon, the employee (which the company calls an educator) talks to the shopper (called the guest) about her passions and pursuits, and they work together to select the ideal garment. The final purchase comes to represent an investment in herself, her ideas and goals, rather than in a Power Y tank top. In fact, Lululemon stores keep goal setting sheets behind the counter to give out to guests. This way, they can leave on a journey with a specific plan to help put that tank top to use.

Salon style retail is a trend consumers embraced as interest in personal achievement overtook the desire to just own or consume more things. “The concept of salon based retail is something that Apple has done really well. “It’s the same at Lululemon. You can go to the store, and they’ll teach you how to do a downward dog. They’re helping to facilitate that culture and market that they cater to.”

Selling an emotion, as well as an actu

al product, is a strategy that has worked for decades. “People don’t really buy a product or a service. They buy a solution to a problem,” says Ken Wong, a professor of marketing at the Queen’s School of Business. Charles Revson knew this well. As the founder of the Revlon cosmetic company once said, “In the factory we make cosmetics; in the drugstore we sell hope.” The Lululemon logo now represents an impulse to exercise and be healthier; wearing it announces your membership in an elite club of enlightened people. The company may have been founded on yoga principles, but Lululemon’s real genius lies in what some analysts call the “Blue Ocean” strategy the ability to foster new demand in an uncontested market instead of competing for pre existing customers. “There’s limited competition, and there’s innovation, but not innovation in technology.

In this case, Lululemon has taken the category of women’s athletic apparel which has been an afterthought for women’s fashion brands like La Senza and Bebe, and an “also ran” side of the business at Nike and Adidas married it to mainstream casual and turned it into a high performing category all its own.

That community really appeals to women who want to feel healthy, sexy and empowered, but who also feel intimidated by the physicality and exhausting commitment mandated by serious fitness buffs. Sure, wearing Lulu makes you look great, but more important, that little insignia is a reminder that the real source of attractiveness is who you are on the inside. If you truly feel good about yourself, and make small, positive choices like drinking more water and taking deeper breaths, then you will be happier and healthier. A beautiful body, weight loss and flexibility will come with time after that but the first priority should be on inner satisfaction and fulfillment.

Bring all those Lulu fans together, give them the good quality items they expect, build their trust, and with that comes pricing power. While Lululemon’s goods are in the higher end of the sector, customers see value in the products. “While you’re there, you’re thinking about what you can do better, and so you buy,” says Atkinson. “There are rarely discounts, so you always feel as though you’re paying the item’s true value, as opposed to one of these ‘60% off’ stores where, when you pay full price, you feel like you’re getting cheated, which is the way a lot of retailers approach things. A lot of people don’t believe retail prices anymore.”

To the casual observer, the return of yoga to the mainstream and the concurrent success of Lululemon

like the kind of happy but short lived accident that could soon seem as dated as the Atkins diet or Crocs. But imagine if a company like Starbucks had been dismissed as a passing fad. Over the course of four decades, Starbucks grew from one small shop in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market to more than 6,000 locations in more than 30 countries across the world. Along the way, there were snags stores closed because of misjudged locations, for example but the company continued to grow at a blistering pace. Then, in 2007, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz noticed that, while his company had become a more efficient and effective machine, it had lost some of the more romantic, home grown spirit that had initially attracted customers. Schultz sent out a note to his management team, now referred to as “the Valentine’s Day memo,” saying that over time the coffee company “had to make a series of decisions that, in retrospect, have led to the watering down of the Starbucks experience.” To combat further “commoditization” of the Starbucks brand, Schultz implored his staff to keep a return to the soulful coffee shop experience in the back of their mind.

As Lululemon continues to grow and surpass estimates, this is a warning they would do well to heed. They’ve already survived their amateur years, which brought their own share of miscues. In 2007, Lululemon was forced to remove tags that said some of its fabrics contained a seaweed that fought inflammation, bacteria and stress, after a New York Times test found no trace of the stuff. Then, in 2008, sinister messages like “You only have 30,000 days to live and then you are dead” were found printed on its iconic red and white Lululemon bags, hidden under a separate layer featuring the company’s “manifesto,” which includes happier messages like “Friends are more important than money.” It was later revealed that the company had decided the former manifesto was too harsh, but would responsibly recycle the bags rather than destroy them. Lulu also issued a statement saying the company is “known for speaking our mind and inspiring creativity and freedom of thought in everything we do.” Still, it made sure to remove the remaining bizarre bags from stores.

Those slips have mostly been eliminated since current CEO Christine Day took over Lululemon in June of 2008, replacing former Reebok executive Robert Meers. Day, it’s worth noting, came from two decades at Starbucks, where she most recently led the fast growing Asia Pacific Group.

