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The North Slope Borough (NSB) Law Department in Barrow, Alaska, seeks an experienced attorney. Area of practice will be general municipal law, including all aspects of local governance, public procurement and contracting, utilities,
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municipal finance, real estate and administrative law.

The NSB is responsible for providing basic municipal services, infrastructure, and advocacy for eight Inupiat villages located along the remote, northern edge of Alaska Arctic. The region is home to a subsistence whaling tradition that extends back thousands of years, yet it also hosts some of the world most advanced technology in the oil and gas fields throughout Prudhoe Bay.

At least 2 years of experience as a practicing attorney is required. Applicants must be admitted or be eligible for admission to the Alaska bar. Bar admission is a condition of continuing employment. The Borough provides an excellent benefit package.
adidas tracksuit jacket ASSISTANT BOROUGH ATTORNEY

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Mayor Sherman Lea straddles a Harley surrounded by (L R) Salem City Manager Kevin Boggess, Visit VA Blue Ridge Board Member Lee Wilhelm and Visit VA Blue President Landon Howard.

The “Merging Mountains Harley Owners Group Rally” will be a regional affair, attracting an estimated 2500 motorcycle enthusiasts from five states, including the Carolinas,
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West Virginia and Kentucky. There’s an open invitation to HOG owners in other states as well.

“More bikes, more people enjoying what we have to offer,” said Larry Landolt of the jump from a statewide HOG rally to a regional event next spring, “we’re just pleased as punch that they are going to be here. It’s going to be epic.”

Riders will come here to sample what Roanoke has to offer when they are not taking what regional manager Todd “Thor” Robinson called “epic rides” in the area. The rally was announced under the Mill Mountain Star recently and included greetings from Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea,
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Salem City Manager Kevin Boggess and others.

The Blue Ridge Parkway, Route 311 over to New Castle and Route 221 towards Floyd should provide plenty of scenery and less congested routes for those that want to get out on the open road while in town next June.

“They want epic riding and they want to go to places that want us,” said Robinson of why Roanoke was chosen. Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge (formerly the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau) helped bring Merging Mountains to town and is a co host for the rally. “Roanoke reached out and really kind of embraced us to come here. The roads around here are epic if nothing else. There’s great riding.”

Landon Howard, president of Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge opened up the rally announcement event on Mill Mountain with this statement: “Tourism works . . . and [This] is a very big piece of business.”

Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea was given a HOG rally t shirt,
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and spoke briefly before being photographed sitting on a Harley bike. “It’s a great day we’re honored and delighted to have you here pleased that you have selected this area. We need revenue we need more business to come in.”

HOG rallies stay away from big cities for obvious reasons the traffic for starters and look for places that reach out like Roanoke. “It’s really difficult to find the towns that really want you there,” said Robinson, “the ones that embrace you as a culture are really important too.” Early estimates are that the Merging Mountains rally should pump 3 4 million dollars into the local economy during the estimated 4 to 5 night stay.

One local company that will benefit is Tour Roanoke, which takes people on jaunts to local craft brewers,
predators adidas as Major Regional Harley Rally is Coming
wine vineyards and eateries via buses. Regional HOG rally coordinator Jo Ann Emmons contacted Larry Landolt to see if Tour Roanoke would be willing to shuttle bikers around to see various local sites when they are not out on those epic rides. “They want a lot of other things to do, they want to enjoy the region,” says Landolt, “they want to go to the breweries,
predators adidas as Major Regional Harley Rally is Coming
they want to see the wineries and the other local activities that we have here.”

Emmons believes enthusiasm for the rally will continue to build over the next ten months. “This is the first time that an event this size will be held in the area. We’re going to kick it up a notch.”

Emmons also said it was rare to attract an event of this size. Planning has already begun with help from the local Harley dealership. The rally will begin with a kick off event next June during a Salem Red Sox home baseball game.

womens adidas sweatshirt ASU Football to wear Pat Tillman ‘Bro

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By Cole Streeper

The Sun Devils will wear the much anticipated military appreciation uniforms against Colorado this week. Allow me to preface this article by stating that there is some added length for all of the details included in this uniform as well as some off field gear. It a bit longer, but well worth it to see everything that the Sun Devil Football Equipment Staff is putting into this week uniform.

