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Raleigh is a lovely city. There’s a very nice touch less car wash close to the RBC Center and the bathrooms at Whole Foods market are extremely sanitary. After visiting these two landmarks, we could see why Clay is so fond of his hometown.

Breathing became increasingly difficult as we neared the door to our suite. We presented our tickets with shaky hands and proceeded to have great difficulty putting on our electric pink wristbands. Repeated attempts taught us that it helps to peel the backing off the sticky end first.

We surveyed our domain and quickly realized our suite had no restroom. It wouldn’t be prudent to greet Clay with big wet spots on our pants (again), so we decided to take it easy on the beverages. A small bottle of water would suffice.

The suite began to fill up with people wearing hockey jerseys featuring AIKEN 03 on the back and Bubel Aiken Foundation logos on the front, carrying gifts for Clay and sporting wide, excited smiles. We were about to jump out of our skin, so we planted ourselves in Row D, seats 4 and 5 of suite 213.

After much anticipation, the evening s festivities began with the Star Spangled Banner . Clay sounded magnificent, more developed than his Durham Bulls performance and more assured than his World Series performance. Clay performed vocal gymnastics the way Andre Agassi plays tennis: perfection. His pitch and vocal control were impeccable. If his initial performance was any indication, this would be a great night.

During the first period (apparently, there was a hockey game going on in the building), Clay visited Suite 212, the largest of the three suites he d be visiting. We discovered that 15 minutes to meet 100 people is not a great deal of time. We were hopeful that we would receive a little more touchy feely time with Clay than the folks in the first suite, since our suite was considerably smaller with only fifty attendees, but we knew some thought still needed to go into our plan for his foray into our suite. And since we are superior at multi tasking, we were able to plan our strategy AND rubberneck simultaneously!

At the first intermission, Clay skated onto the ice wearing his Hurricanes jersey. He circled the rink several times while singing I Will Carry You , finishing the song at center ice. Danielle was very satisfied that her Skating!Clay! fantasy was fulfilled, but she would have liked to see some wobbly bendy ankles. How dare he be so sure footed on ice skates!

We knew that Clay would be visiting our suite next. Clay s bodyguard, New Jerome, a hulking tank of a man, came by our suite to give us the ground rules. He spoke softly and respectfully to the fans. One picture per person or group, since the multitude of bright flashes was starting to irritate the Tropical Green Pools. Those with cameras on the left, those without on the right. Everyone swarmed to the left. We were bouncing with anticipation. We could see him down the corridor in Suite 211, posing for photos, TOUCHING AND BEING TOUCHED. Soon that would be US! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Danielle began to hyperventilate. Tony said, Breathe for me, while the people standing around us just smiled and said, Oh. Oh. She s got it bad.

We realized that he would not be signing autographs, so we put our cds away to remain unencumbered by unnecessary baggage. Our next thought was positioning. We had to maintain the premium sight line and still get our picture with Clay. We moved to the edge of the stairs within the suite and waited.

We should note that this decision was not made willy nilly. Oh no. Many a discussion had taken place prior to the event regarding optimum positioning. Tony felt the end of the line would be most desirable, since we could observe Clay for the most amount of time and collect ourselves slightly before meeting him. Danielle was nervous that being at the end of the line might jeopardize our chances of meeting him at all, in the event that they might need to whisk him away in preparation for his next performance. He might need a Chloraseptic throat spritz or a Ricola lozenge before each song! No, the end of the line was too risky. Danielle wanted to barricade the doorway so she could jump on him and maul him like one of Siegfried and Roy s tigers the moment he entered the suite, but Tony didn t think that would be wise. Entertaining, yes. Wise, no. So, we agreed that the middle of the line would be our best bet.

And then, it happened. In. Walked. Clay.

His bodyguard swept him into the room, but Clay appeared unfettered by this routine. He strolled in smiling and greeting people casually and situated himself at the base of the staircase that led from the hospitality area of the suite to the seats. Once comfortable, Clay s first words were

It was clear he wanted to spend the entire meet and greet time with us, but we agreed he should have his photograph taken with some of the other charitable souls in the room. We re so generous that way. So we waited. Three feet away. And watched.

