adidas london Butler man dies in Route 422 collision

adidas messi football boots Butler man dies in Route 422 collision

A Butler man was killed and two New Castle women were injured in a two car accident Thursday night on Route 422 in Slippery Rock Township.

State police reported that Eli B. near the intersection of Copper Road.

Lawrence County Deputy Coroner James Farris Jr. said Houston appears to have died from blunt force trauma to the chest. An autopsy is being conducted this afternoon at Heritage Valley Health System in Beaver County for further information about the cause of death, he said.

According to information from the police and coroner, Houston was driving a Pontiac G6 sedan going east in the westbound lane of Route 422 when the collision occurred.

Buckley, who was driving a Honda CRV, and her daughter, 22 year old Megan Elizabeth Linger, who was a passenger, both suffered moderate injuries and were taken in stable condition to a hospital.

Farris said Buckley reportedly suffered fractures to her limbs and ribs, along with bruising. A helicopter was summoned to fly her to Youngstown hospital, but it did not fly because of foggy conditions, he said, adding that it was raining, the roads were wet and there was fog and haze in the area. Buckley and her daughter were taken to hospitals by ambulance. Farris did not know whether the weather was a contributing factor in the crash, but noted that the state police are investigating urther.

Linger suffered bruises and scrapes in the collision, he said.

No further hospital information about Buckley or Linger’s conditions or where they were treated was available on Friday morning.

Farris said both vehicles were completely destroyed.

He said there were no eyewitnesses to the collision other than Buckley and Linger. They told investigators that Houston crossed the center lane and they swerved to avoid him, and he swerved and struck their car head on near the center turn lane of the three lane road, Farris said, adding, “He was definitely left of center, there’s no question about that. Both of them tried to evade the accident and failed.”
adidas london Butler man dies in Route 422 collision