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mens adidas running trainers AGE OF THE SNEAKER

NEW YORK The sneaker is a force in fashion, music and sports, but where did it all begin?

With the rubber tree, of course, and that’s where senior curator Elizabeth Semmelhack ventured for a new exhibit, “The Rise of Sneaker Culture,” at the Brooklyn Museum.

“I wanted to go all the way back to the sap of the tree the rubber tree and find out how and why the sneaker even came into existence in the first place,” said Semmelhack, from Toronto’s Bata Shoe Museum, a partner for the show with the American Federation of Arts.

The exhibit of about 150 shoes opens Friday and is ambitious in scope, spanning rubber production to Prada to the coveted kicks bearing basketball legend Michael Jordan’s name, along with his monumental endorsement deal with Nike. Semmelhack created the show after 15 years focusing on high heels, when she realized “there is no way I can ignore the sneaker because they are so important culturally.”

Sneakers, after all, are one of the few things people spend days in line to acquire. They’re the subject of songs and have helped turn multimillionaire athletes into fashion designers in the chase for the next hot pair.

Among those showcased in the exhibit are Adidas donated by Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, from legendary rap group Run DMC. The group was among the first music acts to get a sneaker endorsement deal. Original Converse All Stars from 1917, a replica of Michael Johnson’s 1996 Atlanta Olympics gold spikes and Adidas Muhammad Ali Confidence Shoes are also included.

“These are sneakers that you just cannot see,” said Semmelhack. “They are seeing some shoes that are hidden away in the archives and in recesses of people’s offices that if it was not for the exhibition they wouldn’t have gotten a chance to see.”

After Brooklyn, the historical look at sneakers will travel to the Toledo Art Museum in Toledo, Ohio, the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

Sneakers have “a long history that has both incredible continuity but also incredible shifts and have been with us for some profound cultural moments,” Semmelhack said.

Foremost, she said,
blue adidas samba AGE OF THE SNEAKER
they were in the realm of the elite. Before the five day work week, only the wealthy could make the time to play tennis and jog in the early 19th century and they were the only ones who had a need for sneakers. Between the two world wars, governments began to democratize physical health and sneakers so that people had fit bodies to serve their country.

Once rubber production was simplified after World War II, “it loses status,” said Semmelhack. “The price point becomes so low. It becomes the footwear of childhood.”

It was not until the 1970s that sneaker culture began to develop as we see it today. Nike gets in the game and creates expensive brightly colored shoes for the “Me Generation” that decides to exercise at athletic clubs.

“They begin to segue back to a status symbol, as well as fashion, because these same people who are jogging begin to wear those bright colored shoes to discos like Studio 54 and the idea of casual wear and fashion is becoming really important,” Semmelhack said.

Calvan Fowler, who owns the shop Jordan Heads Brooklyn, said Spike Lee directed commercials and hip hop music fueled the “sneakerhead” craze.

“In 1984, ’85, ’86 it started growing exponentially and as hip hop grew the sneakers grew as well. It became a part of your personality and fabric; it became a part of who you are,” Fowler said. “It crosses different socioeconomics and racial ethnicities.”

Fowler’s store sells only Michael Jordan merchandise, including soaps, clothes and shoes.

Fashion designers Ricky and Dee Jackson, brothers whose Pony shoes are part of the exhibit, said the sneaker sweepstakes of today are focused not just on the shoes of athletes but on limited edition styles.

“Back in the day it was not as big as it was. Kids weren’t really looking for limited edition shoes. It was just an underground thing, but now it has really become mainstream,” Dee Jackson said.

Another aspect of sneaker culture Semmelhack could not ignore is crime associated with getting the latest pair.

“I feel like it’s a little paternalistic to constantly warn young black men in particular to be careful of their sneakers,” she said. “The price point of sneakers is remarkably less than the price point of women’s shoes but we don’t hear these same stories about women.”

Fashion giants like Gucci and Prada entered the sneaker industry early on but sneakers did not turn high end until sports brands teamed up with designers like Jeremy Scott and Yohji Yamamoto, and companies like Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton saw the value in the billion plus business.