Halfway through the line, we jumped into the fray. This was it. The moment we had been planning and discussing for the last week. What to say? What to say? What does one say to a man who has honestly and truly impacted one s life in unimaginable ways? Our friends insisted that we tell Clay the tale of how we met on the purple pages. Teacher!Danielle! wanted to thank him for inspiring her to be a better teacher and for the incredible work he does to enrich the lives of children, particularly those with special needs. Should Tony give him his amazing DVDs and thank Clay for providing him with the opportunity of discovering new technical challenges and creating his masterpiece of a tribute? Would we congratulate him on his awards, his record sales, his graduation? No. Bossy!Danielle! marched right up to Clay, and in true Shoe Whore style, announced, I LOVE YOUR SHOES!

Well, thank you very much! was his response. There may have been a cliggle. More likely, a look of utter confusion. Perhaps fear.

Before Clay could shoot New Jerome the I think we may have a stalker here look, Danielle grabbed Clay around the waist and drew him into her body. She was holding on the way Rose and Jack gripped the bars at the helm of the Titanic as it plunged into the Atlantic. Holding on for dear life. Her fingers palpated the soft skin under the black pinstriped shirt with French cuffs while Tony fought to get in the frame of the picture. He managed to get his arm around Clay s shoulder, but he had to duck and lean in since Amoeba!Danielle! was trying out her new osmosis moves and engulfing Clayton Aiken.

As Danielle moved back to our primo vantage point, Tony took full advantage of the opportunity before him. He stuck out his right hand and shook hands with Clay. Clay gave a firm, confident handshake and flashed his perfect smile.

Clay took his final pictures with the rest of the group. At one point, when a group of women and the usher taking their picture didn t realize the flash hadn t gone off, Clay hollered, Wait! Wait! and insisted that the usher take a second photo for those fans. How cool is he? His smile was as radiant and sincere in the last photo as it was in the first.

His bodyguard guided him out of the room and the meet and greet was over.

At the second intermission (Carolina and Dallas were still playing hockey what do you know?!), Clay rose above the crowd on a hydraulic lift. Don t Save It All for Christmas Day was followed by a phenomenal performance of The Way . His voice was perfect and he commands the audience, even when he s not moving across the stage with the Hoppy!Feet! we all know and love. A few moments later, Clay returned to sing Invisible, Even though he was in a tight space instead of a stage, he managed to perform Invisible with gusto, holding out the microphone and encouraging the audience to sing along while his name scrolled across the marquee around him in shimmering lights.

The crowd cheered and the suites sighed. We planned to hear two songs that evening,
new adidas predators Lecherous Broads For Clay Aiken
but we never expected a five song mini concert!

Apparently the stars were in perfect alignment last Monday night when Danielle found the eBay auction for tickets to the Hurricanes game in Clay s hometown and Tony clicked the Buy It Now button. We agreed that we would have paid triple the cost of the tickets to replay the entire event exactly as it had occurred. Well, maybe for triple the price there ought to be a pantsing, at least.

adidas originals LeBron shoe deal nears

adidas originals watches LeBron shoe deal nears

Michael Jordan signed his first endorsement deal in 1985, a five year agreement to wear Nike shoes and apparel that was worth a then astounding $500,000 a year. In the coming days before the NBA’s draft lottery, LeBron James, 18 years old and the projected first pick in the June 26 draft, is expected to sign a contract that could be worth more than $10 million annually.

James’ agent, Aaron Goodwin, said he has been working around the clock to get a deal done, at least in principle, with one of three high profile shoe and apparel companies adidas, Nike or Reebok before the NBA’s draft order is determined on Thursday.

The Akron Beacon Journal, quoting unnamed sources, reported Tuesday that Reebok has offered a lucrative, long term endorsement deal that would pay James more than $75 million. Goodwin, however, said Tuesday morning that it would be inaccurate to portray Reebok as the leader in the LeBron shoe derby.

“It’s still a three horse race,” said Goodwin, who declined to comment on the terms of any offer. “I have appointments to talk to all three companies today and there is no clear leader.”

Reebok, which only recently entered the LeBron derby after James declared for the NBA draft, made the first pitch,
adidas originals LeBron shoe deal nears
presenting James and his family with an inventive offer that one source said even shocked the James camp. Adidas presented its offer to James in Los Angeles and coupled its pitch with advertising on billboards and buses in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, with messages aimed at LeBron, who wore adidas during most of his high school career. The favorite, Nike, gave a well rehearsed presentation this past weekend that company executives had been working on for months.

