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Kat: Gloomy the human eating bear must be related to you. XD

Ryui: Ty got me Shaman King doujin. Both I seen. 😡 Lots of RenAmida. Which makes me twitcheth. And lots of JunRen. which you like. which also makes me twitch

Spork: Ty going to make me a Horo plush! XD!!!! And she bought all this pretty blue lace and stuff because it was. pretty. Now she planning to make Horo a frilly dress! O_O; Mainly because she only bought enough cloth for his jacket and boxers. She forgot about his pants. So the lace and velvet and leftover blue will become a pretty dress XD; And Ren going to be a very velvety doll. ya. ::SHRUGS:: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Wusai: I going to shoot you because you went to China. ::SHOOTS::


nce upon a time there has a young TAO named REN. He was FUCK A LISH CIOUS MASTURBATING in the GROTESQUE forest when he met STEAMY YOH, a run away POLE DANCER from the EROTIC Queen PILICA.

REN could see that STEAMY YOH was hungry so he reached into his SLUTPANTS HOLES and give him his EGOTISTICAL CUNT. STEAMY YOH was thankful for REN CUNT, so he told REN a very PRETTIFUL story about Queen PILICA daughter HOROHORO. How her mother, the EROTIC Queen PILICA, kept her locked away in a BONDAGE CAGE protected by a gigantic HAO,
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REN SMACKED. He vowed to STEAMY YOH the POLE DANCER that he would save the HORRENDOUS HOROHORO. He would FROLICK the HAO, and take HOROHORO far away from her eveil mother, the EROTIC Queen PILICA, and SCREW her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a CHEESE COVERED AHAHAHA and STEAMY YOH the POLE DANCER began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic HAO from his story. EROTIC Queen PILICA DIED out from behind a BACON and struck REN dead. In the far off BONDAGE CAGE you could hear a SPLOOGE.

THE END. XD;;; This fairy tale was made by Spork and Zip over AIM. I just asked them stuff and they answered. THOSE ARE NOT MY WORDS OR IDEAS.

I got The Vintage a couple days back. Did I say so I too lazy to go check if I did. Well I got The Vintage. It a collection of Bradbury works. I about a third done with it. I keep rereading one of the stories.

First story! “The Watchful Poker Chip of H. Matisse”. It perfectly reflects the human drive for attention and curiousity! Increadibly amusing. :3 Mr. Garvey inner self is a trickster indeed.

Second story: “The Veldt”. This short story amused me. I wanted a nursery of my own righ when I finished it. Somethings can seem so real that they can kill.

Third story: “Hail and Farewell”. Willie is adorable. This is one of my favorites. XD

Fourth story: “A Medicine for Melancholy”. WHAT THE HECK IS THE CURRRE ;______;

Fifth story: “The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl”. My favorite part was when Acton argued with himself. XD”But those aren mine!
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” He laughed unsteadily. “I didn put them there! I sure I didn A servant, a butler, pr a maid perhaps!”