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adidas jogging pants Jamais sans la carte

Cinq jours par semaine, Jacques Hbert parcourait 13km en joggant. Vers 6h, un matin de juillet 2014, le coureur s’est lanc en sortant de chez lui, Boisbriand. On met nos running shoes et on part, rsume t il. La vie est belle.

Mais 300 m de chez lui, M. Hbert s’est senti mal. Le cur me dbattait, se souvient il. Je me demandais ce que j’avais mang la veille a s’est calm, j’ai ressay un bout, puis c’est reparti de plus belle.

M. Hbert a fini par s’effondrer sur le parapet d’un pont d’tagement surplombant l’autoroute 13. Sans avoir sa carte d’assurance maladie sur lui. S’il n’y avait pas eu de garde fou, je serais tomb sur l’autoroute, prcise t il. J’ai perdu connaissance, un black out total. mon rveil, un bon Samaritain tait avec moi. Il m’a dit: “Ne bougez pas, monsieur, je vais appeler le 911.”

Cet athlte g de 52 ans, qui enfilait de huit dix demi marathons par an, venait de subir un arrt cardiaque. Je remercie le bon Dieu tous les jours d’tre revenu moi avec toute ma tte, dit il. Sinon, les ambulanciers auraient ramass le corps d’un homme d’une cinquantaine d’annes sur le bord de la route, et ‘aurait pris du temps avant de m’identifier. Ma copine ne se serait pas inquite outre mesure de ne pas me voir avant de partir travailler. Ce n’est qu’ son retour qu’elle se serait demand o j’tais.


Est on tenu de jogger avec sa carte soleil? Bien que vous ne soyez pas lgalement oblig d’avoir votre carte sur vous tout moment, il est fortement recommand d’avoir une carte valide sur soi, indique Caroline Dupont, conseillre en communication la Rgie de l’assurance maladie du Qubec (RAMQ).

La personne assure qui omet de prsenter sa carte, qui ne l’a pas avec elle ou dont la carte est expire doit payer pour les services de sant qui lui sont rendus et demander un remboursement la Rgie.

Extrait du site internet de la RAMQ

En cas d’urgence, il est toutefois possible d’tre trait sans dbourser un cent, mme sans carte, prcise t on. tonnamment, la Rgie dit ne pas pouvoir indiquer combien de personnes sont soignes sans carte, chaque anne.

Pourquoi de nombreux sportifs courent ils sans pice d’identit? La Rgie n’a aucun moyen de savoir pourquoi une personne ne porte pas sa carte avec elle, rpond MmeDupont. Si ce n’est, et il s’agit ici de mon hypothse, que les gens qui courent, qui se croient en sant, ne sentent pas le besoin d’avoir une carte valide en tout temps avec eux?


M. Hbert a appris que son arrt cardiaque avait t caus par une stnose aortique svre, due une anomalie congnitale insouponne. ‘a t une lumire rouge pour me dire:”T’es pas invincible. T’es pas Superman”, observe t il.

Aprs une greffe et une autogreffe de valves cardiaques, le sportif a repris du service. Il participe des courses de 5 et 10km et rve de refaire un demi marathon. Je cours intelligemment, en vrifiant mes battements cardiaques, souligne t il. J’ai toujours ma carte d’assurance maladie avec moi, lors de toute activit physique. a ne pse rien! Les policiers, les ambulanciers ainsi que le personnel infirmier m’ont tous mentionn de ne jamais faire de course sans ma carte d’assurance maladie.
mens adidas running shoes Jamais sans la carte