All proposed deals include plans for an extensive shoe and apparel line and, as is customary with such high profile deals these days, James likely will receive additional royalties on sales of his product above a prescribed threshold. The winner is expected to spend at least $10 million to lock up James, one insider said, with the time frame of the first contract expected to be between six and eight years, plus options to extend the deal.

Although the total value of the James shoe and apparel contract isn’t expected to surpass the record five year, $100 million extension that Tiger Woods signed with Nike in 2000, a deal worth half that annually would be a milestone given that James has yet to play professionally. Tiger Woods received $8 million per year in his first five year deal with Nike. Venus Williams also was awarded a shoe and apparel deal worth $8 million annually when she signed with Reebok in December 2000. Reebok pays Allen Iverson between $5 million and $7 million annually, and adidas pays Tracy McGrady about $10 million a year. athletic footwear business, Reebok was a distant second at 12 percent and adidas had 9.6 percent.

Nike is close to wrapping up a deal with Carmelo Anthony, the former Syracuse star who could be picked among the top three in the draft, and the company also is expected to announce a deal soon with Kobe Bryant, once a penalty clause expires in Bryant’s existing deal with adidas in June. European power forward Darko Milicic, also expected to go among the top three in the draft, signed a four year contract with AND 1 last season.
adidas originals LeBron shoe deal nears

adidas spezial grey LeBron left LaMelo Ball’s AAU game without getting out of his car

adidas superstar track top LeBron left LaMelo Ball’s AAU game without getting out of his car

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facebook email LeBron James has been working out in Las Vegas, but his attempt to sit courtside at an AAU game didn’t quite go as planned. (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

There was no Drive By Dunk Challenge from LeBron James in Las Vegas Wednesday night.

LeBron, who has been working out in Sin City with ex Knick and new Cavs teammate Derrick Rose, was one of thousands who showed up outside the Cashman Center for an AAU showdown between LaVar Ball’s Big Baller squad and South Carolina’s SC Supreme.

Ball’s youngest son, LaMelo, a talented 2019 recruit and the brother of this year’s No. 2 NBA draft pick Lonzo, topped the billing with SC Supreme’s Zion Williamson, a highly touted 2018 prospect.

NBA players and NCAA coaches were among the three to four thousand people who packed the gym for the Adidas Uprising Summer Championships, many of them waiting for hours by the court and many more standing outside hoping to get in. Local public safety officials allowed the game to start just “one minute” before tip off, according to ESPN.

LaMelo Ball. (Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

But LeBron didn’t even get out of his car when he saw the craziness that awaited him. After consulting with tournament officials, he decided to skip his courtside viewing.

“It reminds me a little bit of LeBron games,” Gonzaga coach Mark Few told ESPN.

LeBron missed a Big Ballers loss, which in itself all but guaranteed some LaVar drama. The elder Ball picked up a technical foul in the final minutes, calling himself “the best coach ever” after the game and accusing the refs of “cheating.”
adidas spezial grey LeBron left LaMelo Ball's AAU game without getting out of his car

adidas predator accelerator for sale LeBron James’ latest signature shoes already sold out online

adidas superstar green LeBron James’ latest signature shoes already sold out online

CLEVELAND, Ohio If you were hoping to snag a pair of LeBron’s latest signature shoe, the LeBron 15, you better act ASAP or be prepared to pony up some serious cash. They were also all gone at Xhibition, the trendy sneaker boutique on W. 25th in Ohio City.

Fans wanting a pair still have a few option: try the LeBron 15 pop up store on East 9th St., go on eBay, try buying them off a Canadian web site or wait.

The pop up downtown, open through Oct. 22, might be your best best as it carries the “Ghost” in addition to the “Ashes” (black/gray) and “Pride of Ohio” (black/gray/red) colorways,
adidas predator accelerator for sale LeBron James' latest signature shoes already sold out online
though reports on social media say the “Pride of Ohio” shoes are also sold out.

, the shoes start at $245 and go as high as $500, a significant markup from the $185 retail price. You can also try the Canadian shoe retailer Courtside Sneakers’ web site where they’re going for $245 CAD, about $196 USD.

Finally, you can just be patient and wait. More retailers should be getting the “Ghost” shoes soon, while “Ashes” will be released globally on Oct. 28 and “Pride of Ohio” a few weeks later on Nov. 18.

The LeBron 15 looks unlike any other sneaker from James’ signature line. It’s constructed from a new version of Nike’s Flyknit technology that’s become a popular look on the brand’s running shoes, one designed to James’ specificatios to provide the cushioning and responsiveness required of basketball players.