“Men are willing to wear pattern and color in their footwear in ways that they are not willing to wear in aspects of their dress and so for fashion designers, sneakers are the perfect canvas for playing with,” Semmelhack said.

Added Dee Jackson: “Shoes really stick out and it gives people an ego.”

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blue adidas samba AGE OF THE SNEAKER
000 worth of cocaine seized from man who took package from porch of Lawrence homeDerry mourns passing ofDon BallMan arrested in Lawrence drug investigationPolice: Man shot in neck in Lawrence during robberyResidents struggle with deplorable conditions in Lawrence buildingPolice: Loaded gun found in bed where 3 year old child sleeps in Lawrence homeUPDATE: National Grid rolls back earlier optimistic estimates on power restorationPowder found at scene of unattended death in Andover

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adidas man bags Adidas’s All Blacks vs Lions

Gordon Campbell: On The MeToo Movement In SwedenThe MeToo campaign has been approached by Sweden in an impressively systematic fashion. As Bloomberg News reports, MeToo subsets have emerged in almost every imaginable sector of Swedish society. More>>Binoy Kampmark: Meddling For Empire The CIA Comes CleanOne of the difficulties behind the podium stance of virtue taken by the US political establishment on Russian interference in the country’s electoral process is one of simple hypocrisy. More>>Gordon Campbell: On The Gun Debate, Here And In The USGun ownership in the US is a mystery to New Zealanders, and so is the constitutional fetish that surrounds it. However, the attitudes involved are not static and unchanging, even if it can feel that way in the wake of each new gun atrocity. More>>

Gordon Campbell: On The Mueller Probe, And Russia’s EconomyIn itself, the indictment of 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies for interfering in the 2016 US wlll do little to change pre existing views about the Robert Mueller investigation into Russia’s meddling in US presidential politics. More>>Gordon Campbell: On The Nunes MemoEvery now and then the US system erupts and throws up a piece of political magma that can’t be described or explained in any rational fashion. More>>

ALSO:Earlier Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI Statement on HPSCI MemoRoss Webb: Our Union Powered PastLabour’s soon to implemented workplace relations policy aims to address the imbalances in our economy, but has sparked fears among some that it marks a return to ‘the bad old days’ of the 1970s. But what exactly was happening in the 1970s? And what has caused the ‘imbalances’ that Labour is now trying to fix? More>>
adidas adios Adidas's All Blacks vs Lions

adidas gazelle red AIRO 7v7 bringing championship to Valdosta

adidas running trainers womens AIRO 7v7 bringing championship to Valdosta

VALDOSTA The 7 on 7 offseason workout has become synonymous with high school football.

And when it comes to skill camps where college coaches and scouts are in attendance, there are two types of 7 on 7 workouts. The first type groups some of the top football talent in a given state together and those players are given the label of “all star.” Then, there’s the type of 7 on 7 David Menard, Rich McGuinness and the people at AIRO Sports Management are promoting. Army All American Bowl on NBC. And after traveling the country, they both believed 7 on 7 was the next wave of football.

The two were intrigued by the Texas model of 7 on 7 or the scholastic model, which was high school teams playing together, not all star teams.

“Our worlds collided a few years ago,” Menard said of his partnership with McGuinness. “I liked what he was doing, he liked what I was doing.

“I sold him on the vision of 7 on 7 was the future, it’s the season after the season, it’s the championship after the championship. It’s the second season where these kids have an opportunity to get exposed to college scouts.”

McGuinness sold his interest in his old company last August to join with Menard to “wire the country for the scholastic 7 on 7 model.” McGuinness said the team wanted to build a state championship series in each state, eventually culminating in a national championship that would bring the best 7 on 7 teams together in one city.

The program, which is in its inaugural year, has consisted of events in Florida, Georgia and Louisiana.

“We sold out in each state,” McGuinness said.

AIRO had 50 plus teams and 1,
adidas gazelle red AIRO 7v7 bringing championship to Valdosta
100 athletes participating in the Georgia championship, which was held in June. Florida showed out with 60 plus teams and 1,200 athletes nearly three weeks ago. And this past week, the program sold out in Louisiana with around 30 teams and 650 athletes, all according to McGuinness.