A Week in ReviewThe consecutive win streak was fun while it lasted, albeit short lived, as it came crashing down last week against USC. A tough effort all around from a Sun Devil team that many experts thought would top the Trojans. With that loss, ASU now moves to 0 4 in Sparky helmets since bringing him back after the rebrand having lost while wearing that helmet in the 2014 Territorial Cup, against Oregon in 2015, against Washington State in 2016, and now to USC.

That being said, helmets do not win or lose games. The tradition of wearing Sparky at least once a year should not go anywhere. With the athletic department keeping creative uniform combinations at bay this year, the novelty of Sparky didn seem to have the same shine to it, but the uniform is still outstanding. The gold/maroon/maroon combination hasn been seen since Homecoming against Washington in 2013, and looked great with Sparky atop it. Over the past couple of seasons, the Sparky helmet was worn with gold pants that also had Sparky on the hip, so the only issue I did take with this uniform was with the pants. I like maroon pants being matched with the maroon jersey and Sparky helmet, however, with the prominent pitchfork on the thigh, there was a feel of inconsistency and for me, that a nitpicky item that took an combination down just a notch.

Gold Sparky/Maroon/Maroon Grade: A The Week to ComeUniformThis week is a very special week in terms of uniforms as ASU will be wearing the Pat Tillman uniform set designed through a partnership of Adidas, the Pat Tillman Foundation, and the Sun Devil Football Equipment Staff. The Sun Devils have worn some impressive alternate uniforms in the past, this one is striking.

The jersey is a tan color that matches the desert fatigues worn by Army Rangers, the military specialist group to which Pat Tillman belonged. The jersey features State in maroon across the chest matching the typeface from the 1996 team on which Tillman played. The nameplate on the back of the jersey also utilizes the same maroon font. The player numbers on the front and back of the jersey also match the player number style from the 1996 team and are maroon outlined with gold. Just as they were on the 1996 uniforms, maroon TV numbers outlined with gold will appear on the sleeves on either side of the jersey. For those that don know, TV numbers are numbers that appear on the side of the jersey to make it easier for player numbers to be identified by television cameras on the sideline.

On the front of the jersey near the right shoulder is a maroon and gold Pac 12 shield, a maroon Adidas logo near the left shoulder, and at the base of the collar is the black PT42 shield in honor of ASU Football legend, Pat Tillman. The pants are also the same tan color and have a small maroon pitchfork with gold trim on the left hip.

There are two pieces available for players to wear underneath the uniform as well. Available to wear on the bottom is a maroon tight with a tan PT42 shield on the left thigh and a tan Adidas logo on the left ankle. The top is a maroon half sleeve shirt with a large, tan PT42 shield on the chest and a small, tan Adidas logo near the left shoulder. On the left sleeve is a smaller, tan PT42 shield, and on the right sleeve is another Adidas logo below an American flag.

SPECIAL NOTE: Even though this is a color uniform, it is considered light enough to be deemed the style uniform. Therefore Colorado will be wearing their black home jerseys as they visit Sun Devil Stadium.

HelmetOf all the striking features of this week uniform, the helmet has got to be star of the show. It is a desert camouflage pattern with a tan base to match the jersey and pants. The standard maroon pitchfork decals with gold trim will be on the sides of the helmet. The facemask will also be maroon.

On the front bumper is a gold decal that reads in gold text highlighted in black. On the rear bumper is maroon text that reads the Army Ranger motto SPONTE meaning their own accord in Latin. The back of the helmet itself is the most incredible part of the helmet. is read in bold text across the back of the helmet, and underneath it is two columns which includes the name of every player in Arizona State University Football history that served in the military. To the left of the Brotherhood is a maroon Pac 12 logo.

SPECIAL NOTE: Omitted from the back of this week helmet are the Sparky decals on the rear bumper and the Frank Kush dedication decal.