Day’s lessons from the coffee chain will be necessary to guide Lululemon through the second stage of growing pains in the coming years, starting with Lulu’s ability to meet consumer demand for their products. Sales of stretchy garments, made with Lululemon’s high tech fabrics, exceeded expectations in the first quarter of this year and forced the company to accelerate some of the deliveries. It also meant shipping goods by air rather than the more cost effective sea transport. “Having limited inventory will hinder their near term sales, especially in Q1 and Q2,” says Erika Maschmeyer, a senior analyst from Robert W. Baird Co. To handle increasing demand, Lululemon has found a second manufacturer of Luon (its unique stretchy fabric now famous for supporting women’s derrires) and is working on better planning with its factories. It’s also trying to manage the availability and consistency of Lululemon’s 46 other specialty fabrics (up from the original seven), so that there’s enough inventory of, say, the Silverscent material, which is spun out of silver fibres that reduce bacteria and make workout bags less stinky.

But there’s a strategic side to Lululemon’s apparent inability to meet demands, and that’s that the company operates on a scarcity model that “encourages customers to buy now, and creates some excitement and fervour,” says Maschmeyer. Even customers can see advantages to Lulu’s get it while it’s hot strategy. “If you go to class and everyone’s wearing the same thing as you, it’s a yucky feeling,” says Beauchesne. “That happened to me once. I showed up for spinning, and the educator was wearing the same exact Lulu tank as me.”

Playing with supply and demand is like walking a tightrope, though. McIntyre says that incentive to buy now can wind up alienating people. “Creating scarcity increases demand, but that only goes so far before people say ‘I’ve had enough.'”

Still, with the company trading at 45 times projected earnings, it seems that investors are confident of Lululemon’s ability to walk that rope. “There are very few retailers in the specialty apparel niche that have the ability to grow square footage at double digit levels like Lulu does,” says Janet Kloppenburg, a specialty retail analyst with JJK Research. “And there are even fewer companies in our group that can do that while generating operating margins in the mid 20% range. So, what the investors are saying is, ‘We believe in the brand, and are willing to pay more upfront to get a greater level of growth going forward.'”

Lululemon ended fiscal 2010 with 13 more stores than the year prior, and has plans to open up 30 new stores in 2011. That’s good news, because Lulu’s strategy involves not only quality product, but also getting it into the waiting hands of primary consumers in higher end shopping areas. That’s one area of the company Michael Baker, a retail and property analyst from Australia has been watching carefully as Lulu expands its reach into his country. “Australian commercial retail real estate is really expensive, and they are now moving in to all of the prime retail centres,” he says. “At the start, people were not used to paying for the quality differential, because the price points are definitely higher in that category of goods. And I don’t think people appreciated it was different.”

One way to get around a high upfront investment in bricks and mortar can be to push business online, something Lululemon plans to test with the launch of a new online shopping website this month. The company has moved its e commerce division in house to save money, and hopes a better online shopping experience will grow these web sales to be about 15% of the business. But how can a store that discounts very little product and relies so heavily on its customer education experience hope to compete in the online shopping shark tank? One study, conducted by digital strategy company Delvinia, suggests that people would rather feed their family meat and produce bought online than buy a top without feeling the quality and observing the fit in front of a mirror. In fact, of all the product categories Delvinia inquired about, customers said they were least likely to shop for clothing online.
cheap adidas clothing CityNews Toronto

adidas football socks City wrestling meet highlights week ahead in area high school sports

pink adidas gazelle City wrestling meet highlights week ahead in area high school sports

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News Candidates Bristol Forestville General News Plainville Plymouth Terryville Southington Herald

Sports Bristol Central Bristol Eastern St. 2 ranked Bristol Eastern wrestling team continued its run through the regular season with a solid performance at the New Fairfield Duals last weekend and will get the chance to wrap up a perfect season on Wednesday when it travels to Bristol Central to take on the Rams in the annual showdown that is the highlight of the scholastic sports week ahead.

The Lancers clinched a share of the CCC South championship last week and will claim the title outright as well as wrap up their eighth straight city championship with a win on Wednesday.

Central has not won in the series since 2010 and the injury stricken Rams will have their hands full once again on Wednesday.

Both teams will compete in the CCC Invitational meet at Berlin on Saturday as they tune up for next week’s Class L state championships.

In basketball, there are still only three area teams that have clinched a postseason berth as the season winds into its final weeks. Two teams have been eliminated and the remaining area teams still have their postseason fates very much up in the air.

The Bristol Eastern boys and girls and the Terryville boys all put their postseason qualifications on the line in this week’s action, while Bristol Central’s boys and St. Paul’s girls are looking for conference championships and high seeds.

