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adidas predator Airdrie family has strong roots in 4

excited for them because they have the same opportunities that I was able to take advantage of, said Wendy. are leaders coming back who were in the program who can see the importance. is one of those leaders. She helps run Airdrie Helping Hands 4 H club.

reason I got back into the program was because I wanted to give back as a leader to the club, said Wendy.

She explained parents at the club are like minded, with similar morals and values.

believe that our kids are capable of accomplishing anything they want to do, said Wendy. think it opens up more doors for opportunities in every community. she was in 4 H at 17, Wendy got the chance to go on an exchange to Minnesota.

this day I still in contact with the family I stayed with, she said.

One of her favourite things about 4 H is its focus on public speaking. Wendy said it has helped her confidence and she still uses those skills today.

All kids in 4 H do presentations of their projects where they required to get up and speak in front of strangers.

see all these bright and shiny faces and you talk to them about public speaking and this look of dread falls over them, she said. then they build all this courage and they give their presentation seeing the sense of achievement is a huge accomplishment. big highlight is Achievement Day,
cheap adidas samba Airdrie family has strong roots in 4
when the club showcases what they been working on all year.

Ceili said her favourite part of being in the club is 4 H on Parade, which is held once a year at the Calgary Stampede and brings clubs together from all over the province.

going to show your projects and going to see what your friends did, she said, adding she has done quilting projects and other crafts, recording her work meticulously, as part of her project. This year is Ceili biggest project ever she is going to be raising sheep for the first time.

learning curve is going to be a bit of a challenge, said Wendy. begged and begged and finally mommy and daddy gave in. just the latest journey her girls get to embark on in the program, with many more to come in the future. neat to see her get the same awards and accomplishments that I did,
cheap adidas samba Airdrie family has strong roots in 4
said Wendy.