“This is my favorite shoe to date,” James said in a release. “The performance benefits and sophisticated look make this shoe a force on and off the court.”

In the first game of the NBA season on Tuesday night, James rocked a never before seen “Equality” version of the LeBron 15. No word if the design will be sold in stores.
adidas predator accelerator for sale LeBron James' latest signature shoes already sold out online

adidas boys tracksuit LeBron James soaring into 7th straight NBA Finals

mens white adidas trainers LeBron James soaring into 7th straight NBA Finals

During a postseason in which he has led the champion Cleveland Cavaliers to a 12 1 record and chased down Michael Jordan as the No. 1 scorer in playoff history, James has not only positioned himself for a fourth title, but intensified the debate over whether he the greatest player in NBA history.

He isn slowing down while building his case.

James has always dismissed the Jordan comparisons, saying that kind of talk is great for barbershops and that original gravity defying No. 23 has been his motivational muse, not a target. But after the Cavs won their third straight conference title, punishing an overmatched Boston team in five games he supplanted Jordan during the clincher James discussed his place alongside someone who was a god to him growing up. did when I was a kid, James said. shot fadeaways before I should have. I wore black and red shoes with white socks. I wore short shorts so you could see my undershorts underneath. I didn go bald like Mike, but I getting there. . But other than that, I did everything Mike did. I even wore a wristband on my forearm. I didn do the hoop earring, either. That was Mike.

I did everything Mike did, man.

James is on a mission, and it far from accomplished.

>> Cleveland Cavaliers: LeBron James confident, in familiar territory as NBA Finals loom

By having one of his finest statistical postseasons 32.5 points per game, 8.0 rebounds, 7.0 assists, 57 percent shooting through 13 games James is dismissing any argument about the league true MVP. Although he finish behind Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Kawhi Leonard when the regular season award is given out next month, James has reminded everyone over the past six weeks that he remains the measuring stick at 32.

He raising the bar even higher, during a decade in which his actions on and off the floor have shaped the league.

James has dominated, seriously dominated, this era of basketball. His domination has been about the equivalent to Kareem Abdul Jabbar in his time, Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas said. playing for his place in history, to be talked about as one of the best to ever play. The conversation will come down between he,
adidas boys tracksuit LeBron James soaring into 7th straight NBA Finals
Kareem and Michael Jordan. Then it just a matter of taste. When the ball goes up in Game 1 on Thursday, James will be the seventh player to appear in seven consecutive Finals, and the first since Bill Russell led a handful of Celtics on their dynastic run in the 1960s.

James reluctantly reflects on what he done. As the Cavs prepared for the Warriors, he took a moment to consider his latest feat.

going to be great for my legacy, he said. I done playing the game and can look back on the game and say, this guy went to three straight Finals, four straight Finals, five, six, whatever. It great to be talked about, see what I was able to accomplish as an individual. When you talk about longevity and being able to just play at a high level for a long period of time, I been fortunate enough to be able to do that and take two franchises to four Finals apiece and no one has ever done that either.

always been proud to be part of the biggest stage in our league, and it the Finals.

>> Cleveland Cavaliers Golden State Warriors Part III joins past championship trilogies

After ending Cleveland 52 year championship drought last season, James has been unburdened, free of the criticism or consequences. Early in Game 1, he will become the first player with 6,000 points in the postseason, and there no reason to think he won pass 7,000 in due time.

Whatever he finishes with, Cavs veteran forward Richard Jefferson doesn think anyone will catch him.

the Joe DiMaggio hit streak, Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100, there are certain records that will be unbreakable, Jefferson said. tries to get to that is going to have to play in 10 NBA Finals and average 30 points a game to get there. Let put that in perspective: that impossible. What he doing right now is obviously on a level that has never been seen before. To pass Michael Jordan when you still in the prime of your career,
adidas boys tracksuit LeBron James soaring into 7th straight NBA Finals
one of the greats of all time? That record will be unbreakable.

adidas boot bag LeBron James signs lifetime contract with Nike

adidas hoodie LeBron James signs lifetime contract with Nike

The NBA megastar has signed a lifetime endorsement deal with the athletic apparel giant, a deal which extends a partnership James began with Nike before he graduated from high school.

very humble, man, James said Dec. 7 after practice with the Cavaliers. been an unbelievable time for myself and my family, and I just grateful that Nike and Phil Knight, and everyone over there just believed in a skinny 18 year old kid from Akron, Ohio, and I happy to be a part of such a great company. James signed a seven year, $90 million contract with Nike shortly before he entered the draft in 2003,
adidas boot bag LeBron James signs lifetime contract with Nike
skipping college to be a pro.