“We’re thrilled with our success early on here,” he said.

Now the idea is to bring the best of the three states together, taking the four qualifying teams from each state and having them go head to head in the Adidas Southeast Championship, which will be held July 17 18 at Bazemore Hyder Stadium in Valdosta.

AIRO’s dream of a future national championship will begin with increments of expansion. AIRO is looking at expanding events to incorporate a total of 10 states next year and a total of 30 in 2017.

“We think it’s going to take two more years to get to what we think is a national championship scenario,” McGuinness said. “But next year we think we can get to 10 (states) from three.”

Both Menard and McGuinness pointed to three key factors for their excitement about scholastic 7 on 7 growth across the country: kids wanting to play 7 on 7, the affordability of scholastic play and it being coach supported.

AIRO has gauged the interest of high school players wanting to play 7 on 7 and has seen a very positive level of interest. The registration fee is $599 per team, which breaks down to about $20 $25 per player. The partnership with Adidas for the Southeast Championship will allow every participant to get a free uniform and shorts, cleats (valued at more than $100) and gloves.

Also, the scholastic 7 on 7 is something AIRO understands high school coaches want to get behind. AIRO sees coaches believing in the scholastic approach, wanting to be involved in it and wanting to incorporate the approach as part of their team’s offseason improvement plan.

Another positive takeaway AIRO sees from the scholastic model is the thirst college coaches have for seeing players in 7 on 7 workouts, either live or on video.

“The recruiting platform for 7 on 7 has just gone through the roof,” McGuinness said. “More colleges today want the 7 on 7 video,
adidas gazelle red AIRO 7v7 bringing championship to Valdosta
and we are now shooting that video to give back to high school coaches so they can break it down and work with their teams on getting better and eventually getting that video to the colleges.”

AIRO also acknowledges the level of sponsorship it’s created through work with the scholastic model. Adidas has been noted as a brand that has been pushing the 7 on 7 platform. Gatorade has become another sponsor of AIRO along with the video analytics help of Krossover.

retro adidas trainers After ‘monkey hoodie’ scandal

adidas spezial red After ‘monkey hoodie’ scandal

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) Swedish fashion retailer H says it has appointed a diversity leader following the outcry over its ad that showed a black child dressed in a hoodie with the words “coolest monkey in the jungle.”

H first announced the appointment Tuesday on its Facebook page. In an email to The Associated Press on Wednesday, the retailer said Global Manager for Employee Relations Annie Wu, a company veteran, would be the new global leader for diversity and inclusiveness.

The retailer said on Facebook that it’s “commitment to addressing diversity and inclusiveness is genuine, therefore we have appointed a global leader, in this area, to drive our work forward.”

The image of the boy modeling the sweatshirt appeared online earlier this month and prompted accusations that H was racist, or at least oblivious.

The Stockholm based company reiterated in its Facebook announcement that “the recent incident was entirely unintentional” but “demonstrates so clearly how big our responsibility is as a global brand.”

NBA star LeBron James and rapper Diddy were among those who had responded with outrage to the ad. American rappers The Weeknd and G Eazy cancelled partnerships with H In South Africa, there were protests at some H stores. The response has been more muted in Europe.

The case highlights how important it has become for multinationals to consider the different cultural views and sensitivities in their sales markets. That’s especially true as social media makes it possible for an ad posted in one country to be shared and viewed around the world.
retro adidas trainers After 'monkey hoodie' scandal

adidas originals windbreaker Alan Scharsu Former Fitch runner muses on Joe Paterno