CleatsA number of different cleats will be worn by players this week, all in the same vein as the rest of the uniform. The cleats pictured below will be explained beginning at the top left corner of the collage and working clockwise. The cleats in the top left are Adi Zero Vets and Adi Zero Vet Mids and will be worn by speed skill players. They are the same Army fatigue tan with maroon Adidas 3 stripes on the outside of the shoe and the PT42 shield on the instep. In the top right are the Adidas Freak Carbon Low Vets and Freak Carbon Mid Vets which will be worn by speed skill and heavy speed players. The Freak Carbon Lows are very similar to the Adi Zeros in the maroon stripes on the outside of the shoe and the maroon PT42 shield on the instep, and the Freak Carbon Mids have the same three maroon stripes on the outside of the shoe, but see the maroon PT42 shield moved to the inside of the heel and enlarged. The bottom right photo contains the Adidas Freak Carbon High Vet and the Adidas Freak High Torsion Vet which will be worn by linemen on both sides of the ball. The Freak Carbon High is essentially a larger version with three maroon stripes on the outside of the cleat and an even larger maroon PT42 shield on the inside of the heel. The Freak High Torsion carries the same design, but with a beefed up sole for more support and a slightly smaller maroon PT42 shield on the inside of the hell than that of the Carbon High. Each Freak cleat has the Freak logo on the heel of the shoe as can be seen in the bottom left picture below.

Modeled on the mannequin is a pair of socks with a maroon and gray blend. Also being issued to the team are tan socks with a maroon PT42 shield on the front of the sock.

GlovesThe Sun Devils will wear both tan and white based gloves this week, and as with the cleats, there are different gloves for different positions. From top to bottom, the style of gloves are Adi Zeros worn by speed skill positions such as wide receivers and defensive backs, Adidas Freaks, worn by larger skill position players such as linebackers and tight ends, Adidas Freak Max, which provide extra padding on the heel of the palm and back of the hands for all of the contact that linemen endure throughout the course of a game.

Continuing with the theme of the military inspired uniform, the Sun Devils Adi Zero gloves this week will have a tan base with the maroon PT42 shield on the palms when the hands are placed together. On the back of the gloves, the majority of the glove is white towards the outside of the hand and has tan accents and piping on a maroon based thumb area. The Adidas Freaks read when the palms are placed together with a white and gray pattern. The back of the Adidas Freaks are white. The Adidas Freak Max gloves omit any decorative aesthetics (save for a white and gray pattern on the palm) in favor of the functionality of padding on the palms. The coaches shoes are Adidas Ultra Boosts that are tan based with three maroon stripes on either side of the shoe. There is also a maroon based accent near the heel on the inside of the shoe with a tan PT42 shield.

The players travel shoes are Adidas Alpha Bounces that are tan throughout. The only accent is a maroon based accent on the heel of the shoe that features a tan PT42 shield.

All players will also be given t shirts that mimic the style on the jersey. This t shirt is tan based, just like the uniform, and has the same text and uniform number stylization printed on it. All t shirt bear the number 42 and have on the back of the t shirt. One difference between the t shirt and the uniform jersey is that the Pac 12 logo near the right shoulder has a gold base with maroon text, whereas it is a maroon base with gold text on the jersey.

All players will also be given a hoodie. The black hoodie says Sun Devils across the chest in tan camo. It is accented by a three tone underline that has maroon on the exterior of either side, tan camo on either side on the interior of the line, and finally white in the center of the line. There is a white Adidas logo above where it reads Devils, and a white PT42 shield underneath the three tone line. On the back of the jersey, runs vertically down the middle of the shirt in solid tan, and there is an American flag on the right shoulder.

Taking Care of Former PlayersThe Sun Devil Football Equipment Staff is well known for taking care of former players. Marcus Hardison was visiting with the team when he was presented with his very own Tillman jersey with his name on the back, bearing the number 1 that he wore during his time playing football for Arizona State. He not the only one to receive this kind of treatment. Other former players such as Jaelen Strong and Jamil Douglas have also shared that they received their own personalized jerseys.

ReactionThis is more than just a cool, innovative alternate uniform. Every detail is meticulously placed so that Pat Tillman and his fellow Sun Devil Brothers in Arms are honored, no matter from which angle you looking at this uniform. Choosing the fatigue color that Pat Tillman wore, including Ranger on the helmet along with the Army Ranger slogan Sponte adds even more depth.