The Central boys clinched a share of the CCC South Patriot Division with their win over Platt last week and can wrap up the outright title with a victory at Plainville on Friday night.

The Rams are currently the No. 3 seed in the CIAC Division II standings and the No. 4 team in the CCC tournament rankings. The Rams will be looking to maintain those lofty rankings, which carry the potential for multiple postseason home games, as they try to extend their win streak at home against Hall on Tuesday before visiting Plainville.

St. Paul’s girls took a big step toward an NVL divisional crown and a top seeding in the upcoming NVL tournament as they avenged their only league loss at Seymour on Saturday.

The Falcons are 14 2 overall and 13 1 in the NVL. They will travel twice this week, facing an Oxford team on Tuesday that has won six in a row since losing a 20 point decision to St. Paul, and visiting a struggling Watertown team on Friday. St. Paul is currently the No. 3 seed in the Class M tournament field.

The St. Paul boys are solidly in the tournament field and looking to improve on their standing with two home games on tap this week.

The 8 6 Falcons are the 13th seed in the CIAC Division III rankings and would like to hold on to a top 16 spot and an opening round home game. St. Paul has a good chance to improve that standing as they host 3 10 Oxford on Tuesday and welcome 2 12 Watertown on Friday.

For other area teams,
adidas football socks City wrestling meet highlights week ahead in area high school sports
the road to the postseason is much more tenuous. The Bristol Eastern girls need to win at least one of their two games this week to keep their tournament hopes alive, and with two of the top teams in the CCC on the schedule it will be a tough challenge.

Eastern has not missed the tournament since 1995, but will need to beat either Conard on the road on Tuesday or RHAM at home on Saturday. RHAM is 15 1 and ranked in the top five of every state poll. Conard opened the season winning 10 of 12, but has lost five in a row since being upset by Hall on Jan. 19.

The Eastern boys still need three wins, but have a little more leeway than their counterparts as they have five games remaining. Eastern took a positive step with a win against Plainville on Saturday and have a chance to build on that with two games against team hovering near the .500 mark this week. Eastern will host 6 8 Conard on Tuesday and will play Derby at home on Saturday. Derby defeated Eastern in their first meeting this year.

Terryville’s boys let one slip away against Nonnewaug last week and the Kangaroos still remain three wins shy of the postseason with six to play.

They face a pair of rematches this week. The Kangaroos host Litchfield, a 15 point winner in the first meeting, on Tuesday and then travel to take on archrival Thomaston on Friday. Terryville beat Thomaston by 12 in the first meeting. The Golden Bears won for only the second time this season when they beat Housatonic last week.

The Bristol Central and Terryville girls have both been eliminated from postseason contention and will be playing for pride as they wind down their seasons this week.

The Rams have put forth a couple of strong efforts with nothing to show for it in their last outings. Central faces one of its stiffest challenges of the year at Simsbury on Tuesday and then comes home to take on divisional rival Plainville on Friday.

Terryville broke into the win column with a victory over Wilby last week and has a chance to add to that total with two road games on tap this week.

Indoor track teams will compete in the CIAC state class meets at the New Haven Athletic Center this week. Bristol Central and Bristol Eastern will be in the Class L meet on Thursday. St. Paul and Terryville are in the Class S meet on Saturday evening. Bristol Central has several relay teams as well as a number of individuals who could challenge for medals in the Class L event.
adidas football socks City wrestling meet highlights week ahead in area high school sports

adidas predator rugby boots City tourney kicks off

adidas superstars 2 City tourney kicks off

Burgum’s Kilbourne Group doesn’t own most of downtown FargoOtter Tail Power Company names Todd Wahlund Chief Financial OfficerAmerican Federal Promotes Adam BraunbergerlifestyleHeadlinesAway from Home: Key West, FloridaFuture smart homes will have roll up TVs, brain wave baths and so much more cool stuffNew storms whip up memories of old onesFargo VA to hold veterans town hall, claims clinicBIO Girls melds mentoring, fitness and faith

Red River Soccer Club executive director Pete Cuadrado’s upcoming weekend will revolve around youth soccer.

And he is fine with that. today and running through Sunday at the Pepsi Soccer Complex.

Admission and parking for the tournament is free.

The tournament, which features 120 U 10 to U 19 boys and girls youth soccer teams from the Upper Midwest and Canada, will be the largest youth soccer tournament ever hosted in North Dakota.

Proceeds of the tournament will be split by all three clubs, who will take turns running the three day event.

“The neat thing about this tournament is that it is the largest ever in the state,” Cuadrado said. “We’re going to be at capacity, which is great.”

Cuadrado, who also serves as the head women’s soccer coach at NDSU, said his former assistant coach and current director of coaching of the Red River Soccer Club Randy Jewett played a big role in recruiting teams to participate.