adidas new shoes Alan Scharsu Former Fitch runner muses on Joe Paterno

OK, be honest. San Diego doesn’t hold a candle to Youngstown, right? (Laughs) Exactly. The weather is just too mild. I need extremes, from seven below zero to 90 degrees. Best high school running memory? Probably running the mile relay against South. We had some [dual meet] win streak going and it was all tied up before the mile relay. We ended up coming from behind to win it and I anchored the relay. (Scharsu did not usually run in the relay since it immediately followed the two mile.) Honestly, the truth to the whole story is, if the kid from South had run a normal race they would have won. Over the years, it’s gotten so much grander. When I hear [former coach Mike] Garcia talk about it, I’m like, ‘That’s not really what happened.’ He just went out too fast, hit the wall with a 100 meters to go and I passed him. Worst high school running memory? My freshman year of cross country. Coach Garcia used to give us fructose tablets that were orange and I ate like 10 of them and threw up in the middle of the race. I looked like I was possessed. It was the last time I ever took them. But when you’re a freshman, you think that if I’m supposed to take two, then four or six has to be better. Number of times you entered a race thinking, “These poor saps have no chance”? I never went into a race thinking that. I always respected everybody I ran with and against. But as I look back on it, I wonder if really needed to win by a minute. I should have just taken it easier and saved my body. But I couldn’t do that. As soon as the gun went off,
adidas originals windbreaker Alan Scharsu Former Fitch runner muses on Joe Paterno
I went as hard as I could. Three albums in your CD player right now? Best of Led Zeppelin, a mixed CD my girlfriend [Roseanne] made for me and Dido. Track or cross country? Cross country. It’s a bunch of guys who did the same thing. With track, you have so many events and so many more people. In cross country, we were all really tight. We’ve been friends forever. Thing you miss most about Youngstown? Other than my family, Mill Creek Park. I love that park. People in Youngstown probably don’t realize how nice it is because it’s always been there. Thing you miss least? The cold weather. We have a file photo of you in high school with black curly hair, braces and a polyester shirt that even professional bull riders would make fun of. How much are you willing to pay us not to use it? (Laughs) I don’t know. I had some great hair back then. Now I have a lot of gray hair, but at least I still have some. I remember that shirt you’re talking about. That was a good looking shirt. It’s coming back in. I probably still have it somewhere. Running shoes you wear right now? The Adidas Supernova Classic. Best pair of running shoes you’ve ever owned? The 1982 Adistar track spikes. Best spikes ever made. After years of running, part of your body that hurts the most? The Achilles tendon my left foot. I’ve had both operated on, but that one always hurts worse. Number of days you can go without running before you go crazy? Thirty. Who is your hero? It depends on what level you’re talking about. The guy I really admire is Bob Lund, who went to Fitch right before me. He helped me out through a lot of stuff. He’s my personal hero. Also, Steve Prefontaine because of his approach to everything. Your Nittany Lions have been struggling. Is it time for Joe Paterno to retire? Yeah. My college coach [Harry Groves] is still there, too. They need to retire together. But they still got the drive, so what are you gonna do? They’ll never ask Joe to leave, which is probably the right thing to do. He built that university. He’s done so much for it,
adidas originals windbreaker Alan Scharsu Former Fitch runner muses on Joe Paterno
not only in athletics but also in academics. The key to being a successful runner is? The ability to endure a lot of pain. That and dedication and a lot of hard work. And the ability to throw up fructose tablets? Exactly.

adidas black trainers Ageing Star Blows Off Smoky Bubble

yellow adidas gazelle Ageing Star Blows Off Smoky Bubble

Astronomers have used ALMA to capture a strikingly beautiful view of a delicate bubble of expelled material around the exotic red star U Antliae. These observations will help astronomers to better understand how stars evolve during the later stages of their life cycles.

In the faint southern constellation ofAntlia (The Air Pump)the careful observer with binoculars will spot a very red star, which varies slightly in brightness from week to week. This very unusual star is calledU Antliaeand new observations with theAtacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array(ALMA) are revealing a remarkably thin spherical shell around it.

U Antliae[1]is acarbon star, an evolved, cool and luminous star of theasymptotic giant branchtype. Around 2700 years ago, U Antliae went through a short period of rapid mass loss. During this period of only a few hundred years, the material making up the shell seen in the new ALMA data was ejected at high speed. Examination of this shell in further detail also shows some evidence of thin, wispy gas clouds known as filamentary substructures.