Many Sun Devil fans have been asking for a camouflage helmet. Many were likely thinking it would never happen, but if it did, it might be darker. A few other schools have attempted camo helmets. Even fewer have pulled it off. With the tan base, and subtle, but very present pattern, the camo doesn come across as overpowering or cheesy. It is simply the way it is supposed to be. The maroon facemask and decals play very well off of the desert color scheme as well. Everything works. Add in the dedication decal to all Sun Devil football players that have served in the military throughout the entire history of the ASU Football program, and this helmet is undeniably the star of the show.

Not far behind is the jersey. Bringing back the 1996 stylization along with stitched on numbers and text really pays homage to Pat Tillman history with the team.

This uniform is incredible from head to toe. The Sun Devil Football Equipment Staff has produced some awe inspiring, flashy, stylish looks in the past, but in partnership with Adidas and the Pat Tillman Foundation, this is their best work to date, and I can wait to see it on the field. Donovan fantasy combo is a gold helmet/gray jersey/gray pant combo. The gold helmet has a black standard sized pitchfork with gold trim. The helmet also has a maroon PT42 bumper and a black facemask. The gray jersey features gold Arizona State text across the chest and gold trim on the sleeves. It also has gold numbers outlined with black. The gray pants have a gold pitchfork with maroon trim on the left thigh. All arm or leg bands are gold and the gloves are a black base with gold accents. The cleats are black with gold accents while the socks are a black and gold blend. Thank you, Donovan for submitting such a really cool combo during a week where the actual uniform itself is the toughest act to follow yet.
womens adidas sweatshirt ASU Football to wear Pat Tillman 'Bro

adidas originals trefoil hoody Asian songbird migrants in trouble

purple adidas gazelle Asian songbird migrants in trouble

Migratory songbirds in East Asia are in trouble, according to new research. The study calls for national action and international cooperation to deal with threats, as well as more monitoring and research to help understand and protect this unique migration system.

The East Asian Australasian Flyway, running from Siberia and Alaska down to South East Asia and Australia, supports the greatest diversity of migratory birds on the planet, with 170 long distance migrant songbirds and over 80 short distance migrants. However, it is also one of most poorly studied of the world’s major migration routes. Remarkably little is known about the populations and ecology of many of its songbird migrants,
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which rely on habitats along the migratory route for their survival. The paper makes a strong case that both national action and international cooperation are needed for effective conservation.

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“The flyways concept can help promote collaborative conservation actions between many countries”, said Becky Rush, BirdLife’s Asia Flyways Policy Officer. “More governments are recognising that conservation in their own territory is not enough and that they need to encourage protection for species throughout their migratory range”. “Ecologically, these songbirds are important because they connect the ecosystems of Asia’s boreal, temperate and tropical biomes”, he said.

Small birds,
adidas originals trefoil hoody Asian songbird migrants in trouble
large threats

Migration is tough enough for birds, and especially for small birds weighing only a few grams and needing to refuel often, so any threats that affect them along their migratory route can add up and take their toll on whole populations. Currently available evidence suggests that habitat loss and hunting are the two most significant threats on the East Asia flyway, while other threats like invasive species, climate change and collision with man made structures can also have a big impact.

Some species, like the Vulnerable Izu Leaf warbler Phylloscopus ijimae and Pleske’s Grasshopper warbler Locustella pleskeiare particularly at risk not just because of their small breeding ranges, but that their entire wintering ranges remain unknown to scientists,
adidas originals trefoil hoody Asian songbird migrants in trouble
thus hampering effective conservation. The Endangered Yellow breasted Bunting Emberiza aureola used to be abundant, but have drastically declined as large numbers are trapped annually for food in South East Asia and southern China.’

Dealing with the threats

The study highlights ways in which these declines can be stopped. Conservation of key habitats, better protection of key breeding, migration and wintering sites, and better enforcement of national legislation will all be needed. Additionally, international and national treaties and legislations need to be extended to include migratory songbirds.

