adidas heels Aguirre resigns as Mexico coach

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MEXICO CITY (AP) Javier Aguirre quit Wednesday as Mexico coach, three days after the national team was knocked out of the World Cup in a 3 1 loss to Argentina in the round of 16.

It marked the fifth straight time that Mexico has been eliminated in the second round of the World Cup.

“We didn’t qualify for the next round, and because of this one can consider it a failure,” Aguirre added. “The plan was to . be among the best eight in the world. This was the plan. If we didn’t do it, it’s clear staying on the job is not an option.”

Aguirre made the announcement at a packed news conference in Mexico City. The Mexico born Aguirre was appointed 15 months ago for a second stint as Mexico coach. He also coached the team in the 2002 World Cup, but was replaced after Mexico was eliminated by the United States.

Aguirre is Mexico’s fourth coach in four years and the fifth since Argentine Ricardo La Volpe was released after the 2006 World Cup.

He said the next coach should be retained for the entire four year World Cup cycle, which will end with the 2014 tournament in Brazil.

Justino Compean, president of the Mexican football federation, declined to talk about a timetable or possible candidates for the job.

“This is the day to talk about Javier Aguirre,” Compean said. “We are respectful of this and never talk about names.”

Jose Manuel de la Torre, who led Mexican club Toluca to the league title almost two months ago, has been mentioned as one of the top candidates.

Aguirre said he had faith in a younger generation of Mexican players who will be the core of the team in the next World Cup. They include forwards Javier Hernandez, Giovani Dos Santos and Carlos Vela.

“I think the future is in the hands of our young players,” Aguirre said.

He suggested he might be out of work for a while and said he did not know where he could coach next, but suggested England or Spain were possible destinations. He took over the Mexico job just weeks after being fired by Spanish club Atletico Madrid.

Mexico played more warm up games than any team ahead of the World Cup, but opened with a disappointing 1 1 draw with South Africa. Mexico defeated France 2 0 and then lost 1 0 Uruguay, meaning it fell behind the South Americans to second place in Group A. This forced Mexico to face Group B winner Argentina.

Several reports suggest Aguirre was one of highest paid national team coaches with an annual salary of about $4 million. Only outgoing Italy coach Marcello Lippi and England coach Fabio Capello are believed to earn more.

“Everything I did, I did thinking of the well being of Mexico,” Aguirre said.

“I have to be honest. If I’m not enthusiastic about something, I can leave the job.”

Quit tweeting “Gooooaaaaaaallllllll” on the rare occasion when someone actually scores. Stop gushing to your co workers about the inner beauty of a nil nil tie.

Don’t feel compelled to spend your lunch break Friday cheering for Uruguay just because Ghana knocked out the red, white and blue. Forget, for the next four years, that you now know the difference between a yellow and a red card.

Feel free, though, to continue hissing at the French.

It’s time to declare World Cup fever officially over. Way past time, actually, but who could really resist watching to see if that scrappy squad of underdog Yanks could knock off the mighty Ghanians and live to play another day.

They couldn’t, and for that the folks at ESPN have to be apoplectic. They used all their self promotional zeal to sell the happenings in South Africa as great theater, then got stuck with a clunker of an ending.

Even the British play by play team imported to make it sound all prim and proper couldn’t sugarcoat it. Americans may not know soccer, but they do know a choke when they see one.

And this, really, was a choke of major proportions. had a clear path to reaching the semifinals for the first time since the first World Cup 80 years ago, and was knocked out for the second straight time by a tiny country that most Americans would be hard pressed to find on a map.

In countries where soccer really matters, this could be cause for deep national angst. England’s ouster sent the country into a funk, Mexico quickly fired its coach, and the president of Nigeria was so upset he suspended the country’s team from international competition for two years.

Here? We shrugged and went back to wondering where LeBron is heading or whether Brett Favre will put on the pads for yet another year.
adidas heels Aguirre resigns as Mexico coach