James turns 31 on Dec. 30, but the four time league MVP shows little signs of slowing down and could play well into this 30s.

As for his business association with Nike once he done playing, James said he has had conversation about branching off into his own brand like Michael Jordan under the company umbrella.

see when we get to that point, said James, who has signed three contracts with Nike. it makes sense for both parties, then we do it. If not, then we won We done a great job of building my brand to this point. We want to just continue it. If it makes sense for us to have a LeBron, or whatever the name will be, we take a look at it and we go from there. It a partnership between us. It not an endorsement deal. It a partnership where we always come together and figure out the best way possible for both brands to be successful.
adidas boot bag LeBron James signs lifetime contract with Nike

adidas adicolor LeBron James says he is focused on Cleveland Cavaliers rather than Boston Celtics’ hot start

adidas outlet online LeBron James says he is focused on Cleveland Cavaliers rather than Boston Celtics’ hot start

The streak puts the Cavs back into the playoff picture. If the season was to end today, Cleveland would be the No. 7 seed in the Eastern Conference. However, a four game win streak pales in comparison to what the East’s No. 1 team, the Boston Celtics, are up to. Boston beat the defending champion Golden State Warriors 92 88 on Thursday to extend their winning streak to 14 games, improving their overall record to 14 2.The Celtics are being led by Kyrie Irving, of course. Following the Cavs’ win over the Clippers, LeBron James was asked about what his old teammate is doing over in Beantown and was not very interested in opining on the Celtics’ hot start.”Huh?” James said after putting up 39 points, 14 rebounds, 6 assists and 6 turnovers in 46 minutes against the Clippers. “You want me to comment on that? Nah. I’ve got too much to worry about around here right now trying to get our ship going in the right direction. I watched the game [Thursday] night. It was an Eastern Conference game. There’s not many times you see Golden State not going in the 120s. Boston just had a good tempo about the game. Neither team could really make those shots. It was a free throw game in the fourth quarter. But I’m not going to . I don’t pay attention to too much of what’s going on besides their record and things they’ve been doing. But they’re playing some good ball right now.”Editor’s PicksRose out at least two more weeks, Cavaliers sayDerrick Rose will miss at least the next two weeks with a nagging left ankle injury, Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue said Friday.One of the Celtics’ two losses came against the Cavs 102 99 on opening night in a game marred by Gordon Hayward’s gruesome season ending ankle injury in the first quarter. After that game, however, Cleveland stumbled, losing four games in a row with several of the losses coming against teams picked to finish near the bottom of the conference.In the month that has passed since opening night, the narrative surrounding the Cavs has shifted from them being a deep collection of talent that will be a shoe in for a fourth straight NBA Finals appearance to an aging, flawed roster that could struggle all year long.Warriors guard Stephen Curry went as far as to say that the Celtics are the favorite to represent the East in the Finals this year.”It’s very, very likely, right?” Curry said. “They’re playing the best right now in the East, and obviously, until they beat Cleveland, who’s done it three years in a row so we’ll see, but I hear the weather is great here in June.”James was unaffected by any talk doubting his team.”Listen, man, at the end of the day we’ve got to show up as professionals and be the best we can be every night,” James said. “Me, you know, I could care less what people say. I’m so far beyond that. I don’t care what people say. At the end of the day, we’ve got to show up and be as great as we can be for this team right now. We’re playing good ball, and we’re going to continue that.”LeBron James and the Cavaliers are sitting seventh in the Eastern Conference standings. AP Photo/Tony DejakTo back up his point, James called out to his two sons who were in the Cavs’ postgame locker room to ask them if anybody paid attention to criticism about their dad in the James household. LeBron Jr., 13, responded to the question incredulously. “What?!” he said. Bryce, 10, was more subdued but just as dismissive. “Nah, son,” he said.Dwyane Wade said that the comebacks the Cavs have made are just part of the team’s makeup. When the game is up and down in the early going they struggle, he said. But when possessions matter more late, they shine.”We’re a team that is built we’re the oldest team in the league, one of the oldest teams we’re not built for all of this,” Wade said, moving his finger back and forth to mimic teams racing up and down the court. “We’re built for when the game slows down. And late in games is when the game slows down. And that’s kind of where we are good, so that’s what we’re built for. Unfortunately, we’ve been in that position a lot. We may continue to be. But we’re definitely built for it.”The win over the Clippers was yet another example of the Cavs needing to dig themselves out of a hole. They trailed the Hornets by eight points, the Knicks by 23 and the Mavericks by 10 on their current win streak.”That’s how the game is being played for us at this point in the season,” James said. “It’s good to know that we’re building character and building resiliency, and you can do that with a new group, then that definitely can help us in the long run, so we can’t say that we wish we wouldn’t do that, but it is what it is. That’s the way the game is being played, and we got adjust to it.”.
adidas adicolor LeBron James says he is focused on Cleveland Cavaliers rather than Boston Celtics' hot start

