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any wishes [god knows why] to link exchange please send to my hotmail .

APRIL FOOL DAY. i have no idea why i said that. >__> just had a random outburst LOL. anyways i found my ball dress YAY!! its so plain but whatever . can reuse it hehe. and yeah booked appt. i knew we shoulda booked last week >___> now i have a really early appt. ___ . yeah and i got THE cutest skirt from subiaco . Whee. yeah. it was sad. and me and my 4o buck bag. which i might end up buying later on LOL

well. in general. i feel happier. =]. 1n1/2weeks til holz YES. good lord yes!. anyways i was thinking. and he everything i would never have wanted in a guy O__O. like before i was like i never go out with a guy that smokes. blahblahblah the list goes on. but the thing is. i do care. because i still think smoking sucks. but i willing to put up with it. like compromise >___>. hahah yeah today was good. just bumming in ct. and playing “dominoes”. test week next week cries. in two more days i shall be an Australian citizen! No longer will i be an unclaimed citizen.

and i get free food at the ceremony XD sighs . free food is always good food

Anyways had a bad day today. ____ . nothing big happened. its just the little things that started to piss me off. like dropping my bottle cap. i mean wtf.

yeah . so i might go and homework soon. hehehhehe shifty eyes okays im off ttyl nights

closing down the pattern department at 9:21AM

top of the world TAAR

i think i may have just blew it . just like every other time . maybe its me. haha. =. i doubt he be reading this so LA LA LA. i don really feel like posting it for teh intrawebs

i cannot believe i woke up at 8. huggles song. oooooh btw eggy came baclk and he got me makai kingdom, la puchelle, magna carta,
black adidas t shirt just take a chance s o m e h o w
dragon quest and shadow hearts. HAPPY DAYS. anyways. here we go.