adidas mi coach but what about the island

adidas climacool ride but what about the island

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John Ross doesn’t need no stinkin’ island.

The former University of Washington wide receiver is the new Usain Bolt of the NFL, as he broke Chris Johnson’s 40 yard combine dash record by running a lightning fast 4.22 in Indianapolis Saturday. Johnson ran a 4.24 back in 2008.

Adidas had created a widely publicized marketing stunt ahead of the Combine that if anyone were to break the 40 yard dash record in Adidas shoes they would receive an island (well, maybe) from the company. “And I don’t have a boat.”

Wide receiver John Ross of Washington dashes down the NFL’s combine track in record time. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

It’s worth noting that, as Deadspin has already noted, the Adidas island give away is basically a scam in which they wouldn’t actually have had to give Ross an island had he worn their cleats for the run and that he would have had to enter an endorsement agreement with Adidas despite the company not indicating in their contest offer what the terms of a such a deal would be.

Ross, who coincidentally was wearing No. 42, actually resembled Bolt in that he actually pulled up before the end of the run and still was incredibly quick. That pull up was because of a calf cramp he felt during the run.
adidas mi coach but what about the island