One priority identified in the paper is to expand and standardise monitoring and increase research to better understand populations and threats in more detail. This will need to target some of the most poorly known migratory songbirds in Asia, including the Vulnerable Rufous headed Luscinia ruficeps and Black throated Blue Robin L. obscura.

“There is a need for more monitoring,
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and especially more coordinated monitoring, across Asia,” said Rush.”The number of birdwatchers in Asia is increasing rapidly, and in some cases their data are already contributing to our understanding of songbird distribution and status”. One promising development is a new project which BirdLife Asia is helping to develop in China, South Korea and Japan, to promote international cooperation on the monitoring and conservation of migratory landbirds.

While data from citizen science and more formal monitoring schemes will definitely help to improve knowledge, conservation action is needed now to address the immediate threats to migratory songbirds that have already been identified.
adidas originals trefoil hoody Asian songbird migrants in trouble

adidas original sweatshirt At Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission hearing in Holyoke

adidas gym shoes At Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission hearing in Holyoke

HOLYOKE Massachusetts remains on schedule to offer legal recreational marijuana stores on July 1, the head of the state’s Cannabis Control Commission said Monday.

But growers are going to need their licenses much sooner than that or there won’t be any legal product on the shelves when those pot shops open, said David Caputo, of Positronic Farms in Holyoke.

At a public hearing on state recreational marijuana regulations the commission hosted at Holyoke Community College, Caputo asked for the application date for license to grow to be moved up to March instead of April 1.

“You have to build your facility, then you have to start your plants, then you vegetate your plants and then you have to put your plants into budding cycle,” Caputo said. “Then it takes at least 10 weeks for them to go through budding cycle to get finished. Then you have to harvest them and dry them and cure them which takes one to two weeks.

“So it literally takes three to four to five months from the day somebody gets a license before there is any product to sell,” Caputo said.

No legal product ready to sell means no sales and no tax revenue for the state, he said.

Caputo was one of the 150 or so people who attended the hearing on draft regulations released in December. State Reps. Aaron Vega, D Holyoke,
adidas original sweatshirt At Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission hearing in Holyoke
and John Velis, D Westfield, were in attendance.

Voters approved legalized adult recreational consumption of marijuana in a November 2016 referendum.

Monday’s hearing was the second on a series of 10 public hearings planned by the Cannabis Control Commission. at the Franklin Regional Council of Governments, William B. Allen Community Room, 12 Olive St., Greenfield.

Steven J. Hoffman, commission chairman, said his panel is on track to get the stores open by the July 1 target date.

“That date is not written into statute. And it isn’t going to come down to doing this right or doing it quickly. We are going to do this right,” Hoffman said. “But we are on a pace to meet that target.”

Hoffman chaired the hearing with Commissioner Kay Doyle.

Caputo said he’s invested $600,000 and is looking for $400,000 in additional funding for his growing operation at 5 13 Appleton St. in Holyoke. He plans to grow there and distribute product to other shops.

“I know that Holyoke could use my 25 employees each making $25 an hour,
adidas original sweatshirt At Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission hearing in Holyoke
” he said.

Entrepreneurs have looked to Holyoke with its ample cheap hydropower for grow lights and water pumps and available industrial space in old mill buildings as a good spot to set up commercial cannabis operations. Mayor Alex Morse has also been receptive to the industry.

Michael Kroboch, of Acton, said Massachusetts’ regulations on the whole are friendly for the mom and pop craft style marijuana business he wants to create.

“We have seen in other states where the rules were written for the big corporations,” he said. “Massachusetts will allow for the small grower.”

Some speakers expressed concerns. Tina Lukasik, family outreach coordinator for the South Hadley Drug Alcohol Prevention Coalition, worries about teens getting access to marijuana. The minimum age in Massachusetts for recreational marijuana is age 21.

But medical marijuana is available to those age 18 and up. What happens, she asked, when a medical dispensary and a recreational retail store are located in the same spot?

Constance Kruger, a member of the Amherst Select Board, said the college town she represents is likely to be impacted, and where and under what conditions to allow marijuana shops is a matter of some debate.

She said she’s also concerned that the small growers are protected.