star wars adidas James Silvio Obituary

superstar adidas white James Silvio Obituary

S. Army. When he turned seventeen he persuaded his father to sign enlistment papers for the U. S. Air Force in 1949. Silvio was in Korea in 1950 51 and flew 205 missions flying as a gunner on B 26’s. While flying a mission to destroy a hydro electric plant and dam, his plane was damaged and the only one of four to return to base. He and the pilot crash landed with the plane. The pilot was killed and Mr. Silvio lost both knee caps. He woke up sixteen days later in a Tokyo hospital, was then assigned to a hospital in California for R R. for Gunnery School and Inflight Refueling Training. in New Hampshire for further training. for major surgery on his legs. Mr. Silvio flew 270 combat missions. His injury required eight major surgeries and was discharged in 1971 with 100% disability. Later, he served as a Deputy Sheriff with the Bossier Sheriff’s Department for 21 years. Mr. Silvio became a Master Mason at Cedar Grove Lodge in 1958, completing EA FC MM in three weeks. He was a certificate holder for over 50 years. Mr. Silvio has personally taught over 300 men their Masonic work and has put on several hundred degrees. Mr. Silvio served as Worshipful Master in 1973 and 1979. He completed his work on the York Scottish Rite Degrees and was a member for 57 years. Shreveport in 1976, being on the Dean’s honor list for two years. During this time he wrote and published a book of poems. He was gifted with a photographic memory and a friend once told him he would be interested in knowing his study habits he developed while in school. His answer was, “Get out of here! I don’t know about any study habits. I just memorize the books!”Jimmy Silvio is survived by his wife Bobbie Silvio of Haughton Louisiana. He is the father of five, Kathy Leone of Granbury, Texas, Annette Mapes of Shreveport,
star wars adidas James Silvio Obituary
Louisiana, Victoria Melody Silvio of Shreveport, Louisiana, Bobbi Silvio of Corpus Christi, Texas, Jimmy Silvio, Jr. of Shreveport, Louisiana, Rick McCann of Haughton, Louisiana, Sandy Hathaway of Panama City, Florida and Wayne McCann of Chandler,
star wars adidas James Silvio Obituary
Texas. Services on Sunday at 3:30 at the Hill Crest Chapel.

adidas profi Jaguars can’t overlook winless

adidas parka Jaguars can’t overlook winless

Jacksonville, riding its first three game winning streak since 2013, hits the road to take on the Browns (0 9), who have shown signs of improvement in recent weeks and could be helped by a forecast of frigid weather conditions.

Boasting the league’s stingiest defense and a top ranked run offense that seems to do just enough, the Jaguars (6 3) are having a season few anticipated. By overcoming injuries and some self inflicted mistakes, and with a seemingly favorable schedule remaining, they’ve positioned themselves for their first postseason appearance since 2007.

It’s all lining up for the Jags, which is why coach Doug Marrone didn’t allow his team to overlook the struggling Browns, who are 1 24 under coach Hue Jackson.

I learned a long time ago in this league everyone is a professional,” said Marrone, who is in his first season in Jacksonville. You can take those records and throw them out the window. We are playing a good football team. We understand that we are going to be challenged. That is what I try to keep the focus on. We know that we are going to get the best of the Cleveland Browns. They have been in a lot of tight games.”

Four of Cleveland’s losses have been by three points, and last week the Browns were tied with Detroit in the fourth quarter before their defense collapsed.

The Browns are capable of springing an upset, and although they don’t need any extra motivation to avoid a 0 16 season, Jaguars safety Tashaun Gipson gave them some.

Gipson, who spent four seasons in Cleveland, predicted the Jaguars would hang” 40 points on the Browns and shut them out. Gipson also ripped Cleveland’s front office for not re signing him, said he sympathized with his friends still playing there, and predicted his former team would probably go 0 16.”

While he regretted the 0 16” comment, Gipson stood by the others and several Browns felt he went too far.

Anybody would be disrespected from that,” said Browns defensive tackle Danny Shelton. So we just gotta go out there and play our game, be dominant.”

WEATHER WATCH: Mother Nature could give the Browns an added edge. With temperatures expected to be in the low 30s and a 60 percent chance of rain or snow, the warm weather Jaguars will have to deal with some unfamiliar external elements.

You take a little hit and it hurts,” said Jags running back Leonard Fournette, a Louisiana native who has been slowed by an ankle injury. I hate the cold, period. I sleep in heat. That’s just how I grew up. Mentally, I’m trying to get my mind ready.”

IN THE TRENCHES: Jacksonville’s offensive style is from a bygone era: run first, pass when necessary. The Browns are expecting a heavy dose of Fournette.

