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adidas sports leggings Alberta against dissolving school boards

Nova Scotia decision to dismantle its seven English school boards as per the recommendations of the Glaze Report the Bar is not only disappointing, but gravely concerning. the Bar was developed following a scant three week consultation last fall, and contains a number of concerning comments. For example, the report states that lack of turnover in trustees is indicative of disinterest and an inability to attract qualified candidates, when in fact, those who serve do so because they are passionate about our children education. In fact, the work is challenging, marginally compensated and critically important. Additionally, the report cites outdated student achievement data, places a disproportionate emphasis on standardized test scores and ignores a plethora of socioeconomic factors for which good governance can be a solution. In short, the Glaze Report, and the Nova Scotia government decision to dismantle school boards both fail to acknowledge the value locally elected school boards bring to our communities.

As of the Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA), and on behalf of Alberta 61 member public, separate and francophone school boards, I am saddened by the Nova Scotia government decision to eliminate locally elected school boards. School boards have a long history of demonstrating value. By virtue of being locally elected, school boards abilities to reflect community voices and priorities in decision making has resulted in Alberta being recognized as one of the best education systems in the world. Well governed school boards,
adidas the sneeker Alberta against dissolving school boards
connected and responsive to their communities ensure an education system that is best positioned to deliver value to the communities and families they serve.

For Albertans who do not have children in our school system, I would like to say that K 12 education impacts every person. Every day, each of us interacts with someone whose success as an adult was shaped by their educational experience. That is why school board elections where every citizen has a choice in determining how the K 12 education system is governed are important.

Unlike a centralized system accountable only to the minister, as the Nova Scotia system will be organized, school boards recognize the importance of working collaboratively with their communities, government, and each other as partners in education. Now, I acknowledge that governance decisions can be difficult; however, school boards, in representing the priorities of the communities they serve, often balance diverse and at times conflicting perspectives. What may appear to be dysfunction the report states more accurately school boards expressing their due diligence to make fully informed decisions. As locally elected representatives, they relate to responsive to local communities and are uniquely positioned to ensure the very best outcomes for all students.

As Alberta prepares for the next provincial election, all the parties will have important policy conversations about K 12 education. ASBA expects the crucial governance role of locally elected school boards will be invited, respected and honoured in those discussions and decisions. I urge each one of us as Albertans to strongly consider how our votes will impact our lives, and the lives of Alberta youngest citizens. Because their future affects us all.
adidas the sneeker Alberta against dissolving school boards

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jd adidas Alberta ‘lucky’ to have Lougheed

The accomplishments and vision of Lougheed’s 14 year rule would, ironically, be put into perspective by the long serving Socred premier who preceded him, Warrack said.

“The longer I was in government, the more I came to appreciate him, because the only comparison would be to Ernest Manning with all his honesty and integrity,” he said.

“How lucky was Alberta?”

While Lougheed had humble political beginnings when he first decided to challenge Alberta’s ingrained status quo, so, too, was his childhood.

Alberta’s future 10th premier was the grandson of Sir James Lougheed, a senator and federal cabinet minister whose name graces the 3,107 metre peak visible from his hometown of Calgary.

But Sir James’ fortune was decimated in the Great Depression and after Peter was born in Calgary on July 26, 1928, his family lived an uprooted life of shifting addresses.

Evidence of his coming leadership role came in Lougheed’s forming the first students’ union at his Calgary high school,

He also developed a taste for football while attending the University of Alberta, where he earned bachelors of arts and law.

Lougheed played for the U of A Golden Bears,
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going on to pound the gridiron for the Edmonton Eskimos in 1949 50.

But it was more towards academics that the young Lougheed would turn, seeking a masters of business administration at Harvard.

It’s believed that, while toiling in an oil industry summer job in Oklahoma, he witnessed the fate of a town whose petroleum fortunes had run dry.

Some say it’s possible that experience influenced Lougheed’s determination to leave Alberta a legacy fund for his home province’s post petroleum days.

By the early 1960s, he began leaning towards the one field that could consummate that vision politics.

But he entered the fray at a time when being a Tory in Alberta was a hand to mouth existence.

“The party used to meet in a phone booth, then they graduated to church basements,” Warrack said.

“It was a little cadre of Calgary supporters who were simple, straight to the point but it was tough slogging, literally from being on the ground.

“He built the party, not the other way around.”

In the early 1960s, the PC party held no seats and had captured only 13% of the vote.

But a tireless Lougheed was to become a pesky David to the Socred Goliath, issuing a sterner challenge in the 1967 provincial election that chisel a crack into the political dynasty’s armour.

The party finished in second place, with Lougheed elected in the riding of Calgary West, easily outdistancing his rivals with 62% of the vote.