Other speakers want restrictions on how marijuana is advertised no cartoon characters,
adidas original sweatshirt At Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission hearing in Holyoke
for instance.

Vega testified that marijuana operations should have local ties and local partners before they can open. The communities should get some business benefit over and above taxes.

adidas gloves Associate head coach Lamont Evans released on

adidas all black trainers Associate head coach Lamont Evans released on

Oklahoma State University’s suspended associate head basketball coach, Lamont Evans, was escorted into an Oklahoma City federal courtroom in handcuffs and leg chains Wednesday as he made his initial appearance on a federal bribery complaint.

He is accused of soliciting bribes to steer promising young athletes to specific financial advisers. Magistrate Judge Charles Goodwin asked him if he had received and reviewed the bribery related allegations leveled against him by federal prosecutors in New York.

During his brief court appearance, Evans surrendered his passport and agreed to have no contact with any of the four co defendants in his criminal case. Evans was released on a $50,000 own recognizance bond.

Evans, 40, waived his option of having a preliminary hearing in Oklahoma City, but could still request one in New York. Oct. 10 in New York.

A group of reporters and video cameramen gathered outside the courthouse, but Evans declined the opportunity to discuss the allegations against him.

“We’re not going to be making any statement today,” his attorney, Trace Morgan,
adidas gloves Associate head coach Lamont Evans released on
said as they left the courtroom.

Evans is one of four assistant basketball coaches at major universities who were among 10 people charged Tuesday in New York with bribery and other crimes stemming from a wide ranging federal investigation into corruption in college basketball.

Auburn’s Chuck Person, Arizona’s Emanuel Richardson and University of Southern California’s Tony Bland were the other coaches. Among the others charged were managers, financial advisers and the director of global sports marketing at Adidas.

Federal prosecutor David Petermann summarized the allegations against Evans and potential penalties during Wednesday’s court proceeding.

Evans is charged in six counts of the 11 count complaint, Petermann said.

Count One, conspiracy to commit bribery, and Count 11, travel act conspiracy, each carry potential penalties of five years in prison, a $250,000 fine and three years probation, the prosecutor said.

Count Two,
adidas gloves Associate head coach Lamont Evans released on
solicitation of bribes and gratuities by an agent of a federally funded organization, carries a potential penalty of 10 years in prison, a $250,000 fine and three years probation.

The other three counts, conspiracy to commit honest services fraud, honest services wire fraud, and wire fraud conspiracy, each carry potential penalties of 20 years in prison, a $250,000 fine and three years probation, he said.

New York prosecutors initially wanted a $100,
adidas gloves Associate head coach Lamont Evans released on
000 own recognizance bond for Evans. Petermann agreed to the lower $50,000 amount after Evans’ attorney questioned the need for the higher amount.

Lamont Evans, suspended Oklahoma State assistant head men’s basketball coach, gets into a car after leaving the federal courthouse in Oklahoma City on Wednesday. Evans is one of four college coaches charged in a federal investigation focused on fraud and corruption in college basketball. [Photo by Nate Billings, The Oklahoman]

Lamont Evans, suspended Oklahoma State assistant head men’s basketball coach, gets into a car after leaving the federal courthouse in Oklahoma City on Wednesday. Evans is one of four college coaches charged in a federal investigation focused on fraud and corruption in college basketball. [Photo by Nate Billings, The Oklahoman]

Lamont Evans, suspended Oklahoma State assistant head men’s basketball coach, gets into a car after leaving the federal courthouse in Oklahoma City on Wednesday. Evans is one of four college coaches charged in a federal investigation focused on fraud and corruption in college basketball. [Photo by Nate Billings, The Oklahoman]
adidas gloves Associate head coach Lamont Evans released on

adidas tshirt As Pitino headlines latest scandal

adidas predator lz As Pitino headlines latest scandal

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The headliner here, as the government comes in to police college basketball, is Rick Pitino, one of the great coaches of all time, in college or the pros. Pitino is now put on administrative leave at the University of Louisville, which is the same as them firing him. This is a man who won a national championship at Louisville and at Kentucky, who in the same career coached those programs and the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks. But he goes now, after a career like that, because of a complaint from the FBI that calls his school “University 6.” After all he did in basketball and all the games he won, Pitino goes like that, as a number.