“We told him to get as many teams as possible, and obviously he did a good job,” Cuadrado said. “Randy made the calls, sent the e mails and did a lot of the grunt work.”

The current schedule stands to make organizers and volunteers busy, but Cuadrado said the 120 team field is just right to hold the tournament at one site.

Due to limited parking at the Pepsi Soccer Complex, guests are encouraged to carpool and park at the Fargodome where a free shuttle will run every 15 20 minutes between both sites Friday and Saturday.

Overflow parking for the event will be the pay lots at the Hector International Airport.

Though he maybe in store for a busy weekend, Cuadrado said all three clubs did a great job planning the tournament.

“It’s always fun for the kids to go out and play in a big tournament,” Cuadrado said. “We’re excited to host and give our local teams a chance to stay home and get some games in.”
adidas predator rugby boots City tourney kicks off

adidas golf City to consider text messaging

spezial adidas City to consider text messaging

Based on the item, the proposed policy would treat text messages to and from City issued phones to be retained in the same manner as emails are; it would prohibit the use of personal devices for work related communications; and require “unsolicited” communication sent to a personal account to be forwarded to a City device.

Some residents are wary of the the cost.

“I think it’s a good idea to preserve the text messages, but I think it’s an unnecessary expense because I could think of a lot of other ways they could preserve those records,” said Randie Denker, a resident in Tallahassee. “For starters they could ban employees using cell phones for public business.”

Denker is an attorney and noted the importance of complying with the public records law.

“Even if you try and delete them, there’s a way to recover them. So it’s not clear to me why $100,000 has to be spent,” said another resident.

Barbara Petersen, with the First Amendment Foundation commended the City for taking steps to possibly implement this policy, noting that they should be retaining text messages under state law.

“It’s hard to manage text messaging, and everyone is doing it,” said Petersen. “Public record, under law is defined as anything that’s intended to perpetuate, communicate or formalize knowledge having to due with public business.”

That includes text messages.

She said the cost of paying for the technology outweighs the alternative not complying with the law.

“If they were to be sued, the cost of litigating could be ten times that.” she said.

Petersen recently criticized the City of Tallahassee after it failed to produce text messages requested in a public records request by the Tallahassee Democrat. The request asked for text messages from City Manager Rick Fernandez over a specific period of time. The City said it found no records; however it later came to light that text messages did exist.

Cooke said the new policy will help avoid this, as currently there is no uniform way to retrieve text messages within the city.

“Without the comprehensive retention of records we were relying on individual carriers or individual users of cell phones and other devices. So we want to make sure we can capture everything and this will allow us to do that,” said Cooke.

The proposed policy would also require disciplinary action to be taken for violations; and that employees be reminded of the requirements annually.

If approved by the commission, text messages would begin to be archived January 1, 2018. Any messages archived from work cell phones, regardless of content,
adidas golf City to consider text messaging
would be subject to public disclosure.

The proposed item comes weeks after the City of Tallahassee made a decision to release all documents related to an FBI investigation into downtown development deals. 90,000 documents have been posted online, with an additional 150,000 still on the way. (WCTV) The City of Tallahassee will consider a new public records policy regarding text messages to and from city employees at its December meeting.

In an item outlined in the meeting agenda, the City states, “As text messaging has become more prevalent, the City must develop a uniform system for retaining text messages as it does e mails.”

The policy calls for all text messages sent or received by a city phone to be archived by the company Smarsh Inc., which currently archives emails for the City. The estimated cost is $98,000, which would cover a onetime start up fee and a fee of $69 per phone, per year. Currently, the City has issued about 940 cell phones to employees across a variety of departments.

Based on the item, the proposed policy would treat text messages to and from City issued phones to be retained in the same manner as emails are; it would prohibit the use of personal devices for work related communications; and require “unsolicited” communication sent to a personal account to be forwarded to a City device.

It also reads that disciplinary action should be taken for violations and that employees be reminded of the requirements annually.

If approved by the commission, text messages would begin to be archived January 1, 2018. Any messages archived from work cell phones, regardless of content, would be subject to public disclosure.

The proposed item comes weeks after the City of Tallahassee made a decision to release all documents related to an FBI investigation into downtown development deals. 90,000 documents have been posted online, with an additional 150,000 still on the way.

It also comes following criticism from the First Amendment Foundation, which wrote a letter to the City Attorney after failure to produce public records to the Tallahassee Democrat. Those requests included text messages linking City Manager Rick Fernandez to the acceptance of $2,000 worth of football tickets.
adidas golf City to consider text messaging

adidas white superstar City to consider fire station bond

adidas original zx flux City to consider fire station bond

A Public Safety Bond Committee is recommending that the Ashland City Council place a bond measure on the May 2011 ballot to replace Fire Station 2 on Ashland Street.