This spectacular view was only made possible by the unique ability to create sharp images at multiple wavelengths that is provided by the ALMA radio telescope, located on the Chajnantor Plateau in Chile’s Atacama Desert. ALMA can see much finer structure in the U Antliae shell than has previously been possible.

This ALMA image reveals much finer structure in the U Antliae shell than has previously been possible. Around 2700 years ago, U Antliae went through a short period of rapid mass loss. During this period of only a few hundred years, the material making up the shell seen in the new ALMA data was ejected at high speed. Examination of this shell in further detail also shows some evidence of thin, wispy clouds known as filamentary substructures. Credit: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/F. Kerschbaum

The new ALMA data are not just a single image; ALMA produces a three dimensional dataset (a data cube) with each slice being observed at a slightly different wavelength. Because of theDoppler Effect, this means that different slices of the data cube show images of gas moving at different speeds towards or away from the observer. This shell is also remarkable as it is very symmetrically round and also remarkably thin. By displaying the different velocities we can cut this cosmic bubble into virtual slices just as we do in computer tomography of a human body.

This image was created from ALMA data on the unusual red carbon star U Antliae and its surrounding shell of material. The colours show the motion of the glowing material in the shell along the line of sight to the Earth. Blue material lies between us and the central star, and is moving towards us. Red material around the edge is moving away from the star, but not towards the Earth. For clarity this view does not include the material on the far side of the star, which is receding from us in a symmetrical manner. Credit: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO); F. Kerschbaum.

Understanding the chemical composition of the shells and atmospheres of these stars, and how these shells form by mass loss, is important to properly understand how stars evolve in the early Universe and also how galaxies evolved. Shells such as the one around U Antliae show a rich variety of chemical compounds based on carbon and other elements. They also help to recycle matter, and contribute up to 70% of the dust between stars.

This chart shows the location of the star U Antliae in the constellation of Antlia (The Air Pump). This very red and variable star can be seen with small binoculars. Credit: ESO, IAU and Sky Telescope.

This image from the Digitized Sky Survey 2 shows the very red carbon star U Antliae and its surroundings. Credit: ESO, Digitized Sky Survey 2. Acknowledgement: Davide De Martin[1] The name U Antliae reflects the fact that it is the fourth star that changes its brightness to be found in the constellation of Antlia (The Air Pump). The remarkable detached CO shell of U Antliae”, by F. Kerschbaum et al., to appear in the journalAstronomy Astrophysics.

The team is composed of F. Kerschbaum (University of Vienna, Austria), M. Maercker (Chalmers University of Technology, Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden), M. Brunner (University of Vienna, Austria), M. Lindqvist (Chalmers University of Technology,
adidas black trainers Ageing Star Blows Off Smoky Bubble
Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden), H. Olofsson (Chalmers University of Technology, Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden), M. Mecina (University of Vienna, Austria), E. De Beck (Chalmers University of Technology, Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden), M. A. T. Groenewegen (Koninklijke Sterrenwacht van Belgi, Belgium), E. Lagadec (Observatoire de la Cte d’Azur, CNRS, France), S. Mohamed (University of Cape Town, South Africa), C. Paladini (Universit Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium), S. Ramstedt (Uppsala University, Sweden), W. H. T. Vlemmings (Chalmers University of Technology, Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden), and M. National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS) of Japan in cooperation with the Republic of Chile. ALMA is funded by ESO on behalf of its Member States, by NSF in cooperation with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and the National Science Council of Taiwan (NSC) and by NINS in cooperation with the Academia Sinica (AS) in Taiwan and the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI).

ALMA construction and operations are led by ESO on behalf of its Member States; by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), managed by Associated Universities, Inc. (AUI), on behalf of North America; and by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) on behalf of East Asia. The Joint ALMA Observatory (JAO) provides the unified leadership and management of the construction,
adidas black trainers Ageing Star Blows Off Smoky Bubble
commissioning and operation of ALMA.

sennheiser adidas Adidas’s basketball allegations won’t hurt top line

mens adidas hi tops Adidas’s basketball allegations won’t hurt top line

Adidas’s mission to expand its basketball footprint in North America hasn’t made a major difference, so far. college basketball bribery investigation.

