adidas predator shin pads Local detective emphasizes privacy with investigations

adidas childrens trainers Local detective emphasizes privacy with investigations

Now based in Barrington, Hertog works with clients to dig up information needed for important decision making. The agency caters to both businesses and individuals.

Fremd High School graduate David Hertog moved his 17 year private detective agency, Hertog Associates, Inc., to Barrington in 2003. Army where he was sent on to FBI special weapons and hostage rescue training. He later attended Lindenwood University, for his master’s degree in business and Western Illinois University for his bachelor’s degree in law enforcement and criminal justice.

BARRINGTON Dave Hertog, a local private investigator, enjoys a good stakeout minus the donuts.

Celebrating 17 years of business, Hertog and Associates Inc. continues to grow in the area. Army veteran, and FBI trained businessman attributes his company’s success to the skills possessed by both himself and his part time staff.

“It’s all about reputation,” Hertog said. “There’s no real oath of privacy for investigators, but I decided I wanted my profession to be considered reputable in all areas. My clients know they aren’t going to see their name being discussed in the news 10 years from now.”

Hertog is the only full time employee in his agency. His experience ranges from special weapons training and hostage rescue, to being the former vice president of the national Special Agents Association, founded 75 years ago.

The private investigator hires help retired federal agents and former or current law enforcement officers to assist when needed with research, surveillance, or reinforcement in special operations.

“I like to work with SWAT team members in cases such as workplace violence,” Hertog said.

Hertog has crafted what he calls the art of surveillance, explaining that he always stays ahead about his subjects. Army was a steppingstone for the patriot who was born on the Fourth of July.

After the military and the FBI Academy’s Special Tactical Firearms School, Hertog received his master’s degree in business at Lindenwood University in St. Louis and his bachelor’s degree in law enforcement and criminal justice from Western Illinois University before being recruited for investigations by a major military defense contractor McDonnell Aircraft (now Boeing). Air Force Special Operations School in Florida. The detective now has FBI agents on speed dial, which works in his favor, he said.

Establishing his own company, first in Arlington Heights in 1997 and later in Barrington in 2003, Hertog’s first client was Harpo Studios, founded by Oprah Winfrey. Hertog said many of his clients are companies, but the most rewarding work is done with individuals.

“Every case is unique, but this is a people business,” Hertog said. “People come to me thinking they’re the only ones experiencing certain problems. They think they should be embarrassed and are sometimes scared to investigate the matter because they don’t want me to know about it, and that’s sad. I’m here to help.”

Hertog offers a Background Investigations 101 class as a service to his clients where he teaches people how to screen their potential significant other, he said, adding that this can be crucial in the realm of online dating.

Cases last from hours to months, Hertog said, explaining he works on a couple of cases each day and is careful about where he talks to clients.

With such privacy, Hertog said business can sometimes be challenging.

“I don’t advertise and I’m not in the phone book,” Hertog said. “I rely on word of mouth and respect.”
adidas predator shin pads Local detective emphasizes privacy with investigations