adidas swimming shorts LeBron James not worried about Nike stock dip

all black adidas predators LeBron James not worried about Nike stock dip

DENVER LeBron James, perhaps Nike’s premier pitchman, said Wednesday he was aware of the shoe company’s tumbling stock after weaker than expected sales in its latest earnings report.

And he didn’t sound too worried.

Nike announced sales of $8.43 billion globally during the months of December, January, and February a 5 percent increase over the same period in 2016. But analysts expected earnings of $8.47 billion, which sent Nike’s stock tumbling 6 percent on Wall Street Wednesday.

James has a lifetime endorsement deal with Nike said to be worth $1 billion or more. In a conference call Tuesday with reporters, Nike BRAND president Trevor Edwards said James’ signature LeBron 14 was showing “very strong early results,
adidas swimming shorts LeBron James not worried about Nike stock dip
and at the same time the LeBron Soldier 10 remains one of the hottest styles in the category.”

The LeBron 14 shoe model debuted at $175 instead of $200 which is where James’ previous model was priced, and Edwards said James’ LeBron Soldier 10, Kyrie Irving’s Kyrie 3, and Kevin Durant’s KD9 was fueling “double digit market share gains in the $100 to $150 price zone.”

Nike’s shoe sales grew 4 percent in North America, as it continues to see increased competition from Under Armour, with primary spokesman Stephen Curry, and adidas. Nike saw 18 percent sales growth in Greater China where James travels every summer.
adidas swimming shorts LeBron James not worried about Nike stock dip

adidas supernova sequence 7 LeBron James help Cleveland Cavaliers rally past 76ers

adidas plimcana low LeBron James help Cleveland Cavaliers rally past 76ers

you have great players, it can come from any of us at any given moment, Irving said. one of us gets it going, we always continue to go to that person. It can be anybody night. We always trusting each other. That fourth quarter was just for me to be aggressive. Embiid also had nine rebounds, four assists and three blocks.

The Cavaliers never led through the first three quarters, but Irving got hot early in the fourth to put Cleveland in front. He gave Cleveland its first lead on a layup 2:38 into the period and had 10 of the first 13 Cavaliers fourth quarter points on a variety of jumpers and drives. His layup with 7:51 left gave Cleveland its biggest lead to that point, 90 86. understands what needs to be done in order for us to win. He showcased that today. The Cavaliers got as close as 72 70 on James Jones 3 pointer with 3:53 left in the third quarter. But the 76ers scored nine of the next 10 points, capped by Dario Saric 3 pointer that made it 81 71. James had four and Love two as the Cavaliers ran off the final six points of the quarter to enter the final period down 81 77.

Stitched up

Love was limited to 28 minutes after receiving five stitches for a cut over his right eye suffered early in the first quarter. Richard Jefferson was whistled for a foul on Embiid drive, and James questioned the call. Embiid went toward James direction, but officials stepped between the players. The incident drew a rise in the crowd.

James provided a couple of first half highlights, dunking with 6:03 left in the first quarter and then following a missed free throw with a dunk with 1:17 to go in the first half. He has three triple doubles this season. Smith went 0 for 11 from the field, including 0 for 7 from 3 point range.

a shooter you not going to make every shot, Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue said. he was great like he been all year. His shots are going to fall. When they do, we be really tough to stop.

come up with some really hard decisions that maybe don favor me or us or whatever, 76ers coach Brett Brown said. for the long term lens that we all have, we have to be responsible with Joel Embiid. Winning a game in the middle of November in 2016 sometimes that takes a back seat. 25 and won play Nov. 28 at Toronto, marking the sixth game he will miss this season.

