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A recent experiment by Nike brought long distance runner Eliud Kipchoge within 25 seconds of reaching the two hour marathon barrier in Italy. The two year process leading up to the race and the event itself are being analyzed by sports science experts and running enthusiasts across the world and right here in KELOLAND.

605 Running Company General Manager and long distance runner Greg Koch still can’t believe what he saw.

This past Saturday, he and fellow Sioux Falls runners watched as Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge beat the world record for a marathon by about two and a half minutes.

Thayne Munce with the Sanford Sports Science Institute says the feat is changing the way people think about the human body.

“This race wasn’t world record eligible but it’s a barrier that would be comparable to what people used to think of the four minute mile. In the sense that it’s a time that equates to a distance that is very difficult to achieve but theoretically is possible,” Munce said.

From running shoes to altitude and temperature, a lot of planning was put into place for the race meant to challenge human potential.

“Proper training, hydration,
adidas black and white trainers Local Experts Amazed
nutrition. Even the way they paced themselves throughout the race and knowing how hard they can push their bodies. What’s probably most important about this race is that we’re going to learn things that we can use to help train and prepare other athletes for other events in the future,” Munce said.

Exciting news for runners like Koch. He says hitting the pavement is a positive, healthy addiction.

“When science meets dreams and says it’s possible, that’s always something really fun to watch,” Koch said. “Running is so technical and everyone is always analyzing their training,
adidas black and white trainers Local Experts Amazed
analyzing their splits. Looking at what the next competitive advantage could be.”