adidas cap K Japan enters India through JV with Arms Communications

adidas tracksuit womens K Japan enters India through JV with Arms Communications

Tetsuzo Kita, director, K Inc., Singapore, is relocating to India to take charge of the reins of the newly formed agency. Currently, he heads the Singapore branch

K Inc., a BANNER1 Japan headquartered advertising agency, is stepping into India through a 50:50 joint venture with Arms Communications. The partnership has resulted in the formation of a new company, K Arms Communications, which shall be run independent of the operations of the agencies of the Arms Group, Arms Communications and the recently formed Arms Crestra. The new company will be headquartered in Delhi.

Reet Ahluwalia, chairman, Arms Communications, says, “Japanese brands are essentially not aligned to major global networks and we see this as a big opportunity for the new agency.”

K has branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Amsterdam. Tetsuzo Kita, director, K Inc., Singapore, will relocate to India to take charge of the reins of the newly formed agency. Currently, he heads the Singapore branch. With his new role in India, he will continue to handle the Singapore operations.

Reet Ahluwalia, chairman, Arms Communications

signs JV agreement with Sumitaka Kita,

chairman, K Inc. in Tokyo

K Arms, though a separate company, will currently utilise manpower from the agencies of the Arms group, Arms Communications and Arms Crestra, which have their human resources in place. However, gradually, the team for K Arms will be spruced up to grow independently.

Recently, Debashish Bose, CEO, Hakuhodo Percept, started a new JV with the Arms group, Arms Crestra. Having worked for Japanese clients such as Sony and Suzuki, Bose plans to leverage his experience for K Arms. “In my experience of servicing many large Japanese accounts during my tenure with Hakuhodo, a strong Japanese client relationship coupled with effective advertising by K Arms should make for stable and profitable long term relationships with Japanese brands,” he says.

K has been associated with Arms Communications for two years and has worked on accounts such as Nikon and Creative Technologies. With the official entry of Nikon in India, it appointed ADK Fortune as its creative, prior to which the duties were being handled by K Singapore. Arms was looking after the communication for the brand in India on behalf of the Singapore based agency. The Nikon account in other countries is handled by K Apart from Nikon, some of K Japanese clients that have a presence in India include EBARA, NEC, Pioneer and Analog Devices.

Sumitaka Kita, chairman, K Inc., says, “We have had excellent working relations with Arms Communications in the last two years and I am confident that K Arms will make a strong impression with the Japanese clients operating in India.”

K Arms will be launched at the end of October after all the formalities of the JV are completed. The agency is expected to notch up billings worth US$10 million in the first 18 months.

Arms Communications is also looking forward to signing two new JVs in the digital sphere and public relations. “After more than 30 years in the business, our vision of making the Arms Group a complete 360 degree communication agency should be realised by the end of the year,” adds Ahluwalia.

The Arms group also has a below the line activation venture, Mint Marketing, which is operational since two years, and services clients such as Toshiba, Tata AIG, HSBC, HDFC, Escorts, an international suitings brand Dormeuil Suitings and Ecco Shoes.
adidas cap K Japan enters India through JV with Arms Communications