It’s like a Big 10 football game,” said linebacker Joe Schobert, who played at Wisconsin. This is the first time we’re gonna see 21 personnel (two backs in the backfield) this season. They use their fullback. It’s gonna be a lot of smash mouth football, downhill runs.”

HUGE HELP: Jaguars defensive tackle Marcell Dareus has made a significant impact in just two games. Jacksonville has allowed 2.47 yards per carry since acquiring the 340 pound run stopper from the Bills last month. Cincinnati ran 17 times for 29 yards in Week 9, and the Los Angeles Chargers finished with 87 yards on 30 carries last week.

He’s someone we’ve got to keep working to increase his snaps because he’s a heck of a football player,” Marrone said.

SACKSONVILLE: The Jaguars lead the league with 35 sacks, which has raised Jackson’s anxiety as he tries to protect rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer. He sustained bruised ribs on a hard hit last week in Detroit when the Browns failed to recognize an outside blitz.

They have players everywhere,” guard Joel Bitonio said. They just let their four or five guys rush the quarterback and they seem to make some plays.”

DEDE’S DEBUT: Jaguars rookie receiver Dede Westbrook will make his NFL debut Sunday. The 2016 Biletnikoff Award winner from Oklahoma was placed on injured reserve following core muscle surgery in early September, but has practiced the past two weeks and is ready to go.

With Allen Robinson out for the year, Allen Hurns down for now with an ankle injury and Marqise Lee nursing a sore knee, the Jaguars need Westbrook. He led the NFL in receiving in the preseason, catching 13 passes for 288 yards and two touchdowns in three exhibitions.
adidas profi Jaguars can't overlook winless

adidas ar 2.0 Jani’s at the mercy of her mind

new adidas boots Jani’s at the mercy of her mind

It’s been a rough week. A few days ago, at UCLA’s Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, 6 year old Jani toppled a food cart and was confined to her room. She slammed her head against the floor, opening a bloody cut that sent her into hysterics. Later, she kicked the hospital therapy dog.

Jani normally likes animals. But most of her animal friends cats, rats, dogs and birds are phantoms that only she can see. January Schofield has schizophrenia. Potent psychiatric drugs in doses that would stagger most adults seem to skip off her. She is among the rarest of the rare: a child seemingly born mentally ill.

She suffers from delusions, hallucinations and paroxysms of rage so severe that not even her parents feel safe. She’s threatened to climb into an oven. She’s kicked and tried to bite her little brother. “I’m Jani, and I have a cat named Emily 54,” she says, by way of introduction. “And I’m Saturn the Rat’s baby sitter.”

She locks her fingers in front of her chest and flexes her wrists furiously, a tic that surfaces when she’s anxious.

She announces that she wants to be a veterinarian.

“I’m empathetic with rats,” she says.

Asked what “empathetic” means, she smiles confidently. “It means you like rats.”

The doctors have been trying a new antipsychotic medication, called Moban. Jani knows she is sick and that people want to help her.

“Is the Moban working?” her mother asks Jani during a visit.

“No. I have more friends.”

Susan Schofield looks crestfallen.

She and her husband, Michael Schofield, have brought French fries. Jani takes a bite, runs around the room and circles back for another bite.

“You want the rats and cats to go away, don’t you?” Susan asks, trying to make eye contact with her daughter.

Jani stuffs a French fry into her mouth.

“No,” she says. “They’re cool. Rats are cool.”About 1% of adults have schizophrenia; most become ill in their late teens or 20s. Approximately one in 10 will commit suicide.

Doctors and other mental health experts don’t fully understand the disease, which has no cure. Jani’s extreme early onset has left them almost helpless. The rate of onset in children 13 and under is about one in 30,000 to 50,000. In a national study of 110 children, only one was diagnosed as young as age 6.

“Child onset schizophrenia is 20 to 30 times more severe than adult onset schizophrenia,” says Dr. Nitin Gogtay, a neurologist at the National Institute of Mental Health who helps direct the children’s study, the largest such study in the world on the illness.

“Ninety five percent of the time they are awake these kids are actively hallucinating,” Gogtay says. “I don’t think I’ve seen anything more devastating in all of medicine.”