Adidas expects to generate just $401 million from basketball products worldwide this year, the company said in response to questions from Bloomberg, providing details not previously disclosed in its financial reports.

That’s less than 2 percent of its global sales, and the scandal is unlikely to wipe out that revenue entirely. Adidas generated 19.3 billion euros in revenue last year and aims to lift the measure to about 26 billion euros by 2020.

Shares of Adidas have been little affected by the investigations, down less than 1 percent since Monday’s close. Top tier college basketball programs were thrown into turmoil Tuesday as federal prosecutors unveiled criminal charges against 10 people, including coaches, managers, financial advisers and two representatives of Adidas, accusing them of making illicit payments to cash in on the vast riches generated at the sport’s highest levels.

Nike dominates basketball, generating $1.38 billion in revenue last year in that category. It sold a further $2.75 billion worth of Jordan brand gear, much of which is basketball products.

Most sports categories Adidas steers out of its headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Its global basketball business, however, is run out of Portland, Oregon, headed by Kris Aman, after Chris Grancio left for personal reasons in September 2016. Through 2013, Aman had worked for more than 16 years at Nike, heading its basketball footwear business, among other posts.

Under Grancio, Adidas set a goal to double the roster of NBA players it sponsors to 140 within five years. It currently has just under 100 players.

Adidas will spend about 2.5 billion euros this year on marketing. The proportion going to basketball is a “single digit percent share” of this, the company said.
sennheiser adidas Adidas's basketball allegations won't hurt top line

adidas blue trainers airstrikes in Syria

adidas spezial airstrikes in Syria

Navy Veteran Robert Hill said, “I think it’s long overdue. Senator Thom Tillis (R NC), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said, “Assad is a war criminal who has targeted and murdered his own people, including innocent children. President Trump decisively responded to Assad’s latest atrocity to help prevent future ones, sending a clear message that when the Syrian regime crosses the red line, America will respond. We owe a debt of gratitude to the brave men and women in uniform who carried out today’s mission and continue to keep our nation safe and secure.”

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R NC) commented, “The United States has always been a global leader in fighting genocide. This week, Bashar al Assad once again committed genocide against the Syrian people with one of the most horrific weapons known to man. I am encouraged that the President decided to take action. The United States is once again asserting its leadership responsibility in eliminating genocide.”

The 24th MEU from Camp Lejeune is currently on a ship in the Mediterranean Sea near where strikes occurred. If the strikes escalate into war the 24th MEU vessel could become involved.
adidas blue trainers airstrikes in Syria

adidas gazelle purple After another NCAA basketball scandal

adidas spezial green After another NCAA basketball scandal

So today, we have Auburn, Southern California, Oklahoma State and Arizona as the bad apples. It would appear, too, from easily connected dots in the documents, that Louisville and Miami are being accused of funneling $100,000 or more to gain the services of a single player.

To you Tigers and Trojans, you Cowboys and Wildcats and, presumably, you Cardinals and Hurricanes we say, quite heartily: Tsk tsk! No, really. Tsk tsk!

We can’t, and won’t, make light of the feds slapping cuffs on college basketball coaches and the various hangers on and interlopers who profit from the sport. But with practices set to officially open this week, anyone embracing the start of a new season must do so with his or her eyes wide open. Or maybe completely shut.

Tuesday’s developments are the essence of breaking news. On the face of them, they’re alarming not so much because of the programs or coaches involved or the specifics of the transactions (though, $100,000?!) but because this comes from the FBI, adding weight and heft. The idea of undercover videos in Las Vegas hotel rooms provides Hollywood intrigue, for sure.

But we have to understand, by now, that this is how college sports works. If you are a fan of a certain program, and you read these reports and scanned for violations by your precious Lions or Tigers or Bears, and finding none breathed a sigh of relief or, worse, felt the least bit sanctimonious, well, then, you’re in denial, and not a small bit of it.

There are likely clean major college athletics programs out there. Likely. But it’s also likely there were baseball players who didn’t take performance enhancing drugs around the turn of this century. Saying with absolute certainty that a particular entity, though, is or was clean that’s perilous,
adidas gazelle purple After another NCAA basketball scandal
for sure.