A Public Safety Bond Committee is recommending that the Ashland City Council place a bond measure on the May 2011 ballot to replace Fire Station No. 2 on Ashland Street. on Tuesday in the Ashland Civic Center, 1175 E. Main St. The council will decide at a later date whether to put the bond on the ballot.

Replacing the cramped, aging station would cost nearly $3 million.

The owner of a home assessed at $237,410 the median in Ashland would pay an extra $30.20 annually for the 20 year life of the bond, or almost 13 cents per $1,000 in assessed value.

In 1999, voters approved a $4 million bond measure to replace Fire Station No. 1 downtown, but they later rejected a $5.4 million bond measure to replace Fire Station No. 2.

A new proposed design to replace Fire Station No. 2 scales back the earlier plans.

Appointed in January,
adidas white superstar City to consider fire station bond
the Public Safety Bond Committee was tasked with looking at major needs for the fire and police departments.

Committee members said the police department needs a larger building, and the most cost effective solution would be to relocate the department into The Grove, which is separated from the police station on East Main Street by a parking lot. Remodeling The Grove, which is used for community events and classes, would cost an estimated $1 million, compared to $1.35 million to remodel and expand the existing police station.

The committee recommended that a police station expansion bond be placed before voters some time after May 2011 not at the same time a fire station bond could go before voters.

The committee also recommended against putting a firefighter training tower and a fire engine with a long, attached ladder on the ballot.

Members said the training tower was the lowest priority. They said there is a valid need for a ladder fire engine, but that equipment should not be funded through bonds.

Other agenda items for the City Council’s Tuesday night meeting include considering whether to adopt a Southern Oregon University master plan and hearing an annual report from Ashland Police Chief Terry Holderness about crime rates in town.

The City Council will also consider whether to reverse the direction of one of the two Rogue Valley Transportation District bus routes in Ashland.

That way,
adidas white superstar City to consider fire station bond
buses would travel in opposite directions and riders could choose the quickest route to their destinations.

The City Council will consider an ordinance change that would allow for “green burials.” People could bury their loved ones without being required to use a concrete or metal liner.

An agenda item to consider possible raises for city employees who are paid less than the median in their field will likely be delayed because two councilors will be absent from Tuesday’s meeting.

adidas originals tracksuit bottoms City teen killed in shooting

jd sports adidas trainers City teen killed in shooting

There was laughter in the moments just before a 19 year old Altoona teenager pulled the trigger on a loaded .357 revolver and killed a friend, 19 year old William Callan Jr., according to criminal charges filed Thursday by Altoona police.

Michael Corle, 19, 404 Second Ave., was allegedly playing with the gun, one that belonged to his late grandfather and that he had secretly taken from an unlocked gun cabinet at his grandmother home, according to police.

Corle allegedly told investigators he pulled too hard on the trigger while putting the gun in his backpack during a night of marijuana smoking and video games in an apartment at 1624 Second Avenue.

Corle now faces a misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter charge along with two separate counts of aggravated assault with indifference to life and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon along with felony theft related counts and misdemeanor counts of simple assault and recklessly endangering another person.

Criminal charges and two search warrants sought by police on Thursday indicate it was an evening of three young men hanging out, playing video games and smoking pot, then a gun was introduced into the mix by Corle.

According to a witness to the deadly shooting, one officers said was reckless and negligent but unintentional, Corle liked to show off the gun and play with it.

Callan and Corle debated on which was a better weapon, a knife or a gun, as Corle opened and closed the revolver cylinder, pulled on the trigger and played with the gun hammer, the witness recounted for Altoona investigators.

The witness to the shooting told police that he stood up to go get something to eat while Callan remained sitting on a bed in the apartment, texting on his phone.

Corle then pointed the gun at Callan and laughed. Then Callan laughed. It was then that the witness said he heard a gunshot.

Callan slumped over with a gunshot would to his head. Initially in shock because he was standing next to Callan when he was shot, the witness then ran from the apartment to a nearby convenience store where Callan mother was working. When he told her Corle had shot her son, she called 911.

Corle, police said, also fled the apartment and made his way to the end of Albert and Columbia drives, near the Pleasant Valley Elementary School, and buried the gun,
adidas originals tracksuit bottoms City teen killed in shooting
which was wrapped in clothing under a rock and several inches of mud.

think this was a lethal mix of drug use, gun play and carelessness, Lt. Jeffrey Pratt said of the incident. only do firearms not mix with drugs of any kind, alcohol and firearms don mix, either. Blair County Coroner Office, which is assisting Altoona police, was conducting the autopsy on Callan late Thursday afternoon in State College. Police said Callan was dead when officers arrived at the apartment from an apparent gunshot wound to the left side of the head.