For Jani’s parents, the most pressing issue is where Jani should live. She has been on the UCLA psych ward where she was placed during an emergency since Jan. 16. The ward is not designed for long term care.

Jani can’t return to her family’s apartment in Valencia. Last fall,
adidas ar 2.0 Jani's at the mercy of her mind
she tried to jump out of a second story window.

Her parents Michael, a college English instructor, and Susan, a former radio traffic reporter must decide how to provide as much stability as possible for their daughter while also trying to protect their 18 month old son.

“If Jani was 16, there would be resources,” Michael says. “But very few hospitals, private or public, will take a 6 year old.”

Born Aug. 8, 2002, Jani was different from the start, sleeping fitfully for only about four hours a day. Most infants sleep 14 to 16 hours a day. Only constant, high energy stimulation kept Jani from screaming.

“For the first 18 months, we would take her to malls, play areas, IKEA, anywhere we could find crowds,” says Michael, 33. “It was impossible to overstimulate her. We would leave at 8 in the morning and be gone for 14 hours. We could not come home until Jani had been worn out enough so that she would sleep a couple of hours.”

When Jani turned 3, her tantrums escalated. She lasted three weeks in one preschool and one week in another. She demanded to be called by different names; Rainbow one day, Blue eyed Tree Frog the next. Make believe friends filled her days mostly rats and cats and, sometimes, little girls.

She threw her shoes at people when angry and tried to push the car out of gear while Michael was driving. The usual disciplinary strategies parents use to teach their young children proper behavior time outs, rules, positive rewards failed time and again for the Schofields.

“She would go into these rages where she would scream, hit, kick, scratch and bite. She could say, ‘Mommy, I love you,’ and seconds later switch into being really violent,
adidas ar 2.0 Jani's at the mercy of her mind
” Michael says.

adidas shell tops Jamal Murray ready to light up NBA

adidas run Jamal Murray ready to light up NBA

Jamal Murray has never been to Calgary. When he laced up his Adidas Monday night, it was for his first NBA game of any kind, this one a pre season affair against the Toronto Raptors.

Such is the life of the being the next one, the next Andrew Wiggins in the pipeline of Canadian basketball talent that is becoming a bigger force in the NBA with each passing year.

But it not like having his name on billboards or in newspaper advertisements is going to change anything for the Kitchener native who was taken seventh overall in last June draft by the Denver Nuggets.

Murray is well accustomed to the spotlight and no shrinking violet when it comes to talking up his own game either.

Following shoot around Monday morning at the Saddledome, Murray correctly pointed out this is not his first rodeo when it comes to an event or a team using his name to sell the game.

used my name in Kentucky, so it not the first time it happened, Murray said. really excited to be out here. like all the highly coveted talents these days, was a one and done at Kentucky. His sendoff from an appreciative head coach John Calipari was a target the size of the CN Tower on his back thanks to the proclamation from Coach Cal that Murray will be he leading scoring rookie if he gets on the court.

Calipari consistently said heading up to the draft he felt Murray was the No. 1 talent. When Denver got him at No. 7, Cal informed the Nuggets fan base that they got the steal of the draft.

Murray neither minds the implied pressure nor disagrees with the sentiment from his Kentucky boss.

I know I can score, he said. knows I can score. Coach Cal has seen what I can do. I know I one of the best scorers in the league already and I one of the best rookies here so no, no pressure. confidence is not going to be an issue for Murray.

very confident. That one thing I have always had, I always had confidence, he said. know what I can do. I don think there anyone that can stop me on the court. That just a basketball player, that the way you gotta think. That the way I feel. ask him about playing time expectations and the bravado fades, replaced by a team first outlook.

about winning first, he said. have to win for guys to see the court. That my goal and the whole team goal. Make sure we win games and make sure the morale and energy is up because if we losing it not going to be the same. has spent camp learning both the point guard position and the shooting guard position on the assumption he will see time at both.