He was joined by five other Tories, almost all elected in Alberta’s two largest cities.

Manning was soon replaced by the staid Harry Strom and Lougheed smelled a prime opportunity to topple what he and more than a few other Albertans considered a stagnant, overly rural government.

Calgary lawyer Ron Ghitter remembers the recruiting effort that ensued,
adidas dublin trainers Alberta 'lucky' to have Lougheed
featuring an opposition leader appealing to the better nature’s of prospective candidates.

adidas infant trainers alarm Sanford fire spawns emergency city council meeting

baby adidas alarm Sanford fire spawns emergency city council meeting

Sanford’s city council on Monday night voted to implement cleanup plans.

The property located at 28 Thompson St has been ordered to be boarded up within 24 hours, and the two properties destroyed in the fire 33 Island Ave and 35 Island Ave have been ordered to be cleaned up, with debris removed by an independent bidder.

Sanford Mayor Thomas Cote called the aftermath “a mess” and said he was initially surprised one particular building didn’t come down already, though now understands the risk that was involved.

“I don feel that they doing enough and in a quick and timely fashion to get the landlords and property owners to clean up their acts,” said Thompson Street resident Kari Zielke. “33 Island [Ave] had a rap sheet about 3 inches thick of violations. Maine (NEWS CENTER) Ordinances enforcing inspections and debris clean up will be the focus of an emergency city council meeting in Sanford on Monday.

This comes following Thursday’s massive fire which destroyed and damaged half a dozen buildings.

The fire started in a multi unit building,
adidas infant trainers alarm Sanford fire spawns emergency city council meeting
no one was seriously injured.

Investigators say the cause of the fire is undetermined but don’t believe it was deliberately set.

Investigators recently made a drug arrest at this building that went up in flames. They say there were mountains of trash, dead rats and as many as 20 people were illegally living in the building as so called squatters.

City officials say the owners of the building, Harry and Geraldine Farris, were notified earlier this week that they needed to clean up the trash around the building. Officials say enforcing the city’s Safe Housing ordinances which require apartment buildings to be licensed and abandoned buildings inspected will improve living conditions for tenants. Neighbors say they hope those regulations are in place before the buildings are rebuilt.

“If they do in fact rebuild it I think making sure there are sufficient background checks and have attentive landlords that will definitely help the area,” said Kari Zielke.
adidas infant trainers alarm Sanford fire spawns emergency city council meeting

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OK, be honest. San Diego doesn’t hold a candle to Youngstown, right? (Laughs) Exactly. The weather is just too mild. I need extremes, from seven below zero to 90 degrees. Best high school running memory? Probably running the mile relay against South. We had some [dual meet] win streak going and it was all tied up before the mile relay. We ended up coming from behind to win it and I anchored the relay. (Scharsu did not usually run in the relay since it immediately followed the two mile.) Honestly, the truth to the whole story is, if the kid from South had run a normal race they would have won. Over the years, it’s gotten so much grander. When I hear [former coach Mike] Garcia talk about it, I’m like, ‘That’s not really what happened.’ He just went out too fast, hit the wall with a 100 meters to go and I passed him. Worst high school running memory? My freshman year of cross country. Coach Garcia used to give us fructose tablets that were orange and I ate like 10 of them and threw up in the middle of the race. I looked like I was possessed. It was the last time I ever took them. But when you’re a freshman, you think that if I’m supposed to take two, then four or six has to be better. Number of times you entered a race thinking, “These poor saps have no chance”? I never went into a race thinking that. I always respected everybody I ran with and against. But as I look back on it, I wonder if really needed to win by a minute. I should have just taken it easier and saved my body. But I couldn’t do that. As soon as the gun went off,
adidas originals windbreaker Alan Scharsu Former Fitch runner muses on Joe Paterno
I went as hard as I could. Three albums in your CD player right now? Best of Led Zeppelin, a mixed CD my girlfriend [Roseanne] made for me and Dido. Track or cross country? Cross country. It’s a bunch of guys who did the same thing. With track, you have so many events and so many more people. In cross country, we were all really tight. We’ve been friends forever. Thing you miss most about Youngstown? Other than my family, Mill Creek Park. I love that park. People in Youngstown probably don’t realize how nice it is because it’s always been there. Thing you miss least? The cold weather. We have a file photo of you in high school with black curly hair, braces and a polyester shirt that even professional bull riders would make fun of. How much are you willing to pay us not to use it? (Laughs) I don’t know. I had some great hair back then. Now I have a lot of gray hair, but at least I still have some. I remember that shirt you’re talking about. That was a good looking shirt. It’s coming back in. I probably still have it somewhere. Running shoes you wear right now? The Adidas Supernova Classic. Best pair of running shoes you’ve ever owned? The 1982 Adistar track spikes. Best spikes ever made. After years of running, part of your body that hurts the most? The Achilles tendon my left foot. I’ve had both operated on, but that one always hurts worse. Number of days you can go without running before you go crazy? Thirty. Who is your hero? It depends on what level you’re talking about. The guy I really admire is Bob Lund, who went to Fitch right before me. He helped me out through a lot of stuff. He’s my personal hero. Also, Steve Prefontaine because of his approach to everything. Your Nittany Lions have been struggling. Is it time for Joe Paterno to retire? Yeah. My college coach [Harry Groves] is still there, too. They need to retire together. But they still got the drive, so what are you gonna do? They’ll never ask Joe to leave, which is probably the right thing to do. He built that university. He’s done so much for it,
adidas originals windbreaker Alan Scharsu Former Fitch runner muses on Joe Paterno
not only in athletics but also in academics. The key to being a successful runner is? The ability to endure a lot of pain. That and dedication and a lot of hard work. And the ability to throw up fructose tablets? Exactly.