Pratt said while they then got Corle name at the scene, both he and the gun were missing. Patrol officers and city detectives then started scouring the city, speaking with people who know Corle, trying to find him and the gun. when detectives found Corle as he walked into his mother home on the 1900 block of Fifth Avenue. The gun, however, was still missing. Pratt said Corle was cooperative and was able to lead police to the area where he buried the gun.

didn want it found by a child or someone who might get hurt, Pratt said.

Even with Corle taking police to an overgrown piece of property at the end of the 2800 block of Albert Drive, just inside the city limits, the soaking rain made finding the buried gun difficult as it erased any signs of disturbed dirt, Pratt noted. Officers had to bring in a metal detector to find the gun, Pratt said, and it appeared Corle had no connection to the property where the firearm was retrieved.

Police noted that the revolver had five live rounds and a spent round in the cylinder. Without Corle assistance, police likely would not have found the gun, Pratt added.

Corle appeared for arraignment Thursday afternoon before Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey Auker. Auker denied bail. Citing state law, he explained to Corle that bail is excluded for the charge of manslaughter as with other homicide related charges.

Corle, who was wearing black and red basketball shorts and a hooded sweatshirt with high top Adidas sneakers, spoke few words during his arraignment. He answered Auker questions quietly and told the judge he didn know at this time if he was hiring an attorney or would seek a public defender. Corle indicated he wanted to call his father when Auker allowed him to make his one phone call.

Corle was lodged in Blair County Prison and is due to appear Oct. 12 at Central Court for his preliminary hearing before Magisterial District Judge Todd Kelly.
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adidas messi football boots City Sound Inertia

Los Angeles based violinist and composer Gabriel Wheaton traces his musical lineage back to Sonoma County, where he was born and raised in Sebastopol. After mastering the violin at a young age and performing inchamber groups and orchestraswhile attending Analy High School, Wheaton movedto La La Land to study at UCLAin 2011.

Wheaton currently makes a living as a freelance musician and plays in several bands in Los Angeles, including indie pop group We the Folk. In his spare time,Wheaton also composes folk tinged experimental pop music as a solo performer, utilizing looping effects and improvised melodies on the violin.

This week, Wheaton unveils his new album of these inventive, instrumental compositions, Single Source, and he headed back to Sonoma County to perform an album release show on Saturday, Nov 25, at HopMonk Tavern in Sebastopol.

Joining Wheaton for the post Thanksgiving soiree is San Francisco ensemble Barrio Manouche, also celebrated for improvised shows and exuberant energy.

Boots recorded Pagan Ranchstraight to tape at Gremlintone Studios in Santa Rosa with producer and musician John Courage. The record features Courage on several instruments, as well as Dan Ford (the Ironsides) on drums, and Kevin Carducci (Easy Leaves), and Alison Harris and Katie Phillips (Bootleg Honeys) on backup vocals. The record will be available at the upcomingFrankie Boots farewell show this Friday, Dec 23, at HopMonk Tavern in Sebastopol.

Oakland indie pop band Sugar Candy Mountain describe themselvesas the Beach Boys on acid, and by the sound of their latest offering, that sums it up quitenicely.

The band sophomore album, 666, is due out in July. In advance of that beastly release, they letting us in on the record title track. It a head trip of sublimely drugged out and janglylaidback guitars and vocalistAsh Reiter a Sebastopol native singing an ode to Satanic summers in an ethereal tone.

Sugar Candy Mountain performs this Saturday, June 4, at HopMonk Tavern in Sebastopol with Salt Suns and Indianna Hale. Get details here, and click on the box below to listen to now.

Her mastery of the emotionally tinged music comes as no surprise to her fans. Mayfield been active as a solo artist from the timeshe was 15, playing guitar in bedroom recordings. Since 2008, her career has blossomed with albums that have transitioned from acoustic folk origins to electric and stylized garage pop wonder.

Tonight, Mayfield continues on her current solo West Coast tour with a show at HopMonk Tavern in Sebastopol. Sonoma County native Alison Harris opens the show. For more details, check out the HopMonk website. And click on the videos below to get a glimpse of Mayfield singing/songwriting power.

Wood hasa new album due to be released this weekend with a show at HopMonk in Sebastopol, and he has a preview of his latest work in the forma new single, Away, that to listen to right now.

Stylistically and sonically sophisticated, Away features Wood soaring vocals and dark percussions with strong pop hooks and a cathartic chorus. Click on the track below; and catch Become the Villain tomorrow, Saturday Jan 23 at HopMonk, with other local luminaries Lungs and Limbs, Horses Heaven and Charley Peach. Details are here. Two months back, Williams trekked from the blue mountains of his longtime home of Chattanooga, TN to settle in the Gravenstein apple orchards of Sebastopol. And he brought his music with him.

