adidas firebird tracksuit Adolf Dassler Quotes

adidas orange trainers Adolf Dassler Quotes

“I have over 700 different patents. Most of which came about because I saw that equipment for different sports could be made to help the athlete perform.”

“It was difficult at first, but when Olympic athletes started wearing Addidas shoes and then winning medals, our business really took off.”

“It is difficult working with family. Sometimes things get said, feelings get hurt and rifts are created.”

“Without my brothers, I would not have been as successful as I was.”

“I love my brothers. Always have and always will.”

“People may call me the father of the modern sports industry, but all I am is an athlete that saw a benefit to improving equipment.”

“You need good thinkers around you. Without them, you will go broke.”

“Expanding can only be done when the company is ready.”

“It was a difficult time,
adidas firebird tracksuit Adolf Dassler Quotes
and my sports equipment manufacturing took a back seat to the war.”

“I spent those years producing military equipment for the war effort.”

“The Olympics changed everything for my company.”

“I found out after the 1928 Olympics, when I provided shoes to many of the athletes, what an impact successful athletes had on the shoe business.”

“If there was a new design that came to the market that Adidas did not make, I would break it down and make it better.”

“Without Jesse Owens record setting performance, our company would never have gained international popularity.”

“As people we are not compatible. It is the same as in marriage. It is better to separate early than when it is too late.”

“If there had been a hole left in Rudolf every time I had to poke him and say, ‘Heh, that was my invention,
adidas firebird tracksuit Adolf Dassler Quotes
‘ he would look today like a piece of Gruyere (cheese).”