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Whether looking to find an individual for personal or even genealogical reasons, the difficulty can be knowing where to look. The UK operates an electoral register,
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Specializing in residential real estate on the Mid Peninsula for over 29 years. I have sold over $2 billion of properties. My expertise in this diverse market has consistently distinguished me throughout my career as one of the area’s outstanding agents, as well as a top performer in my company, the Bay Area and nationwide.

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Born at Stanford and a life long resident of Atherton, I am uniquely familiar with the features of the Peninsula and its sophisticated, competitive market. My extensive knowledge of schools, community programs, and cultural amenities is based on my own, first hand experience and participation.

Whether buying or selling you can absolutely rely upon my extensive knowledge and unique expertise to negotiate the best results.

Serving the Mid Peninsula region from San Carlos to Los Altos/Mountain View, specializing in properties in Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Portola Valley Redwood City and Woodside.
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ETOWAH COUNTY, AL (WZDX) AnEtowahCounty teacher has been arrested for being sexually involved with a student.

According to Sheriff Todd Entrekin, Sonya Ann Wilks Bailwy, 51, of Arab, was arrested on August 28th.

She is charged withone count of a school employee engaging in a sex act with a student, one count of second degree sodomy and one count of second degree rape. These are all felonies.

Etowah County Superintendent Dr. Alan Cosby said, “Mrs. Bailey resignation was accepted by the Etowah County Board of Education on August 28th. Her resignation was accepted after these allegations came to light. We are fully cooperating with the Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office in this case.”

Bailey allegedly sent sexually explicit photos and engaged in sexual acts with a student while employed with the Etowah County Board of Education (ECBOE) as a teacher.
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Mobile, AL (WKRG)

It’s a big morning for Crimson Tide fans. The Tide wins the rubber match over the Clemson Tigers in the first round of this year’s college football playoffs.

All Academy Sports and Outdoor locations will begin selling Alabama Sugar Bowl merch beginning at 8 this morning. The store in the festival shopping center is opening 30 minutes early for this today. Two years ago when Alabama last won a national championship we were checking out the sales at sporting good stores. Some people were ready to drop up to $300 on championship gear. We’ll have to see if folks are eager to spend that much coin following a win in the semi final this year.

Championship items include:o Nike Official Sugar Bowl Champs Men’s Teeo Nike Official Sugar Bowl Champs Women’s Teeo National Championship bound Youth Teeo Alabama Crimson Tide novelty items email fromCommunications SpecialistShane Carlisle.
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adidas stores Alabama principal helps ‘turn tragedy into a miracle’ for student’s family

my adidas Alabama principal helps ‘turn tragedy into a miracle’ for student’s family

After being out of school for the past two days because of inclement weather, Murphy High School’s principal, Joe Toomey, returned to work Friday morning to learn that an 11th grader at the school had lost his home in a fire. The student’s mother came in to the office to ask if it was okay if her son wasn’t dressed in a uniform.

Toomey put his hand on her shoulder and said, “Wow, I can’t believe you even asked me,” he said. When he touched her, “she broke down.” He assured her that she didn’t need to worry about the uniform. In fact, he told her he would take care of clothes and food for her, her son and her older daughter.

Student lost home in a fire last night. Mom came to see if he was ok to not have uniform. I told her she didn’t have to worry about food or clothes, she broke down. Y’all, we have a moral obligation to these kids we serve and nothing is better than seeing you’ve made a difference

Joe R.