It a bigger workload than some have, but one he relishes.

plays you get mixed up but once you go through it once or twice,
adidas shell tops Jamal Murray ready to light up NBA
it fine, he said of juggling multiple position knowledge. know the plays though, I know them well. I just got to make sure I know which play to run. It part of being a point guard and a combo guard. You have to be able to play both positions well and know where everyone is going to be. says he is happy with what he has been able to show his new team thus far, but knows there is still plenty to learn about the NBA game and that only games with live competition form opposing teams.

gotta make quick decisions, he said of the NBA game. is more set. Everyone kind of knows what everyone else is doing. In the NBA it kind of more reads and spacing, cutting and stuff like that. But the length everyone is taller, stronger, more physical. But it something I am used to. I always played older (opponents) even in college. Guys were older. Growing up it was the same way so it not that big of a difference. Just make sure I in shape. are not going to be easy to find at either the point guard or the shooting guard position in Denver.

Emmanuel Mudiay has a year under his belt as the team starting point guard and is also a former No. 7 overall pick of the Nuggets in 2015.

He is backed up by veteran Jameer Nelson. At shooting guard the Nuggets have both Gary Harris and Will Barton.

Nori, the long time Raptors assistant who joined Michael Malone staff in Denver last season, sees a young man ready to help this team as soon as the opportunity arrives.

works very hard, Nori said. are throwing a lot at him (learning multiple positions). He had some soreness in his hips which came up in summer league and that kind of set him back and his minutes got curtailed a little bit in camp, but we are excited about him. We were very fortunate to get him. has seen a lot of egos in the NBA in his time and Murray arrived a very confident young man, but he has managed not to go over that line where confidence turns into cockiness.

straddles it very well, Nori said. very sure of himself but I think that because as a young kid he has already played in front of 22,000 or 23,000 every night in Kentucky. Then you consider what he did as a kid with the Canadian National team. The moment is never too big for him, the stage is never too big for him. He embraces it and he is very sure of himself. It not arrogance. He confident and sure of what he can do and I tell you what,
adidas shell tops Jamal Murray ready to light up NBA
he can flat out shoot the basketball.

jd adidas trainers Jamie Bulger’s mum ‘fuming’ after only being told son’s killer Jon Venables had been jailed again a week later

girls adidas trainers Jamie Bulger’s mum ‘fuming’ after only being told son’s killer Jon Venables had been jailed again a week later

The depraved murderer, now aged 35, is believed to have been locked up after officials found a stash of child sex abuse images on his laptop during a routine home visit last week.

Venables, who now lives under a new identity, is understood to have been taken to a maximum security jail for allegedly breaching the terms of his licence.

James’ mum Denise Fergus wrote on Facebook: “I’m absolutely fuming that once again I’m last to know, that this has happened a week ago and I only got informed just hours before it’s hit the press. JusticeForJames.

Reacting last night after the claims first emerged in The Sun newspaper, Mrs Fergus wrote on Twitter: “Here we go again.”

Venables was just 10 years old when he abducted, tortured and murdered two year old James Bulger with classmate Robert Thompson on Merseyside in 1993.

They were released in 2001 on life licence with new identities after serving eight years.

Venables went on to offend again, including arrests for affray and possession of cocaine in 2008.

However, he had his parole revoked in 2010 and was jailed for two years after admitting downloading images of children being sexually abused.

He posed as a 35 year old married woman called Dawn who abused her eight year old daughter.

Videos he downloaded showed girls said to appear as young as eight being raped. Other images found on Venables’s computer involved children as young as two.

The monster was released again in 2013.

James Bulger is abducted by two 10 year old boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, days short of his third birthday. He had wondered away from his mother whilst she ordered lamb chops from a butcher at New Strand Shopping Centre in Liverpool.

James’s mother and father, Ralph Bulger, both addressed Venables’ parole hearing at the time and pushed for him to remain in prison.

However, the decision went against the toddler’s parents and Venables was granted parole.

After his release was made public, Mrs Fergus blasted that Venables was a “danger to the public”.

“I have been told the terms of his parole mean that he must not enter the county of Merseyside,” she added.

“But the Probation Service didn’t monitor him properly last time so I have no faith in their ability to do that now.

A source close to the latest investigation told The Sun: “It’s all about protecting the public.

“We have these systems so those who could be a risk to the public are picked up. That’s what happened here.”

He could be charged with criminal offences and face another crown court trial.