Yet outright shock here? Really, there can’t be. The coaches arrested weren’t the head coaches at those programs, not Auburn’s Bruce Pearl or Arizona’s Sean Miller, not USC’s Andy Enfield or Oklahoma State’s Mike Boynton or, the biggest among them all, Rick Pitino of Louisville. Pitino and his program, of course, are already on probation because a former director of basketball operations for the Cardinals had lured prospective players with strippers and prostitutes. Being student athletes, of course, they must have wedged these dalliances in between botany and statistics. And Pitino, of course, didn’t know, wouldn’t stand for such an arrangement! He’s a Hall of Famer, and that’s beneath him!

The four assistant coaches arrested aren’t victims, for sure, because they surely knew what they were doing was against rules, if not laws. When a system has billions of dollars flowing into it and the NCAA’s contract with CBS and Turner Sports for the NCAA tournament alone is worth $8.8 billion through 2032 and yet has a major part of the workforce that is unpaid, well, then, how is this not the end result?

Six years ago, Michael Beasley laid out much of how this works. The Maryland kid was one of the most heralded recruits in the country back in 2006. He played one year at Kansas State (yep, nothing strange going on there) and then became the second overall pick in the NBA draft.

But in a lawsuit, Beasley showed how a former agent bankrolled his AAU basketball team so that the coach of that team would push Beasley to that agency.

That’s what the feds are alleging Tuesday, even in cases where athletes and their families aren’t receiving $100,000. There’s so much money involved, someone’s going to get it. And unless and until players receive some sort of compensation that’s commensurate with their value to the school, there is going to be corruption. Sometimes it will violate NCAA rules. Sometimes it will violate the law.

Either way, given the current structure of college sports, we’re only minutes away from the next violation whether it’s exposed or not. There is drama on Tuesday, for sure, and the more details we learn, the more damning it will feel to those individual coaches, to those individual programs. And yet, we know despite the inevitable upcoming denials from all sorts of sources it’s not just them.
adidas gazelle purple After another NCAA basketball scandal

adidas infant trainers alarm Sanford fire spawns emergency city council meeting

baby adidas alarm Sanford fire spawns emergency city council meeting

Sanford’s city council on Monday night voted to implement cleanup plans.

The property located at 28 Thompson St has been ordered to be boarded up within 24 hours, and the two properties destroyed in the fire 33 Island Ave and 35 Island Ave have been ordered to be cleaned up, with debris removed by an independent bidder.

Sanford Mayor Thomas Cote called the aftermath “a mess” and said he was initially surprised one particular building didn’t come down already, though now understands the risk that was involved.

“I don feel that they doing enough and in a quick and timely fashion to get the landlords and property owners to clean up their acts,” said Thompson Street resident Kari Zielke. “33 Island [Ave] had a rap sheet about 3 inches thick of violations. Maine (NEWS CENTER) Ordinances enforcing inspections and debris clean up will be the focus of an emergency city council meeting in Sanford on Monday.

This comes following Thursday’s massive fire which destroyed and damaged half a dozen buildings.

The fire started in a multi unit building,
adidas infant trainers alarm Sanford fire spawns emergency city council meeting
no one was seriously injured.

Investigators say the cause of the fire is undetermined but don’t believe it was deliberately set.

Investigators recently made a drug arrest at this building that went up in flames. They say there were mountains of trash, dead rats and as many as 20 people were illegally living in the building as so called squatters.

City officials say the owners of the building, Harry and Geraldine Farris, were notified earlier this week that they needed to clean up the trash around the building. Officials say enforcing the city’s Safe Housing ordinances which require apartment buildings to be licensed and abandoned buildings inspected will improve living conditions for tenants. Neighbors say they hope those regulations are in place before the buildings are rebuilt.

“If they do in fact rebuild it I think making sure there are sufficient background checks and have attentive landlords that will definitely help the area,” said Kari Zielke.
adidas infant trainers alarm Sanford fire spawns emergency city council meeting