Williams has already played a few gigs around town in the last month, and this week he be at Jasper O on Thursday, Dec 3,
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from 6pm to 9pm. If you never heard Big Kitty music, click on the music video for his song Man below, and head over to the show tomorrow to welcome Williams to the North Bay.

The devastating Valley Fire that swept through Lake County last weekend, and continues to burn, has leveled entire neighborhoods and left tens of thousands of peoplehomeless, displaced and in need of basic supplies like clothing, food and shelter. It a heartbreaking story, but the community in the North Bay has been quick to act with relief drives and fundraising efforts and that include a number of concert events. Here a few coming up this week and next:

September 17: Coffee and beer cafeBrew welcomes local musiciansCory Oleson, Charlie Davenport, Andrew Maurer and Francesco Cataniawithlocal artists auctioning off their work and proceeds from sales and beer going to relief efforts in Lake County.555 Healdsburg Ave, Santa Rosa. 7pm.

September 20: HopMonk Tavern is hosting a collective of Sonoma County artists, promoters, and event producers in presenting an all day benefit concert and silent auction. The lineup is still TBA, though it sure to be a killer bill, with all proceeds benefitting Valley Fire relief. If you can attend but still want to donate, you can do so here.230 Petaluma Ave, Sebastopol. Noon. $20.

September 26: The Phoenix Theater is putting together a rocking night of local acts includingBad Boy Eddy, State Line Empire, LuvPlanet and Faith Bullets. A raffle and silent auction come with this show as well, and again all proceeds are going straight to those in need. 201 Washington St, Petaluma. 7pm. $10.

These are just a fewof surely dozens of such shows happening for this cause. If you know of one, throw it into the comments, and if you can, please help our neighbors in need. Don know where to start? Go here.

Hopmonk Tavern in Sebastopol is consistently one of the best live music venues around, showcasing local talents and traveling bands alike in the intimate space of the tavern Abbey and outdoor courtyard. One of the highlights of the venue schedule is always the series, happening the last Thursday every month, and always featuring a bevy of North Bay musicians performing solo, original songs.

First up is Jeremy McCarten, best known as the front man of Sonoma County indie rockers Manzanita Falls, a singer with deep emotional reservoirs and a magnetic stage presence.

The heavenly harmonies emanating from the folk gospel duo MaMuse has steadily built a following around their spiritual and sonorous songs. They have appeared numerous times at folk fests like Kate Wolf and won best duet performance on Prairie Home Companion in 2012. This year, the Chico based Sarah Nutting and Karisha Longaker have released their most personal and ethereal album to date, Heart Nouveau.

This week, MaMuse celebrates the new album with a performance in Sebastopol. Hartwell will be on hand to lend her voice, as will longtime friend and musician Mike Wofchuck. Lauren Brown opens the show on Saturday, July 11, at Subud Hall, 234 Hutchins Ave, Sebastopol. 7:30pm. $18 $20. Get tickets here.

Frank Hayhurst, Francis Rico, the Zone Music guy; no matter how you know him, you probably know him as a good guy who doesn’t think twice about helping out musicians in need. Now that he can use a little help,
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he’s asking for it in the most fun way imaginable: by hosting a barbecue with over a dozen musical acts.

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The only residential property on Wetaskiwin’s Main Street could soon be history if city’s development department has its way.

Bylaw 1791 12, which amends the land use bylaw for a downtown district overlay, was given first reading at city council’s April 10 regular meeting. The motion was put forth by Ald. Barry Hawkes.

The city’s development manager Lisa Novotny presented a set of draft regulations to council on the matter.

“Based on consultation with business and property owners over the last year, West Central Planning Agency actually initiated the review, going door to door in 2011, and didn’t receive a lot of response at that time.

“This year, we have again gone back to the business property owners and presented them with a draft set of regulations, which are before you today for consideration.

“From that set of draft regulations, we have received very little feedback.

“We are presenting a list, which includes permitted and discretionary uses to be considered for just the properties along Main Street (50 Avenue) from 48 to 53 Street,” Novotny.

The change, according to Novotny is to help preserve Wetaskiwin downtown commercial district.

“The current C 1 downtown zoning classification includes many uses which fit in a lot of the properties in the C 1 district.

“But unfortunately, we want to preserve some of the lands along the Main Street or the downtown core for commercial or community uses.

“For example, right now on Main Street, an apartment building is a discretionary use.

“What we want to do is to conserve those lands for a more intense business use, or mixed residential use, where the residential use is secondary.