In the meantime, a Parole Board may decide he is no longer safe to be released and he could remain in prison for life.
jd adidas trainers Jamie Bulger's mum 'fuming' after only being told son's killer Jon Venables had been jailed again a week later

adidas zx600 Jaguars laud Posluszny as role model amid 1st winning season

black adidas shorts Jaguars laud Posluszny as role model amid 1st winning season

Coach Doug Marrone was just about to release his players for a two day break Sunday when defensive end Calais Campbell, safety Jarrod Wilson and several other Jacksonville Jaguars chimed in with a request.

Poz, Poz, Poz,” they chanted.

Posluszny sheepishly made his way to the middle of the locker room to break down the huddle . It was a fitting choice following the team’s ninth victory because it also secured Posluszny his first winning record in 11 NFL seasons.

It was special,” Posluszny said Wednesday. It was awesome to feel the general appreciation for that and how much as teammates we love and respect each other. I’m lucky to be a part of this group.”

Posluszny and Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Richie Incognito had been the only players with 10 or more years in the league to never experience a winning season, according to research by TruMedia Networks.

Posluszny hopes to notch another first Sunday: The Jaguars (9 4) can clinch a playoff berth with a victory at home against Houston (4 9).

A second round draft pick by Buffalo in 2007, the former Penn State standout went 7 9 in his first two years with the Bills and figured a winning season _ and a trip to the postseason _ was on the horizon. But his next eight years included three times as many losses (96) as wins (32), a humbling stretch that left him wondering when, and if, it would happen.

The Jaguars had the worst record (22 74) in the NFL during Posluszny’s first six seasons in Jacksonville (2011 16).

When I got here in 2011, I thought we were going to the playoffs because David Garrard was going to be our quarterback and we were going to have a great defense,” Posluszny recalled. And it just didn’t unfold the way you thought.

To be at the bottom and to finally fight our way, work our way and get back up, just to be in the position that we’re at now, it’s great and it shows you that we’ve finally started to earn the right to win. Now we want more.”

Teammates and coaches want more for Posluszny, a consummate pro who does everything right on and off the field. The 33 year old Pittsburgh native rarely misses assignments or games. He has 1,367 tackles, 16 sacks,
adidas zx600 Jaguars laud Posluszny as role model amid 1st winning season
15 interceptions, respect from peers and now a winning season.

It’s amazing. It’s whack because I know that it hasn’t been because of him. You get what I’m saying?” Jaguars veteran tight end Marcedes Lewis said. It sucks that a really good player like that _ who does everything right, has never been fined, never complains, unselfish _ has never had a winning season. You’ve got guys that don’t even care about the game as much as he does riding the wave on some teams. It’s (bull).

It’s good that he’s experiencing this and is a pivotal piece of our team. That’s one of the most important parts. He’s not just a guy happy to be on a team with a jersey, barely making the team, on the bubble. No, he’s a contributor and doing his thing. That’s dope.”

Although Posluszny remains Jacksonville’s starting middle linebacker, he no longer makes the defensive calls and typically comes off the field in passing situations. His snap count is way down, but he feels better than ever in mid December.

He’s a free agent at the end of the season, and even though the Jags would love to bring him back, he could look to land on a team that would make him an every down linebacker again.

In the meantime, he’s enjoying the kind of success that eluded him for a decade. And the Jaguars are glad to help get him in this position.

Don’t ever assume that you’re going to come into this league and win no matter where you are or what it says on paper,” Marrone said. It’s very difficult to win in this league, and even though you may be a good football player, it’s not one person that can do it, You’re going to need a whole team. I think those are the lessons to learn when you look at a player that has played at a very high level, that’s done everything possible that, if you wanted to clone what a person should be,
adidas zx600 Jaguars laud Posluszny as role model amid 1st winning season
his picture would probably be right next to it.

adidas weightlifting shoes Janklow Declares War on Foot and Mouth Disease

adidas fleece Janklow Declares War on Foot and Mouth Disease

Janklow says he doesn’t minimize the loss of life during World War II or the Korean and Vietnam wars, but he says a disease that could wipe out South Dakota’s livestock population would be devastating.