So he is a big loser here, even though he was not named when they came for college basketball out of the Southern District of the city of New York. Rick Pitino takes a big fall here and so do the assistant coaches who were named on Tuesday, and this is just an ending to the beginning of all this,
adidas tshirt As Pitino headlines latest scandal
of course, a legal process that will go on for years because of an investigation that has gone on for years.

The real story here is that the government of the United States now goes after the shadow government of college basketball, and agents, and shoe companies that sometimes seem more powerful in this sport than the mob. The feds come in to clean up the sport because the NCAA never could, as the world officially finds out about the cost of doing business in a world big time college sports where everybody is supposed to get rich except the players.

The irony here, as we discover that a player and his family might get $100,000 from a shoe company to go play for a program sponsored by that same company, is that the figure looks like tip money compared to what coaches like Pitino make and the money generated for these schools, and the money being made by agents and financial advisors and all the other various hucksters of college basketball. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Joon H. Kim explains how the scheme worked. (Alec Tabak/for New York Daily News)

It was described this way, exactly:

This is a world, college sports, where athletes who are supposed to believe that God has smiled on them because of scholarships are punished and punished hard by the NCAA for selling championship rings and jerseys and awards in return for a real good break at the local tattoo parlor. This happened to football players at Ohio State several years ago. At the time the school’s athletic director, Gene Smith said,
adidas tshirt As Pitino headlines latest scandal
“As student athletes you’re not allowed to use your personas to get discounted services.” No. You’re just supposed to lay it on the line and hope you play well enough and stay healthy enough to strike it rich yourselves someday if you make it to the pros, with or without tattoos.

Beasley addresses new NCAA scandal, calls for players to be paid

What is amazing this time is that the feds come after all the users in college basketball, the ones who start getting their hooks into gifted young players from the time they start playing AAU ball in high school, and sometimes even before that. The FBI doesn’t just arrest assistant coaches and cost Rick Pitino his job, it arrests a man named James Gatto, a director of global sports marketing for Adidas and another Adidas employee, Merl Code; and a man named Jonathan Brad Augustine, a program director for the 1 Family AAU program, also sponsored by Adidas. And if you think that Adidas is the only apparel company who understands the cost of doing business, think again.

Rick Pitino was on top of the world when he added an NCAA title with Louisville to his hoops resume. (TAMI CHAPPELL/REUTERS)

“Month after month, the defendants exploited the hoop dreams of student athletes around the country,
adidas tshirt As Pitino headlines latest scandal
allegedly treating them as little more than opportunities to enrich themselves through bribery and fraud schemes.” On the same day Pitino issued a statement that read this way, in part: “I am committed to taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure those responsible are held accountable.” The next day he found out who his school president and the members of the school’s board found accountable, at University 6, which felt about as much like a capital of college basketball as a Motel 6.

So Rick Pitino was shamed here, absolutely. He is the biggest name, at least so far, stripped of one of the biggest and highest paying jobs in college sports. To the death, the NCAA preserves the system where the athletes who do the most and make the most for their schools have to wait until they leave those schools to get paid.

So the money is still paid under the table, in a glorified form of money laundering. There is some statement from the NCAA cheering on the government in its efforts to clean up an inherently corrupt system, as if they’re all on the same team. They’re not. The only good that can come of this, out of seeing careers and reputations ruined this way in the public square, is if they put the money on the table in college sports at long last. Everything else is just noise, at Louisville and everywhere else.
adidas tshirt As Pitino headlines latest scandal

adidas tiro training pants ASU football unveils new Pat Tillman uniforms

adidas watches ASU football unveils new Pat Tillman uniforms

Army with his brother, Kevin.

He died in Afghanistan in 2004,
adidas tiro training pants ASU football unveils new Pat Tillman uniforms
while serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment.

The uniform was designed to replicate the uniforms worn by Tillman and the team he led to the 1997 Rose Bowl after an undefeated season.