It must be the shoes

James was excited about many Ohio State players wearing his shoes in a Nov. 26 Ohio State Michigan football game, a game in which the Cavaliers attended as a team.

looked good in those shoes, James said. was a proud moment for me. I don get too happy about a lot of things, but I was happy about that. Frye father died Thursday. . Cleveland beat Philadelphia 102 101 on Nov. 5. . James 3 pointer with 5:01 left in the second period was his 1,000th as a member of the Cavaliers. . Cleveland has made at least 10 3 pointers in every game this season.
adidas supernova sequence 7 LeBron James help Cleveland Cavaliers rally past 76ers

pink adidas LeBron James has sparked Tristan Thompson

adidas suisse LeBron James has sparked Tristan Thompson

Facing the biggest media throng of his life on Wednesday afternoon at the Oracle Arena, a day before the biggest game of his life, the 24 year old Brampton native reflected on when he truly realized what the arrival of James meant.

was the first one in the gym, had a full, dripping sweat and we were just walking in, getting ready to start, Thompson said.

think that first encounter really changed the whole culture of the franchise. It says how serious he is about being great and bringing us back to the promised land, which is being in the Finals.

we saw that, we were like, is real. When he wrote that letter (to fans in his native Ohio explaining why he had left the Miami Heat to take care of some unfinished business), he was serious, he wasn joking around. He wants to bring us somewhere we never been, he wants to elevate our game. has certainly done that by getting this group of Cavaliers to the Finals, but he has gotten help, particularly from Thompson, who has made himself a household name through his relentless rebounding (only two players have grabbed more than his 4.0 offensive rebounds a game in the playoffs) and defensive prowess.

just challenges everyone to really go to limits where you not even comfortable going, Thompson said by way of explanation.

says LeBron elevates his teammates and it true. You almost feel like you need to get better. You got to come in extra early to work on your game, watch extra film, because that what he doing and I think that helps everyone on this team. nobody moreso than Thompson, the fourth overall selection of the 2011 draft, which at the time was a high water mark for a born and raised Canadian player.

Thompson had his moments during his first few seasons, but his teams were awful and many wondered whether the Cavaliers had reached to take him so high. But he has proven his worth now and is in line for a huge new contract extension come July.

If you ask Thompson, a lot of his progress came as a result of the company he keeps.

For years now, he has been trekking to the Finals to see James, who has long been one of his closest friends in the league. The past two seasons,
pink adidas LeBron James has sparked Tristan Thompson
Thompson has also been going to see his other good pal, Cory Joseph, his teammate in AAU (Grassroots Canada), high school (Findlay Prep), NCAA (Texas) and international ball.

It was impossible not to be inspired by seeing James soar on the highest stage and win a pair of titles and to see Joseph get a ring of his own as well 12 months ago. It made him put in extra work to better himself.

it motivated me a lot, Thompson admitted.

think just being around guys that are successful, just being in the Finals atmosphere just makes you want that, makes you want to go in the gym extra early or start working out on Labour Day weekend, instead of waiting until October to get ready for the season because you want to be in a position like this. what a position it is for this son of Brampton, who started his high school career turning heads at St. Marguerite d before leading his AAU squad to heights never before seen by a Canadian team by winning the prestigious Adidas 64 Tournament, then vaulting up the recruiting charts after heading down South to play.

Throughout it all, he has leaned on Joseph, who offered him more sage advice on dealing with the pressures that arise from playing in the Finals.

ready to play. You been doing this for 20, 24 years, there no difference, Thompson said he was told.

though it the Finals, just play your game and everything will work (itself out). is hard for Thompson to believe he is here though.

time last year, we were on vacation, thinking about who we were going to draft (with the No. 1 pick). Now we in the NBA Finals. This is as good as it gets. IN THE FAMILY

Tristan Thompson never forgets where he came from or who he is playing for.

definitely go out there not just representing Cleveland, (but) representing my family and everyone back home (in Brampton), little kids that are watching me play right now and look up to me, the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward said Wednesday on the eve of the NBA Finals.

know when I out there I a role model and I got a duty to represent my country the right way and that what I do every night.

great basketball coming from our country. The allsStar game (in Toronto) is going to be big, big for our city. The success (Andrew) Wiggins is having personally and then Cory (Joseph, of Pickering, Ont.) winning the Finals and now me being in the Finals is something to be proud about and I definitely proud to be Canadian. isn just big on Canadians,
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