“The tourism industry, for all practical purposes, would be shut down. The trucking industry wouldn’t have any livestock to haul, the packing plants would have to close,” says Janklow. “The impact that would have on implement dealers, on car dealers, on Main Street this isn’t just a deal where some farmers and ranchers would lose livestock. It’s an economic thing that would wreck South Dakota.”

Janklow wants to be ready to limit the spread of foot and mouth disease, but he says a vital first step is to understand the disease. His day long conference looked at the foot and mouth outbreak in Britain, and also addressed other contagious livestock diseases like mad cow.

Minnesota veterinarian Dale Neirby spent April in England assisting with the foot and mouth disease outbreak. He says earlier this week there were reports in England of two more farms contaminated, so the disease is still not under control. He says the outbreak began from contaminated food garbage at a hog farm. farms.

“The garbage was contaminated, it wasn’t cooked adequately, and those pigs became infected. It spread through the air a mile away to a dairy and sheep farm.”

Neirby says five days later, 40 of those sheep were shipped off to market and the disease spread over 300 miles within 10 days. Neirby says it’s important to learn from the European outbreak and prepare for the worse in the United States. He says there are many decisions that can be made now.

Gov. Bill Janklow says he’s made those decisions. If foot and mouth disease enters the United States he says he’ll put the National Guard, Highway Patrol, and game, fish and parks conservation officers on alert. He’ll close all livestock sale barns and prohibit packing plants from receiving any out of state livestock. If the disease is confirmed in a neighboring state, he says he’ll take control of the state public television and radio stations, prohibit all livestock movement into and within the state, close all packing plants and seek federal disaster protection. If the disease is suspected within the state, he says he’ll ban all movement of farm vehicles and prohibit free flow movement of all humans within the infected counties. If it’s confirmed in the state, all livestock and wildlife in those counties will be killed.

“I can’t tell you if it’s going to come. But I can tell you if it comes we’re going to treat it faster and quicker like war than anyone in this country has seen or any other country has dealt with. Does that mean we’ll win? It doesn’t.

Janklow says his plan is open to modification, and he’s currently asking the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to identify possible sites acceptable for massive burning and burial of livestock. Janklow is the first to say he hopes his plan will never have to be implemented.
adidas weightlifting shoes Janklow Declares War on Foot and Mouth Disease

adidas firebird James Arness Obituary

adidas superstar all black James Arness Obituary

Marshal Matt Dillon (CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

James Arness, the 6 foot 6 actor who towered over the television landscape for two decades as righteous Dodge City lawman Matt Dillon in “Gunsmoke,” died Friday. He was 88.

Arness’ official website posted a letter from Arness on Friday that he wrote with the intention that it be posted posthumously: “I had a wonderful life and was blessed with some many loving people and great friends,” he said.

“I wanted to take this time to thank all of you for the many years of being a fan of Gunsmoke, The Thing, How the West Was Won and all the other fun projects I was lucky enough to have been allowed to be a part of. Marshal Dillon in the 1955 75 CBS Western series, Arness created an indelible portrait of a quiet, heroic man with an unbending dedication to justice and the town he protected.

The wealth and fame Arness gained from “Gunsmoke” could not protect him from tragedy in his personal life: His daughter and his former wife, Virginia, both died of drug overdoses.

Arness, a quiet, intensely private man who preferred the outdoor life to Hollywood’s party scene, rarely gave interviews and refused to discuss the tragedies.

“He’s big, impressive and virile,” co star Amanda Blake (Miss Kitty) once said of Arness, adding, “I’ve worked with him for 16 years, but I don’t really know him.”

The actor was 32 when friend John Wayne declined the lead role in “Gunsmoke” and recommended Arness instead. Afraid of being typecast, Arness initially rejected it.

“Go ahead and take it, Jim,” Wayne urged him. “You’re too big for pictures. Guys like Gregory Peck and I don’t want a big lug like you towering over us. Make your mark in television.”

“Gunsmoke” went on to become the longest running dramatic series in network history until NBC’s “Law Order” tied in 2010. Arness’ 20 year prime time run as the marshal was tied only in recent times, by Kelsey Grammer’s 20 years as Frasier Crane from 1984 to 2004 on “Cheers” and then on “Frasier.”