It has a “Arizona State” moniker on the chest, a PT 42 badge on the collar,
adidas tiro training pants ASU football unveils new Pat Tillman uniforms
and period specific Sparky logos.

“We are incredibly humbled and honored to have to opportunity to partner with Marie Tillman, the Pat Tillman Foundation,
adidas tiro training pants ASU football unveils new Pat Tillman uniforms
and adidas to create these uniforms that pay homage to Pat and the service of all of our active and retired military members,” Sun Devil Football head coach Todd Graham said. “We preach the value of passion and character to our players and no one embodies those qualities more than Pat Tillman. I proud as a Sun Devil football coach but I also proud as an American that we can suit up and pay tribute to the hero that was Pat.”

Sun Devil Athletics and Adidas also worked with the NCAA in receiving special permission to have Tillman’s name emblazoned on the back of every player’s jersey for the game.

adidas tiro training pants Asics Pivots From Shoe Company to Health and Wellness Brand

adidas supernova sequence Asics Pivots From Shoe Company to Health and Wellness Brand

Asics is trying to outrun the pack of rival activewear retailers with a new branding that positions the Japanese footwear company as a health and wellness brand. On Wednesday, the brand is debuting “I Move Me,” a new campaign that celebrates its diversity of products for a diverse range of people including, but not limited to, athletes.

Celebrity DJ Steve Aoki is headlining the campaign, marking the first non athlete spokesperson for the brand, according to Sarah Bishop, who joined as vice president of marketing for Asics North America earlier this year. A new digital spot leans heavily on music and the power of movement. Olympic wrestler Jordan Burroughs and Olympic bobsledder and hurdler Lolo Jones will also be featured in the new push,
adidas tiro training pants Asics Pivots From Shoe Company to Health and Wellness Brand
among others.

“We have spent the last year and a bit redefining who we are as a brand and what we want to stand for,” explains Bishop. “We need to modernize and evolve from being a footwear manufacturer to being a well rounded health and wellness brand.”

The athleisure space has grown crowded a trend that is only expected to continue. The news that Amazon is planning its own activewear line will also ramp up the pressure on brands including Asics, Under Armour and Lululemon. Bishop notes that a broadened appeal for Asics is key to the company’s success, particularly with younger consumers. The new marketing is solely digital, and will include nine pieces of content coming online between now and the end of the year. “We’re trying to recruit that yonger generation Z and millennial audience,” she says.

Asics worked with Saatchi Saatchi, its global creative agency of record, on the “I Move Me” tagline and global positioning. United Entertainment Group handled North America strategy. She joined Ad Age after a dozen years of writing for Crain’s New York Business,
adidas tiro training pants Asics Pivots From Shoe Company to Health and Wellness Brand
where she also focused on the retail industry. Neal Awards.

womens adidas gazelle at odds over pipeline

adidas sports direct at odds over pipeline

Premier Christy Clark is throwing down the gauntlet over the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project.

Alberta and British Columbia continued a public spat Tuesday over the proposed $5.5 billion Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, with both Clark and Alberta Premier Alison Redford ramping the rhetoric up a notch. could forget about getting more money from Alberta coffers.

“We will not share royalties and have not seen anything else proposed and would not be prepared to consider anything less at this time,” she told reporters. Liberals laid out five “minimum” conditions for new heavy oil pipelines on its territory,
womens adidas gazelle at odds over pipeline
asking for stricter environmental safeguards and an as yet undefined “fair share” of the economic spinoffs from the project that would carry oil to Asian markets. Hydro and permits necessary for the project to go ahead if the demands weren’t met.

“There are those legal means by which the government could interfere with the project,” she said. are traditionally close and along with Saskatchewan have worked to foster deeper economic ties.

“It’s all interesting just watching this political battle and the stakes involved watching Canada’s future to some degree,” Taras said.

“Lots of jobs,
womens adidas gazelle at odds over pipeline
lots of livelihoods, relations with China it’s an incredible tableau.”

Brian Lee Crowley, with the MacDonald Laurier Institute,
womens adidas gazelle at odds over pipeline
a public policy think tank, said Canada’s Western most province is taking a big gamble with its current stance.