adidas limited edition trainers Kiyon Boyd continues to reap benefits of breakout season

adidas snood Kiyon Boyd continues to reap benefits of breakout season

Woodson High School, sneakers squeaked as players worked around defenders and made quick cuts to the net. The May sunshine brightened half the court, drawing beads of sweat from a group of players doing offseason work at the hoop. Though only a typical afternoon scrimmage, the voices of a couple sophomore ‘veterans’ helped keep strategy in check.

Those two players made their way to the smaller, older gym down the hallway. As a camera, lights, and microphones were set up near the basket, Kiyon Boyd and Derquan Washington took turns shooting and rebounding the ball, lacing the quick one on one with plenty of laughs and friendly jabs. The ball stopped bouncing and Kiyon took a seat.

“He’s basically like my brother, Derquan Washington. We sat down after the Dunbar season and we decided to come to HD Woodson,” Boyd said. “Coach Trey was like man, it’s just a better atmosphere over here.”

After a year at Dunbar High School, the boys made a joint decision to switch schools. and Calvin Coolidge. Kiyon needed assistance in the classroom and both needed to develop a more well rounded game on the court. a bad rep.

“That’s my little brother,” Derquan added. Gotta make sure he’s on a good path; got all the offers coming in. Can’t be doing nothin’ dumb.”

Head Coach Trey Mines saw what he would be working with in the pair of best friends and envisioned the way their paths could turn for the better if brought into a tightly knit structure.

“The guys don’t leave until seven thirty, eight o’clock most nights and that’s for a reason,” Mines explained further. “One, I want them to be kids. I don’t want them to go home and still have to have homework done and all these other things and the truth of the matter is, all of them might not do it.”

The 29 year old coach was asked how important it was for Kiyon and Derquan to switch schools.

After a long pause, he said that for “Keo” it was especially important. His future was probably on the line.”

Tasked with more than just improving jumpers, rebounds, and defending, Coach Mines has brought other mentor figures in to make sure his kids are improving as athletes,
adidas limited edition trainers Kiyon Boyd continues to reap benefits of breakout season
students and simply, as people.

Every day during the season and many outside of it, Mines, traveling from his job at the Pentagon, meets a set of tutors from American University. The tutors work with the players in whichever academic area they feel they need help. Those sessions always comes before the shoes meet the court.

“Don’t think you’re gonna slack here it’s not that type of situation,” Kiyon said. While “Coach Trey” is quick to speak about the sophomore’s major strides, he’s also quick to mention that the work is not done. The goal is to keep that number climbing. The interest that poured in from colleges following the team’s historically successful season has helped act as a motivator. celebrates a 68 57 city title win over Theodore Roosevelt. “I’ve seen him rise from there so it’s good to see him improve his game so much and become the talk of the city.”

The two played huge roles in overcoming a tough task in late February: defeating WCAC power Gonzaga in what turned into a double overtime game for the ages. After taking a 2 0 lead to start the contest, the Warriors weren’t on top until the second overtime period. How they got there?

Largely at the hands of those sophomores. A putback by Boyd, two of his career high 37 points that night, forced the second overtime period. it’s first lead since their opening two points.

The 105 102 win meant thirty two games without a win loss column blemish.

That game, along with a city title over Theodore Roosevelt and many other wins demonstrated the leadership, the grit and the “want to” the players polished throughout those thirty two contests.

“At the end of the game, you’ve gotta have people to go to that aren’t scared of the moment.

Since then, the ball has continued to roll forward. Kiyon’s college looks and scholarship offers have poured in, along with invites to elite camps and showcases.

Recently, Boyd traveled to Miami for the Adidas Nations training camp, where a select group of twenty four freshman and sophomores were given the opportunity to play not only in front of big name coaches, but under them.

Kiyon has not yet made his college decision, but the rising junior has time. Meanwhile, he keeps on the grind alongside his best friend, with two years full of potential lying ahead. Though he’s gained confidence closing out games and leading teammates, a humble appreciation for the opportunities around him only continues to grow.

“Two years ago, I didn’t even see myself in this position. But it’s a blessing from God,
adidas limited edition trainers Kiyon Boyd continues to reap benefits of breakout season
getting that many offers. Not too many tenth graders around the country can say they’ve done that.”.