The years showed on the weathered looking Arness, but he and his TV character wore them well.

“The camera really loved his face, and with good reason,” novelist Wallace Markfield wrote in a 1975 “Gunsmoke” appreciation in The New York Times. “It was a face that would age well and that, while aging, would carry intimations of waste, loss and futility.”

Born James Aurness in Minneapolis (he dropped the “u” for show business reasons), he and brother Peter enjoyed a “real Huckleberry Finn existence,” Arness once recalled.

Peter, who changed his last name to Graves, went on to star in the TV series “Mission Impossible.”

A self described drifter, Arness left home at age 18, hopping freight trains and Caribbean bound freighters. He entered Beloit College in Wisconsin, but was drafted into the Army in his 1942 43 freshman year. Wounded in the leg during the 1944 invasion at Anzio, Italy, Arness was hospitalized for a year and left with a slight limp. He returned to Minneapolis to work as a radio announcer and in small theater roles.

He moved to Hollywood in 1946 at a friend’s suggestion. After a slow start in which he took jobs as a carpenter and salesman, a role in MGM’s “Battleground” (1949) was a career turning point. Parts in more than 20 films followed, including “The Thing,” “Hellgate” and “Hondo” with Wayne. Then came “Gunsmoke,” which proved a durable hit and a multimillion dollar boon for Arness, who owned part of the series.

His longtime co stars were Blake as saloon keeper Miss Kitty, Milburn Stone as Doc Adams and Dennis Weaver as the deputy, Chester Goode.

When Weaver died in February 2006, Arness called it “a big loss for me personally” and said Weaver “provided comic relief but was also a real person doing things that were very important to the show.”

The cancellation of “Gunsmoke” didn’t keep Arness away from TV for long: He returned a few months later, in January 1976, in the TV movie “The Macahans,” which led to the 1978 79 ABC series “How the West Was Won.”

Arness took on a contemporary role as a police officer in the series “McClain’s Law,” which aired on NBC from 1981 82.

Despite his desire for privacy, a rocky domestic life landed him in the news more than once.

Arness met future wife Virginia Chapman while both were studying at Southern California’s Pasadena Playhouse. They wed in 1948 and had two children, Jenny and Rolf. Chapman’s son from her first marriage, Craig, was adopted by Arness.

The marriage foundered and in 1963 Arness sought a divorce and custody of the three children, which he was granted. He tried to guard them from the spotlight.

“The kids don’t really have any part of my television life,” he once remarked. “Fortunately, there aren’t many times when show business intrudes on our family existence.”

The emotionally troubled Virginia Arness attempted suicide twice, in 1959 and in 1960. In 1975, Jenny Arness died of an apparently deliberate drug overdose. Two years later, an overdose that police deemed accidental killed her mother.

Arness married Janet Surtees in 1978. Besides his wife, Arness is survived by two sons and six grandchildren. A private memorial service will be held.
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adidas kanadia Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes finally go public with walk on the beach

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes appeared to confirm long running relationship rumours by holding hands in public on Monday.

The Ray actor and former Dawson Creek star, who have been romantically linked since 2013, have dodged rumours of a relationship for years and have never been pictured together in public. Until Monday, that is, when they were photographed holding hands as they walked barefoot along a beach in Malibu, California.

In the snaps, obtained by the Daily Mail Online, the rumoured couple looked casually dressed, with Holmes wearing a blue peasant style summer dress and Foxx, 49, wearing Adidas sweatpants and a black T shirt. They both wore sunglasses and beige fedora hats as they strolled across the sand near the shoreline hand in hand and played around in the shallow water.

The photographs also showed them relaxing on the outside terrace of a beachside property as they celebrated Labour Day holiday on Monday.

Foxx, who has two daughters Corinne and Annalise, has previously denied dating Holmes, telling Entertainment Tonight in 2013, rumours are 100% not true. In fact, it quite hilarious because we simply danced at a charity event along with a lot of other people. year, Foxx pal Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan appeared to confirm they were dating and were happy together, but she later backtracked and denied she had any knowledge about their relationship.
adidas sandals Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes finally go public with walk on the beach