“I was not prepared for the outpouring,” said Toomey, adding that he has spent much of the day crying. “It’s been unbelievable, and I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon. It goes to show you the goodness of people.”

When the student’s mother came back to the school to collect some of the contributions, “She just about broke my ribs hugging me,” he said.

Toomey said he has made it his mission, since he first found out about the family’s loss, “to turn tragedy into a miracle” which he appears to have done. “It’s been amazing,” he said. “The goodness of people shows when the chips are down.”

Gift cards for gas and restaurants are being accepted at Murphy High School, 100 S. Carlen St. Clothing sizes are men’s 32/32 pants and medium shirts, and women’s large tops and size 16/18 skirts and pants.
adidas stores Alabama principal helps 'turn tragedy into a miracle' for student's family

womens adidas tracksuit Alabama basketball administrator resigns amid FBI sting

adidas superstar mens Alabama basketball administrator resigns amid FBI sting

FBI’s college basketball sting claims another victim as former NCAA assistant director of enforcement and current Alabama employee resigns

Alabama basketball administrator Kobie Baker resigns amid FBI’s NCAA stingBaker resigned Wednesday evening after internal review of basketball programHe reportedly admitted during a meeting with Alabama officials on Wednesday to being ‘Staff Member 1’ in the FBI complaintComplaint says during series of meetings Staff Member 1 received at least $25KBaker resigned shortly afterLouisville basketball coach Rick Pitino was firedSeven college programs have been linked to a fraud and corruption investigationSome of the most explosive allegations appear to involve Louisville, which already is on NCAA probation over a sex scandalOne player believed to be Brian Bowen has been suspended indefinitelyLouisville recruits Anfernee Simons and Courtney Ramey have decomittedBy

Alabama basketball administrator Kobie Baker, a former NCAA enforcement staffer, becomes the latest person to resign amid the FBI’s college basketball sting

Alabama basketball administrator Kobie Baker, a former NCAA enforcement staffer, has become the latest person to resign amid the FBI’s college basketball sting.

Athletic director Greg Byrne said in a statement the decision followed an internal review of the basketball program resulting from a wave of arrests in a federal bribery probe.

‘Our review has not identified any NCAA or SEC rules violations nor the involvement of any other coach or staff member,’ Byrne said.

‘We have notified both of the governing bodies of the actions we have taken. As always, we will continue to be proactive in our compliance efforts.’

An athletic department spokeswoman declined to elaborate on the reason for Baker’s resignation.

According to the FBI complaint, Rashan Michel, who was arrested Tuesday, arranged a meeting with a confidential witness (CW 1) and someone referred to as ‘Staff Member 1’ on or around May 3.

At that time, CW 1 paid $5,000 to Staff Member 1 and $2,000 to Michel.

It’s alleged that between May and August 31,
womens adidas tracksuit Alabama basketball administrator resigns amid FBI sting
Staff Member 1 received at least $25,000 from CW 1.

During one meeting,which CW 1 recorded, CW 1 asked Staff Member 1 if he had the ability to influence players at his school to retain CW 1’s services as an advisor, which he said he did.

At the end of August, Staff Member 1 is accused of introducing the father of a star athlete to CW 1 in an effort to begin influencing the father to push his son to hire CW 1 upon turning pro.

Athletic director Greg Byrne (pictured) said in a statement the decision followed an internal review of the basketball program resulting from a wave of arrests in a federal bribery probe

The incoming player wasn’t named in the complaint.

Baker was entering his second year with the program and his first year as an associate athletic director.

Pitino was told he had been let go during a meeting on Wednesday morning with Louisville interim president Greg Postel, according to multiple reports.

Pitino and Jurich’s fate will be determined by the board of trustees no later than their next meeting, which Postel said is on October 18.

‘Doing nothing would be a tacit admission of criminal behavior,’ Postel said.

Pitino was told he had been let go during a meeting on Wednesday morning with Louisville interim president Greg Postel (right), according to multiple reports

Pitino one of the highest paid basketball coaches in the world with an annual salary of $7.7 million had not been linked directly to the FBI investigation.

However, some of the most explosive allegations in the court documents appear to involve Louisville, which was already on NCAA probation over a sex scandal.

In fact, Pitino had already been suspended for the first five games of the season after it was revealed that strippers were provided to basketball recruits by basketball operations director Andre McGee. Louisville is appealing the decision, but the school may ultimately be forced to vacate dozens of wins and the team’s 2013 national championship if the NCAA’s ruling is not overturned.

Louisville hopes to name an interim coach and athletic director within 48 hours,
womens adidas tracksuit Alabama basketball administrator resigns amid FBI sting
Postel said. The status of the remaining coaching staff will be made by the interim coach.