“Just sort of tweaking this area to conserve it make it a place for community, and benefitting everyone businesses and residents,” she told council.

Ald. Hawkes asked if and when this overlay does take place, and something does happen to a building, will is resort back to this bylaw.

“The area right now, I think,
adida gazelle City proposes change to zoning of residential l
includes one home in this downtown district overlay,” said Novotny.

“We’ve excluded a lot of the homes farther to the east, and to the west, so those will continue to be C 1 or direct control district, depending on which one they fall within.

“If that one home in that area were to burn down, the building would have to reconstructed to meet this regulation.”

Novotny told Ald. Joe Branco that if the property owner’s home burned down at that location, the owner could rebuild, but the residential aspect would have to be secondary.

“They could have a main floor of commercial space with a residential use about it.

“But they wouldn’t use the main floor, the main space, as a residential space, but that’s the same as our commercial district right now,” Novotny told Branco.

“I understand what you are saying, but what if he doesn’t want to do that? What are his options?” asked Branco.

“He could make an application to reclassify it, to do a zoning application to be presented to council.”

Ald. Branco agreed with the proposal as long as the homeowner had some options.

“Some people like to live downtown, if you have a house there, the guy who wants to live there, we’re saying no.

“As long as there is an option for him to go either way,” said Branco.

“There is always an option to reclassify,” said Novotny.

Deputy Mayor McFaul raised the point that when a house burns down, “your insurance, generally, makes you build on the same site.
adida gazelle City proposes change to zoning of residential l

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NewsNews ArchiveEventsCalendarSubmit an eventFarmers MarketPacific Northwest Music FestivalRiver Boat DaysMoving to Terrace?Visiting?Getting HereTransportationAboutHistoryPhotosAgenda for the March 12, 2018 Regular Council MeetingThe agenda for the Regular Council meeting on March 12, 2018 has been published. Read moreMarch 9, 2018Terrace and District Aquatic Center Community UpdateWith construction starting in April, 2017 the TDAC Renewal Project is now in its advanced stage of construction. This project has been large and complex in nature virtually every wall, public space and mechanical system is getting renovated or replaced. Upon completion this 45 year old building will feel like a new facility with more open space, new pools,
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and modern equipment. Read moreCity Hall, February 14, 2018Downtown Plan and Design Guidelines Update 2018The City of Terrace is pleased to announce we have launched our Downtown Plan and Design Guidelines update process. Read moreFebruary 9, 2018Mills Memorial Hospital Replacement Moves ForwardsThe Province has approved the Concept Plan for the replacement of Mills Memorial and the Provincial Treasury Board has given permission to move forward with the business plan which will guide construction. Read moreFebruary 9, 2018City Travel Advisory and Street Parking ReminderThe City of Terrace would like to remind residents to travel safely due to challenging winter road conditions, and only if absolutely necessary. As well, parking is not permitted at the side of streets,
womens adidas zx flux City of Terrace
in boulevards or alleyways so that snow removal equipment can safely pass and remove snow. Read moreDo you want to become a lifeguard? Kitimat is offering courses that are now available for registration. These are the only local courses available before the Terrace District Aquatic Centre re opens. Read more.

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The City collects taxes from residents and businesses to pay for the day to day operations of the City as well as to set aside funding for City capital requirements.

The assessed value of your home increased more than the average home value increase of 13%.

The B C.

What factors contributed to the City of Port Moody 4.98% Property Tax increase?

Uncontrollable costs such as increased utility charges (natural gas, hydro, etc.), fuel costs, contractual labour increases (regional settlements), and downloaded costs from higher governments.

A 1% Asset Renewal Levy increase to provide funding for the replacement and renewal

of the City infrastructure.

Technological and service improvements, and re instatement of the community grant program. An average multi family dwelling assessment (apartments, condos, townhouses, etc.) increased by 9%, and a single family dwelling assessment increased by 16%.

Assessed Values Property Taxes

Residential municipal property taxes are calculated based on the assessed value change of an average residential property. The average is derived from the average assessed value of all dwellings (houses,
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apartments, townhouses, etc.) In 2016, an average Port Moody residential assessment increased by 13%. Therefore, the property taxes of a residence that increased by 13% in assessed value increased by 4.98%, which is the Council approved tax increase for 2016 (based on the average household). If a property assessed value increased by more than 13%, its property taxes would have increased by more than 4.98%. If, however a property assessed value increased by less than 13%, or decreased, its property taxes increased by less than 4.98% or decreased overall.

The following table illustrates how assessment changes affect tax bills.

Note: The figures are approximate (minor error margin) and depend on the extent of the increases in assessments (the higher the swing in assessment change, the higher the margin of error).
adidas id City of Port Moody