adidas originals windbreaker but basketball coaches aren happy with the timing

best adidas trainers but basketball coaches aren happy with the timing

The Adidas 757 All Star football game is an intriguing concept the Peninsula vs. the Southside on a Saturday afternoon in December, just after the season’s end and just before the holidays.

But the downside is that it also is in the first few weeks of the high school basketball season. And with some two way players facing a tough decision, especially those who have no recruiting offers yet, coaches find the timing to be problematic.

“They already missed (practice) time with the playoffs, and then somebody comes up with an all star football game in December,” Heritage coach Michael Gardner said. “I don’t think that was well thought out.”

One of Gardner’s starters, Justice Fauntleroy, will be playing in the game, which is Saturday at Powhatan Field. But he played in Tuesday night’s basketball win over Bethel and is expected in the lineup Thursday night against Woodside.

Kecoughtan coach Ivan Thomas will have two players, starter Nick Carrera and reserve Elijah White, in the all star game. Though he’s allowing it, he’s not thrilled with the concept.

“I’m all for kids getting scholarships, but it’s a double edged sword,” he said. “We’re talking a full contact sport, and I have extreme problems with that.”

Denbigh’s Jermaal Wells, the starting quarterback on the football team, missed Tuesday night’s loss to Menchville and will not play Thursday against Hampton as he practices for the all star game.

Menchville’s Elijah Murphy opted out of playing to remain with the basketball team. He already has some scholarship offers in football, including James Madison.

So close

Warwick’s 1 6 record isn’t what first year coach Willie Bell hoped it would be at this stage. But he knows, more than anyone, that mark is a bit deceiving.

In all six of those losses, the Raiders trailed by no more than five points with four minutes remaining. But none of them were they able to close.

Thursday night’s 70 63 loss to Woodside was particularly painful. Warwick led by three points with 34 seconds left in regulation. But on their final three possessions, the Raiders had two turnovers and an ill advised shot. Woodside sent it to overtime and got the win.

“When I go to sleep at night, I know we’re beating ourselves,” Bell said. “It’s not like we’re getting our butts whooped. We’ve been in every single game. We’re making mental mistakes like not boxing out on a free throw or making free throws. We’re young and we have to learn how to win.”

The top 10

BOYS: Romello Anderson (Heritage), 25.4 ppg; Marcell Haskett (Kecoughtan), 23.3 ppg; Cam Bacote (Bethel), 19.0 ppg; Mastadi Pitt (Hampton), 18.6 ppg;
adidas originals windbreaker but basketball coaches aren happy with the timing
Elijah Nelson (Phoebus), 16.2 ppg; Ray Rawles (Warwick), 16.0 ppg; Marquis Godwin (Hampton), 15.6 ppg; Damian Knowlin (Kecoughtan), 15.3 ppg; Ray Jackson (Woodside), 15.0 ppg; Quincey Freeman (Woodside), 15.0 ppg.

GIRLS: Cameryn Wilson (Kecoughtan), 19.8 ppg; Dara Pearson (Hampton), 19.7 ppg; Kiana Crevison Artis (Phoebus), 18.2 ppg; Alexsis Grate (Kecoughtan), 18.0 ppg; Jayla Wade (Heritage), 17.6 ppg; Maria Scriven (Phoebus), 17.4 ppg; Adria Strothers (Menchville), 17.0 ppg; Tanisha Bunting (Warwick), 14.3 ppg; Infinity Hammonds (Hampton), 13.2 ppg; Angel James (Denbigh), 12.8 ppg.
adidas originals windbreaker but basketball coaches aren happy with the timing